I've done all 3 of Ben Affleck's films, Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and Argo, as well as played Jimmy O. on Sons of Anarchy. For those who were really instrumental in my new series BOSCH on Amazon Prime being picked up, I want to thank you, because we shot a pilot for Amazon Prime, it was then made available for people to screen on Amazon Prime for free, then people watched it, rated it, and shared it with friends, and it's because of the overwhelming response that Amazon greenlit the pilot to go to series. That really kind of speaks to - I made the joke that it's sort of Marxist in its idea that everyone has a say, but also understand that there was a huge audience for this. The author of the books has a global fan base. I think for every 10 books that Michael Connelly sells, 6 of them are sold through Amazon. The response was totally supportive of me playing that role. So you voted, and rated, and that's what got Amazon to say yes let's make the show, versus the usual - you get 6 studio executives looking at the pilot and if someone didn't have a good breakfast you wouldn't get picked up, and it's the new way of doing things since House of Cards and Netflix. Everyone's getting into this original programming thing now.

So I'm here with Victoria from reddit today - AMA!


EDIT: Thank you so much for your questions. It is great fun. Be patient with my ignorance and ineptitude with technology. The fans are always trying to help me twitter things, saying "Hashtag" and I don't know what that means, but they're really sweet in that way. I'll be back later this afternoon to take more questions. And Happy 4th to All!

SECOND EDIT thank you to all of you for years of support, and it is the contact with fans that fills me with tremendous gratitude. I realize it is people watching the films and television shows over the yard that I have done that propels things forward. And I really appreciate the support. And I hope that you enjoy seeing Transformers and BOSCH, and thank you all for your continued support and kind words. I am filled with gratitude and humbled by your expectations.

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cromulentc23 karma

Your mustache in Gone Baby Gone was a masterpiece and should have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor because it stole every scene it was in. Was there a particular reason that character had that style of facial hair?

TitusBWelliver31 karma

I still had a very very big beard from Deadwood, when I met with Ben Affleck. Because the character was written as older than I was at the time, Ben and I discussed the facial hair options.

I chose to have that mustache because I felt that it really was in a way a bit of a metaphor for a man hiding behind something, keeping a secret. But it was also an homage to my good friend Sam Elliott, who has, in my opinion, the best mustache in film history.

Kitty-Kats22 karma

In any point of the series "LOST" did the writers tell you or even hint at "The man in Black"'s real name?

TitusBWelliver25 karma


TitusBWelliver27 karma

Sorry but that's just the simple answer, they never did.

timfitz4220 karma

The after-the-fact "Lost" web clip of you and Mark Pellegrino hiding in the bushes and talking about the cork metaphor ... was that essentially making fun of the anti-climactic ending and the fans' reaction to it?

I have to say, I laughed pretty hard, and I was wondering how much input you and Mark Pellegrino had on that scene, or if it was entirely created by Lindleof and Cuse.

TitusBWelliver27 karma

I don't know that it was to serve any negativity. I think it was more of an opportunity to put a smile on the fan's faces.

timfitz425 karma

Was that the creation of you and Mark? Or did Lindleof and Cuse write that to poke fun at themselves?

I didn't find it negative at all, it really did put a smile on my face. :)

TitusBWelliver23 karma

Yes, they put it together and Jack Bender shot it. And it was a tremendous amount of fun to shoot. We shot it in the bushes at Warner Brothers Studios. And Mark and I love each other, we're old friends, so any opportunity to do something together, we jump at it. We also did a really silly thing for Jimmy Kimmel Live called "Connect 4 Million" or something, basically a spoof of Connect 4 but set on a beach, you can see it on YouTube or something but it's really funny. Actually he and I did a lot of poking fun at our characters.

Svinhood15 karma

How are you?

TitusBWelliver16 karma

I'm very well. How are you?

Multiplayerr15 karma

Why is your face a warrant?

