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stinkylinky831 karma

Hey Bart,

What type of tunnel oven did you buy? And do you have a loading system set up as well to maximize your production? I'm only asking because I work for a bakery equipment company and have seen quite a few set ups around the USA

stinkylinky81 karma

Oh nice, I actually just shortened up a mesh belt on one of those about a week ago and added some insulation to reduce hot spots along with some damper adjustments.

Our company mainly deal with large scale bread baking equipment but occasionally we see some pastry lines and cookie lines.

You would be amazed by the production increase that a loader and simple conveyor system can provide, but like you said, those things can get expensive quick!

What kind of mixers and dough dividing system do you currently use? Not that I'm trying to sell you anything, I just have a general curiosity about the baking industry and different methods used.