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Would you possibly be interested in interviewing for a podcast? 15, maybe 20 minutes of your time is all I need. I'm doing an Easter/4-20 episode, and my co-host and I would like to explore the legalities, benefits, and uses for marijuana. It would be greatly appreciated, and if not, thank you for coming to this forum and opening people's minds at least a little.

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I hope you do pick this back up today! Man, to pick your brain. You've been a part of a lot that has entertained me for years, and I'm even more interested to find out about your voice work. I'm the host of a movie based podcast out of Indianapolis. Would you be interested in being a guest for a 20-30 minute interview? It'd be an honor and privilege to have you as a guest. On the show, we watch a movie, provide commentary/trivia, interview guests, and get "buzzed." Hence, The Movie Buzzed Podcast. We'll be watching "Domino" coming up, and I think it'd be a perfect connection. I'd like to ask about your work on films, in television, upcoming projects, and more nuanced questions about some of your more well known characters. I really appreciate the time you've given here and the time you've taken to read my request. I hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks, Zach

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Morgan, thank you so much for being here. Super Size Me got me interested in being a documentarian, and led me to spend a year developing my own. Recently, I've started a movie based podcast. We'll be watching Super Size Me in the coming months, and it would be an absolute honor to have you on the show. I'd only need 15-20 mins. of your time. I'd ask about your involvement with Super Size Me, other aspects of your career, and to promote upcoming projects. It's a long shot I'm sure, but it's worth a try as I just truly appreciate you as a person. Thanks for taking time to read my request and I look forward to your potential response!

Thanks again, Zach

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I went ahead and sent you a message on here. If you don't see/get it, you can e-mail me at: [email protected] This is incredible, sir!

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Excellent! My Director of Production is contacting them.