TitusBWelliver20 karma

Let me address that, because this is something that's been coming up on social media: that's a line that I improvised on the first take of that scene, and Michael Bay liked it, and told me to keep it. It's kind of funny that it's generated - that people say I should get an Oscar for that line. It cracks me up.

HelpMeLoseMyFat14 karma

I really liked your evil performance on LOST and your most recent work on Transformers.

On Lost, what was something told to you by the directors about your character to try and help you get into the mindset of a "smoke monster" ?

TitusBWelliver21 karma

I purposely asked to be kept in the dark regarding that character. Because I wanted to sort of let him just live on his own. So ignorance was bliss, in this case.

tragic-waste-of-skin13 karma


TitusBWelliver19 karma

My understanding is the show's life was cut short by some administrative shenanigans. I can say no more.

ZeroCool7912 karma

Who was shooting at the outrigger???

TitusBWelliver17 karma

Good question. I don't remember.

grandmasterwong11 karma

You're a painter Titus. So who's your favourite artist / what's your favourite piece?

TitusBWelliver11 karma

Oh wow. I'm a huge fan of Wayne Thiebaud. Almost too many to list. I really love the images created by Canada's group of seven. If you google specifically Thom Thompson, you will find these images to be stunning.

NSD232711 karma

Just wanted to say good luck with the Bosch series. I've read every book and its by far my favorite series of all time, and from what I could tell in the pilot, you did an amazing job.

Whats your favorite Harley you've owned? Is there one you haven't owned yet that is a "dream bike" for lack of a better term?

TitusBWelliver12 karma

First of all, thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. And you won't be sorry. Motorcycles are like tattoos and potato chips, you can't just have one. I have 2 Harley Davidsons, an 883 Iron and a customized 48. I am considering a Streetbob.

lordblonde10 karma

I always get you confused with James Nesbitt. Is he your long lost brother?


TitusBWelliver5 karma

No. He's not. But I'm a huge fan of Nesbitt's work, somebody said that to me once before, I mean, Buddy Sunday is an incredible film to name one of his many credits. But he's a genius. Thank you for the comparison.

Friedso10 karma

Hey, Titus! Any fun stories from the set of Lost?

TitusBWelliver68 karma

One that stands out is despite the fact that I was aware of the popularity of LOST, I was not aware of the importance of my character as it works with the entire show. On one particular day, we were rehearsing a scene on-set in which I have the line "I am the black smoke." And after I read that, Nester Carbonell looked at me and said "wow." And I was baffled. And he responded "You understand what you just said?" And I said "Yeah." And Nester said "I don't think you do. Saying 'I am the black smoke' is like Darth Vader saying 'No Luke, I am your father.'"

That's when it really hit me.

grandmasterwong9 karma

Hey Titus. Your fight scenes in Transformers were great, and your character had some understandable and well conveyed hatred for aliens. Great job.

Any fun stories from shooting in Hong Kong?

TitusBWelliver19 karma

I had to do some driving sequences with a camera in the car, so you could see that it was me actually driving the vehicle.

There is no traffic control for films in Hong Kong.

Michael Bay's direction to me was: "Do that thing you do, in a car, just be aware of the fact that people in the street are not part of our production."

Oh, here's a funny one: in the sequence in Transformers where Wahlberg and I are running across the roof in Hong Kong, both of us have an enormous fear of heights, and even though we were attached with safety lines, there was approximately a 5 foot space between us and falling several stories down. At one point, in between takes, Mark and I were both making ourselves as small as possible and facing a wall, away from the view all the way down to the ground. Mark turned to me and he was laughing and he said "Look at us, two tough guys." We didn't fear for our lives, the safety standards are the highest, but if you don't like heights, it was just nervewracking. But it looks really cool on film.

grandmasterwong3 karma

I live in HK man - I gotta deal with that traffic everyday!

So did you like HK in general? What were your first impressions?

