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MMMM! Now that IS a tasty burger!

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I worked downtown Detroit from 2003-2016 and spent a lot of time driving around the city looking for cool things to see and photograph. Along the way, I saw my fair share of crazy stuff - burning houses (twice), burning cars (twice as well), a car that had smashed into a barricade and been abandoned with the engine still running, urban farms, and transient communities squatting in abandoned houses...

But one of the things that surprised me most was the amount of wildlife I've seen wandering freely through the city. I've seen deer, pheasants, grouse, a coyote, packs of wild dogs, and once, I swear to god, I thought I saw a peacock. No joke.

What has your experience been in this regard? What's the craziest animal you've seen wandering around the city?

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Excellent! <air guitar>

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I know nobody was injured, but for some reason seeing this awesome rocket come apart and burn made me feel sad.

What was the reaction of the people around you?

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Hi Adam!

Do you have a few minutes to talk about Rampart?