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Your cookies are all natural, so do you encounter problems with freshness? What do you do to ensure the cookies reach the customer in good shape (i.e. not moldy or stale)?

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What was it like to fight Chuck Norris in Sidekicks? Was there a third fist hidden under his beard?

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Slip and fall lawsuits are covered by property insurance. The restaurants owners have no skin in that game because the insurance company defends the lawsuit and pays any eventual settlement.

If people were targeting Scott Adams because of who he is, then they would be suing the restaurant ownership directly for things not covered by insurance. Harassment, breach of contract, etc.

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How do you see the future of organized labor? It seems like the public opinion has turned solidly against unions, and the UAW couldn't even get a Volkswagen plant unionized with the cooperation of the company.

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Has WT ever considered doing a true barrel proof version of Russell's Reserve?

I know 110 proof isn't far off, considering you guys barrel at 115, but I'd love a Russell's at 118 (or whatever it comes out at).