TitusBWelliver10 karma

I liked Hong Kong very much. My wife lived there, years ago, for a few years, and still has close friendships there. So my daughter and I got to see Hong Kong from the inside rather than from a tourist's point of view.

dalybear9 karma

Hey Titus,

How did you like filming the one shot "Item 47" with Marvel? Did you have any idea you'd be back for Agents of Shield?

TitusBWelliver11 karma

I had no idea that I would be back for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It was great fun. Being a huge Marvel comic fan, and particularly Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., it was a dream come true. My great hope is to participate in the expansive Marvel film franchise.

dripppe768 karma

Dude -- what was it like being on Deadwood? On that set? Working for David Milch? Working with Timothy Olyphant, Ian McShane, Molly Parker and a ton of talented actors? Was that the most interesting/unique/crazy filming experience you've had? And what did you take away from it -- literally (what did you steal from the set) and figuratively (what did you learn)?

Also, your voice over the talking stuffed animal phone thing in The Good Wife is still one of the funniest things I've seen on tv.

TitusBWelliver7 karma

Let's see: I had done several series with David Milch prior to Deadwood and working with David is always a masterclass in every aspect of making great television. The cast of Deadwood was, to say the least, a dream team. I kept nothing but the fondest of memories. The short answer is: the experience of working with David is always thought-provoking. And I become a better actor every time I work for him.

Yeah, that was bizarre, to say the least. I wasn't sure where they were going with that, but it was amusing.

grandmasterwong8 karma

You're friends with Lawrence Fishburne. Can you tell us something funny about him?

TitusBWelliver14 karma

I am not friends with Lawrence Fishburne, he is my brother. I've had the privilege to work with him over the years. And I love him very much. That's all I'll say.

tragic-waste-of-skin8 karma


TitusBWelliver13 karma

Difficult to say. I started doing Walken before anybody knew who Walken was, just because I was so taken by the musicality and his inflections. I used to quote his dialogue from Annie Hall, and while people thought it was amusing, they didn't know who Christopher Walken was. I will maintain that I was the first, and I had the documentation to prove it. Although Pacino is great fun as well.

tragic-waste-of-skin5 karma


TitusBWelliver7 karma

Not at all. I do the many different phases of Al Pacino over the years. His voice was originally medium to almost high pitched if you look at his earlier films. For an example, go on YouTube and look at my interview with Kevin Pollak on his chat show, and you will see precisely what I speak of.

beernerd7 karma

I really really enjoyed Bosch and I'm looking forward to seeing more. Where did the idea for that script come from and how did you get involved?

TitusBWelliver7 karma

Well, the script is based on 2 novels, written by Michael Connelly, CITY OF BONES and THE CONCRETE BLONDE. I was sent the script, I read the script in a very short period of time because I couldn't put it down, then the process was for me to meet with Michael and the producers, which was difficult because I was shooting Transformers all over the U.S. as well as in Hong Kong, so it was difficult to stick a pin in that and be in a place where we could all meet - at one point it looked like it was going to go away because I wouldn't be available to meet with them - and then we finally met and it was one of those sort of perfect scenarios, where I walked in and thought "I don't want to want this too much, but I would love to work with these people and I so desperately want to play this character." And it appeared they felt the same way. I left the room, and Michael Connelly said "that was Harry Bosch" and I got the call shortly afterwards. And i had to pull the car over, because I was too excited to drive.

beernerd3 karma

That's awesome. You fit the part so perfectly I think that had a lot to do with the success of the pilot. And it's nice seeing you in a lead role with a lot of potential. I've always thought you've had a sort of badassness about you that makes you ideal for roles like you had in Transformers, but Bosch is a really complicated character that requires both grit and a tinge of vulnerability and I think you nailed it.

TitusBWelliver5 karma

Wow. Thank you. I will continue to try to stay on that line. And hope to never disappoint.

Frajer6 karma

Is Ben Affleck cool to work for?

TitusBWelliver14 karma


A generous and brilliant actor, director and writer. I would do a puppet show with Ben.

