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That is too young to lose a father, I am very sorry for your loss.....

For Just Three Simple Payments of $19.99 You Can Get a Big Hug From Me With All Of The Extra Feels

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One does not simply own the original horn of gondor from take 3 from the filming of your scene and not share it with reddit.


I would have followed you, my brother... My captain... My king.

Thanks for being an amazing person and constantly giving fantastic acting performances.

Shout out to 006.

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"Here we find two male homo sapiens whom are competing for eachother's friendship in an odd male on male mating ritual. It is common for the males of the species to insult one another in an attempt to solidify the friendship. These males, no doubt, are here on reddit because of the pictures of females with large breasts that can be found all over the website.

If the two males cross paths with a female redditor, they may send her pictures of their genitalia in an attempt to be rewarded with pictures of her breasts in turn. It is often in vain, as the female redditor, or "M'lady", will not reciprocate, she prefers casual and friendly conversation to a grainy picture of a dick and balls.

Some of the more promiscuous females of the species can be found in the fields of gonewild, performing an odd mating ritual of spreading their anus for the world to view. Often males will flock to view the gaping anus and attempt to win her heart by commenting on her eyes and application of makeup.

It is unknown if this is effective as statistical data on the subject has yet to be researched and collected, although it is assumed to also lead to failure. The female redditor, both in the wild or in gonewild do not seem to be attracted to the male redditor in any way, which is why we see these two male redditors attempting to mate with one another.

We are beginning to see a steady decline in the population of male redditors due to the serious lack of "game" or the ability to attract a female redditor companion. Within a generation we may no longer see a male redditor, as they will have died as virgins due to the inability to find a suitable mate

Using sources such as Loseit, Sexxit and MaleFashionAdvice, redditor males attempt to improve on their "game" where as females utilize Makeupaddiction and remain ready for the day to arrive that male redditors tip their fedoras in their general direction with enough passion as to arouse proper interest.

The elusive Female redditor can only be found on two places on earth, the northern and southern hemisphere. We remain hopeful for the male redditor and will constantly support him in his quest to someday obtain a mate."

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You could have told some amazing jokes that night I am sure Gabriel, but her husband already beat her to the punch.

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Daenary's Targaryen, First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, called Daenerys Stormborn, The Unburnt, Mother of Dragons*

FTFY Simon.