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How much is CreateSpace gouging charging you for the right to print your book?

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Are your cookies hard/crunchy, or soft/chewy?

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I had the pleasure of chatting with General John Borling a few years ago, well after one of his speaking engagements. A truly awe-inspiring individual and the only person whose life intimidated me, he "wrote" poetry during his unplanned visit to Hanoi via a tap code. I found it amazing that his memory was good enough to remember what he created for so many years, considering he was unable to write them down.

Was this something you experienced as well, a sharpening of the memory, or a creative burst, or anything like that? Did it carry over to the "real" world?

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As an ex-Marine, I'd think you'd be familiar with what an assault weapon is, and what the media et al claim it is... y'know, the "scary black gun" concept.

So what's your stance on ownership of totally legal firearms, even if they're a scary color?

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What sort of injuries did she get from the whole event?

Did you end up with dental issues from all that voltage?