Chucke47116 karma

Hey Titus! I am a big fan, and I'm glad the AMA finally happened. Unfortunately, with the rescheduling, I missed it. Hopefully you'll see this if you DO make it back later this afternoon.

Your character on LOST didn't officially have a first name. So if you could've chosen a meaningful name for him (besides Barry, of course) what would you have named him?

Also, I absolutely loved you on Deadwood. Were you as disappointed as everyone else, when it died with a whimper, instead of a bang?

TitusBWelliver8 karma

That's a difficult one. Probably some Biblical name.

lol_Revux4 karma

Hello. First I would like to say I just watch Transformers yesterday and man I loved watching it. Classic Michael Bay explosions galore lol. I am a die hard Sons of Anarchy fan, and probably one of my favorite scenes in the entire show/entire tv history is when Chibs gets his reckoning on Jimmy O. The dynamic between you guys leading up to that episode was amazing, and how it ended between you two just felt right. My question to you is, what was it like working with Kurt Sutter, and would you work with him on his new series, The Bastard Executioner? I am sure there is an antagonist role you could play that would be so fun to watch.

TitusBWelliver6 karma

I'd love to work with Kurt again. I think he's an enormously talented writer, and very bright.

canteen_boy3 karma

For a Connecticut boy, your Irish is fuckin beautiful, yeah? How'd that happen?

TitusBWelliver7 karma

Well, that's very generous of you to say. The truth of the matter is that I had to kind of cobble that accent together about 48 hours before i started shooting. I wish I had had more time to work on the dialect and make it even more specific. There are times when I watch it that I find the accent distracts me. It wanders a bit from Belfast to Dublin to County Kerry and back. But it does amuse me when I get stopped on the street and people say "i love your American accent" because they think I'm an irish actor.

grandmasterwong3 karma

Titus, which actor or director would you most like to work with and why?

Also, what's your favourite movie?

Finally, what's your favourite sandwich filling?

TitusBWelliver3 karma

I would like to work with Robert De Niro because as a young actor into middle age, he's an actor whose work has always inspired me, and I attribute my drive and interest in becoming an actor to the performances I watched as a young man. He just never ceases to amaze me.

My favorite movie, that's tough. My favorite movie is probably Yojimbo, directed by Akira Kurosawa.

My favorite sandwich filling? Turkey.

clare_l_c3 karma

Hi Titus! With the filming of Bosch due to start next month, are you as excited about making the rest of the series as we are to see it?! You've had such an expansive career, are you nervous about being cast as one character for what we hope will become many, many series? Thanks! Clare.

TitusBWelliver3 karma

Not at all, in fact, I embrace it, because this is a character that I think has tremendous longevity, not just for an audience but to sustain me as an artist as well. I very much look forward to the continuation of this saga.

NineFatLords3 karma

What do you think of the amazon model? How hard is it waiting for the outcome of the pilot? Is the wait longer than a standard TV show?

TitusBWelliver6 karma

No, it's not longer. Waiting for anything is troublesome. But then again, the saying goes "good things come to those who wait."

rijon3 karma

I really liked your character on Supernatural and the Good Wife and look forward to seeing you in BOSCH.

Do you prefer working for TV or movies?

TitusBWelliver5 karma

2 different animals. The ongoing process of shooting a series is a bit like an advent calendar, whereas shooting a film you have a very clear structure and story with which to follow and complete in a fairly short period of time. They both have great merit.

TahoeTweezer3 karma

How and where did you meet Bo Jackson? What was that like?... (I scrolled your twitter feed)

TitusBWelliver5 karma

My wife and I and the kids were staying at a hotel in New York, and he happened to be in the restaurant when we were in there. And I spotted him and didn't go over, and then he came over and said hello. Very sweet guy.

Wolf_Stansson_DDS3 karma

How was it working with Gerald McRaney on Deadwood? I don't think I've ever hated a character in any show as much as I hated Hearst.

Who is your favorite character other than yours in a project you've worked on? Most hated character?

