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that a relentless small company can compete successfully against big companies . Everyone before us (Famous Amos / Mrs. Field's, etc.) have had to sell out for various reasons. We won't do that. It's the greatest challenge of my career.

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yes, pizza size. we had to run it through the oven 3 times to get it perfect. Everyone here shared it!

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BELGIAN chocolate, REAL butter, FRESH eggs, REAL vanilla, and of course our ideals, the love we put in.

And we want to prove a point.

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haha -someone is getting fired

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I know a lot of people who built businesses & sold-out to retire. About 20 years ago I did that... sold to a major company & made the money I had always dreamed of & learned the major lesson... the mostr important things in life are 1.) your health, 2.) being in love & being engaged & inspired with what you're doing. Don't let grass grow under your feet- you'll never be sorry for the things you do, -only the things you don't do.