TitusBWelliver4 karma

Gerald's great. I mean, he's a fantastic actor. And he was really fun to work with!

DontPmMeYourSnatch3 karma

Hey, who was your favourite character to play and why?

TitusBWelliver11 karma

I have to say, to-date, my favorite character is Harry Bosch. Due to the fact that he is, while he is a heroic character, he really is a sort of classic antihero. He has a very good moral compass, but there is a deeply haunted quality about this character, based on his past. And so there are many levels to play as an actor. So it never grows boring.

petethepusherman2 karma

You've obviously worked with a plethora of popular actors and actresses, who was the coolest one you met that you didnt expect to like?

TitusBWelliver3 karma

You know, I don't think that I've ever worked with anyone that I ever had too much of a preconceived idea about. I've been really blessed that i haven't had to work with too many people that needed sorting out. My experience has been really positive across the board.

ivegotagoldenticket2 karma

Hi Titus! I thought you were fantastic in Promised Land and the episodes you were in of USA's Suits!

My question is, you've been working in film & television for many many years now, but more recently have started becoming a household name. How has your mentality changed on your career choice over the years, and would you have any advice for those going through similar experiences?

TitusBWelliver2 karma

It's imperative that one act because it is what you must do. Because it is a long road that has no turns, and no shortcuts. It's tenacity and hard work. And always be prepared.

riceisright562 karma

Have you ever had the opportunity to meet Walken or Pacino?

TitusBWelliver3 karma

Yes, I've met both of them. And I've been set up to do the impressions in front of them, which I have declined.

digital2 karma

Hello Titus!

I just wondered what set was the most fun and interesting to work on? Was it Star Trek, The X-Files, LOST, or The Twilight Zone?

What is your favorite role?

TitusBWelliver7 karma

LOST. And I would say with X-Files as a close behind.

And Bosch.

kk42632 karma

Hey Titus. What's it like on the sets of Transformers? I'm sure its fascinating because so much of it is done using computer software. Is it more fun to make such a type of movie, or more fun to make something like Argo?

TitusBWelliver6 karma

Totally different experiences. I think people have a great misconception that the Transformers films are all shot on green-screen stages. They're not, in fact. A tremendous amount of what you see is done with real effects, explosions, and is very intense. It's by far the most physical role I've ever played. And required that I get plenty of sleep, and would stretch quite a bit before going to work. Whereas in Argo, I was sitting in a conference room and walking down a hallway, no explosions, no moments of peril.

SomeGuyNamedDJ2 karma

The Town is one of my favorite movies and had an absolute stellar cast. Can you share any good stories from the set?

TitusBWelliver3 karma

It was a great experience. You know, an incredible cast. I was really pleased to get to have at least the one scene that I did in the film with Ben, because he directed me prior to that in Gone Baby Gone. I love working on Boston, because i have a kinship with that town, and I love working with all the actors, it was an incredible experience, tons of fun.

Masterfireheart2 karma

What role(s) would you love to play the most that you already haven't?

TitusBWelliver2 karma

I think for me I look down the road to Macbeth and Henry V and ultimately King Lear, just for a few, as it relates directly to theater. I hope that the roles continue to come.

BenMuthafuckinD12 karma

You're a great actor and I always love seeing your name in film, but every time I see you, you're playing a guy I want to punch in the face repeatedly. How'd you get into that role type?

TitusBWelliver4 karma

Well, based on the formidability of the characters that I have played, I hope that you are in peak physical condition and are good with weapons. Otherwise you wouldn't stand a chance.

Sydviciouz2 karma

Are you married?

TitusBWelliver5 karma

I am! I was married in April to my wife.

MauryNORWAY2 karma

I liked the Bosch-pilot. You have really earned a lead role, and i was very happy to see you do the show and it getting greenlit for a full series. Do you know if City of Bones-story will be a season-arc, or just a couple of episodes?

Also, any chance of coming back to The Good Wife?

TitusBWelliver4 karma

It will be part of the season arc! And we've incorporated Echo Park into this season as well. As far as The Good Wife, never say never - but it would seem that boat may have sailed.

ethornber2 karma

If it really did have to end in blood, do you think Silas could have taken Dan?

TitusBWelliver5 karma

I think that Adams was quicker with a gun. Certainly not in a hand-to-hand, toe-to-toe, but I think Silas was smarter and a bit more wiley than Dan, and would have found a way, or at least would have died trying to be the victor.

Wilikai2 karma

Hi Titus! Congrats on Bosch. Here's to its continued success.

When filming Lost and sharing the character with Terry O'Quinn, did the two of you ever confer on any mannerisms or ways of acting that the character should have? Also, I read once that there was a time when the character did, in fact, have a name -- any truth to that?

TitusBWelliver2 karma

I'm not aware of the character's name, except for the spoof we did in which his name was Barry. Terry and I sort of remet on Bosch, but never conferred really on anything. I think it was just sort of, as luck would have it, that whatever it was made people sort of come to that conclusion.

zzzxxcxxzzz2 karma

Hello! While there were a few things I didn't like about the new transformers, your performance was not one of them.

My question(s): any memorable moments from the set of AoE? Did you do your own stunts like during the slugging match with Mark Wahlburg? And I've always wondered about the man behind the voice of Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen. Did you ever meet him?

TitusBWelliver3 karma

Everybody did as many of their stunts as possible. There are obviously issues with safety, so there are some things Mark and I weren't able to do, but that was us running along the side of the building, but we had incredible stunt doubles as well. I just met Peter Cullen at the NY Premiere, and was able to introduce him to my children, and he was an effusively warm and lovely guy. And it was a great honor and a privilege to meet him. Lovely man.

zacharywcox2 karma

Mr. Welliver, congrats on a wonderful career to date. I'm the host of a movie podcast based out of Indianapolis, IN. On Movie Buzzed, we like to watch a movie, provide commentary/trivia, and get a little "buzzed." It'd be a privilege and an honor to have 15-20 mins. of your time for an interview while we watch a movie that you were a part of. I know it's probably a long shot but, would you be interested? I'd love to discuss different aspects of your career, the movie we watch (The Town, Gone Baby Gone, etc), and to promote your current projects. Thanks for taking the time to read my request and I look forward to hearing your response.

Thanks again, Zach

TitusBWelliver2 karma

Reach out to my publicist at Jonas PR!

Yonald2 karma

Hi Titus,

I hope you're having an awesome day.

You have neglected to mention your role in Suits as 'Dominic Barone', lead designer of the engines of McKernon Motors! I thought you were great in that role and the line "give me my goddamn shirt" is still quoted frequently. My questions for you are:

  • What was it like working with Gabriel and Patrick?
  • Did anything unique or unexpected happen during your short time on the set? Did anyone run in fear from 'the monster'?
  • What is your favourite colour?


TitusBWelliver3 karma

Oh that was a really good time. And they're both, you know consummate professionals. Really talented actors. And Gabriel and I have made friends. My sister in law, Dina Torres, and my only disappointment was that I didn't get to work with her. I'm very happy for the success of that show, I think it's smart and extremely well written and acted.

No one ran in fear.

My favorite color is blue.

polishingcheekbones2 karma

How was it working with the cast of SHIELD?

TitusBWelliver5 karma

Incredible. Clark Gregg and I are very old friends. We were roommates for a bit in college. I did my first speaking role in a film with Bill Paxton in 1988 and while I had vast experience as an actor in the NY Theater, that was my first studio walk-on in a picture. I was green, very nervous, and Bill Paxton extended himself to me very generously, and guided me through it, and I am forever in his debt. I've used Bill's generosity as a template on how to conduit myself when working with actors who are starting out. It was a total act of grace and generosity on Bill's part. Oh, I enjoy the whole cast of S.H.I.E.L.D.! I was totally irritated that Patton's character died, he's such a good actor. It's uniformly a great cast. I have history with Clark and Bill, so coming into that, was like taping in my living room.


Hey Titus Welliver, first off man you have an awesome name, huge fan of your work, thanks giving us this opportunity

  • What was it like working with cast and crew on Argo?

  • Can you tell us about your upcoming filming Poker Night?

  • Do you have any favourite off camera memories whilst filming Transformers:Age of Extinction?

  • Nicolas Cage, yay or nay?

Thank you again for giving us this chance, on behalf of this AMA I'd like to commend you on your amazing talents and wish you luck on your current and future projects

TitusBWelliver9 karma

As always, working with Ben is a pleasure and a revelation. Ben always assembles top-shelf actors.

I'm not sure of a release date for Poker Night, but it was a pleasure working with old friends Ron Perlman, Giancarlo Esposito, and Ron Eldard. It is a well-acted, directed and beautifully shot film, but not for the faint of heart.


Thank you very much, that's an enormous compliment and I'll hold that in my compliment box for a day when I'm feeling low.

robinsky12 karma

What is your favourite role you've done on film or television?

TitusBWelliver6 karma

Television would be Bosch. Film would be probably Lionel McCready in Gone Baby Gone. Although James Savoy in Transformers is a delicious character.

theArnoldFans12 karma

Hi Titus, I saw walking the red carpet at the SABOTAGE premiere. What's your favorite Arnold movie & how do you explain you getting your eye gouged but it not being bloody or the slightest bit red in the next scene? Maybe you are a Transformer or Terminator!

TitusBWelliver4 karma

Terminator is, without question, my favorite. But am I a Terminator? I guess we'll have to wait and see. That's a question a few people have asked: "Well, your character fell from the roof and crashed down, is there any chance Savoy will survive?" I doubt it, although I joked with Michael "Doesn't Savoy have a twin brother somewhere in the world who can exact revenge against Mark Wahlberg?"

mariotheguy1 karma


TitusBWelliver8 karma

I get "OH SHIT" quite a bit when people see me. Particularly in New York, if I'll walk up to a Starbucks. The funniest one was I had a homeless man come up to me, I was with my children in Grand Central Station, and he was very clearly homeless with a shopping cart full of his belongings, and he yelled out "Hey Smokey! How are things going with Jacob?!" and I was stunned by this. Here's this guy who is ostensibly living on the street, but he's dialed into his LOST. But he was the first person to call me Smokey.

Juniper_Rose1 karma

I've seen a few of your paintings, and really love your use of color and contrast.

Do you only use acrylic paints, or do you venture into other mediums as well?

Any painting protips?

TitusBWelliver5 karma

Yes, I was trained using oil paint and fusing wet paint into wet paint but I didn't like it. I have ADD, and because I paint from memory I need to get the image onto the canvas with some alacrity, and so I found that using acrylic and a hairdryer, I could paint a section and then isolate it with a hairdryer and continuously paint.

xNerfed1 karma

Hey Titus, just wanted to say I was a big fan of your performance on SOA. Your death scene was probably one of the most gruesome on cable tv at the time! How was working on the set of SOA? Who did you get along with most from the show?

TitusBWelliver6 karma

I got along with everybody on that show. It's a stellar cast of actors. Despite the subject matter and the seriousness (and the gruesomeness) of that show, one would be surprised by the amount of levity and playfulness that exists on that set. I enjoyed everybody, there's not a bad apple in that bunch.

CommanderObama1 karma

On LOST, what was the black smoke? Is it a machine or magic? Who made it?

Petrichor037 karma

The black smoke was a man who fell into a pocket of electromagnetic energy. The radiation from the pocket killed his body, but preserved and fused with his consciousness, thereby allowing the man to still exist in a non-/semi-corporeal form and to utilize the abilities of the electromagnetism to build a makeshift body for himself that looked a bit like black smoke.

TitusBWelliver10 karma

Thank you, I've always wanted to know how that came about.