I am a 19(f), and my incident happened on September 24, 2012.

I was currently in a relationship with my now ex boyfriend, and my friend wanted to be romantically involved with me. I politely told him no.

He decided to get drunk in my backyard, call me names, smack me around, and chase me up and down my street.

He then broke a beer bottle and stabbed my in the face 7 times. I lost half the blood in my body, and had many lacerations.

Feel free to ask me anything.

Photo Proof of the scars: http://imgur.com/cYj4iEI,8BH2mCm,Je63Hs7

My Recovery Fund (Closed): https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/l5h1/taylorperryrecoveryfund

Picture of me under sedation (right after surgery Sept 24, 2012 8:32 AM) http://imgur.com/j49X5qG

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mikedarn62 karma

Tigerlilly, youre beautiful and brave to talk about this. Do you talk to schools are groups about violence now?

tigerlilybeauty37 karma

Thank you. I do not, but have been thinking about it.

I just dont know how to begin that process

yes_i_wood15 karma

It's true you are quite beautiful, and you look to be healing well!

tigerlilybeauty12 karma

Thank you very much!

hiyosilver642 karma

You are stunning! You have a beautiful smile !

I am so sorry you had to endure this terrible assault. I'm sure the pain - emotionally and physically - was a hard thing to bear at times.

I sincerely hope you are doing well and that your future will be bright!

You take care.

Nana internet hug PS - How are you handling everything as of today??

tigerlilybeauty3 karma

Thank you very much! And I am handling things very well. I am glad I get to finally share my story with everyone. And if I decide to take it further, I will let you all know!

GetHisWallet2 karma

You'd be surprised what a phone call can do. Just call the principal of a local school and see if they'd like to form an assembly for your purpose. The worst that can happen is they say no. The best that can happen is that they help you plan it and even contact other school principals for you. Back when I was in school, we had a guy come in and talk about drunk driving after he and his wife were hit by one as they slept in their own bed (crashed through the wall of their house). It turned out that's exactly how he got started. Called a school.

Just FYI stuff because I think you'd bring a great message to a generation of kids that know stories of people shooting places up for not getting a date.

tigerlilybeauty3 karma

I will, thank you so much!

TFYToday46 karma

1) Are you paying off lots of hospital bills? 2) Have you prosecuted him? 3) Do you have lasting scars on you face? 4) Were you traumatized? 5) Were you afraid you were going to die? 6) How long were you at the hospital for? (hope this isn't too many)

tigerlilybeauty59 karma

I had TONS! Of medical and dental bills. But my insurance was more than willing to work with me, not to mention he has to pay restitution.

He went to prison for a max of 5 years and 90% of it has to be served and 1 strike. He was charged with domestic violence and mayhem.

I have many scars, but most have healed quite nicely

I am to this day traumatized, but not nearly as bad as most would think. I have done very well mentally.

I was very afraid I was going to bleed out and die. My instinct told me not to pass out, and after losing half the blood in my body, its amazing I didn't.

I was in the hospital a total of 2 weeks. I was sedated for 12 and had to learn how to walk again the last two.

Fishinabowl1140 karma

How was he not charged with attempted murder charge? 5 years seems like peanuts for something this vicious.

tigerlilybeauty13 karma

They couldn't prove a motive, therefore 'lack of evidence'

TFYToday20 karma

Wow, well it's unfortunate that it happened and I really hope that you are able to "get past" your traumatization as much as you can. That reminds me with one other question when you talk about him paying for restitution. Are you going to sue for "pain and suffering" and get a large payout or no?

tigerlilybeauty29 karma

That conversation is in the works with my father, because I dont know much about what I can or cant do about it.

He is supposed to give me $24,000 in restitution but hes only paid $600 in an almost 2 year period

Donderaar19 karma

If he is not paying you will have to force the payment using the courts. He might not be able to, leading to claims on property/income or his bankrupcy. IANAL, I would advice to ask a lawyer.

tigerlilybeauty7 karma

Well I am having all the restitution go to my dad since he paid for all my medical expenses. He is working things out for me.

temp914 karma

I've served on a jury where a young guy's face was smashed. He needed several surgeries and had some permanent nerve damage. Those scars and numbness are reminders that might never go away. I would expect a civil suit award much higher than $24k. IIRC, we decided total damages at 6 or 7 figures and the defendant was ~65% responsible for the injury so he owed 65% of the award. The judge had some sort of final say on the verdict so the numbers could have changed.

Getting the money out of the attacker is another matter however.

tigerlilybeauty4 karma

Yea. We are looking into a pain and suffering lawsuit.

colinsteadman10 karma

Holy hell. No questions, just wanted to say that after reading your script ion of what happened to you it's nice to hear you're doing well and haven't fallen completely to pieces. Good luck with the future traveller!

tigerlilybeauty5 karma

Thank you!

Fizzlenuts5 karma

I must say you look very pretty, after it all.

tigerlilybeauty4 karma

Thank you very much! That means alot

EweAreAmazing3 karma

What was affected that you had to learn how to walk again?

tigerlilybeauty5 karma

Lying down in sedation for two weeks. I wasn't paralyzed or anything, just had to gain strength in my legs again.

It took me about two days.

EweAreAmazing2 karma

Oh okay that makes sense! Thanks for answering.

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

No problem!

imbakingacake30 karma

Looking back, where there any warning signs he was going to do something like this?

tigerlilybeauty49 karma

Thats the scariest thing. None, that I could think of.

Lumber-Jacked9 karma

That is really messed up that someone you thought was a friend was that unstable. :(

I can't imagine going through that.

tigerlilybeauty9 karma

Just be cautious of people. Im not saying "you cant trust ANYONE." All I want to tell people is, you think you know someone, just be careful of the situations you put yourself in. Always have an exit plan

coaliscool442228 karma

What does your face look like now?

tigerlilybeauty104 karma

A year and a half later:


Deipnosophist74 karma

You're beautiful!

tigerlilybeauty29 karma

Thank you!

Cyborg_rat11 karma

Ya you look very good , and I kind of find that cheek scar , looks like a battle scar and it kind of works lol

tigerlilybeauty5 karma

Ahaha thank you very much

La_Fee_Verte13 karma

oh you beautiful person, you! And such a cute baby :)

tigerlilybeauty6 karma

Thank you!

forzato8 karma

You have a beautiful smile.

tigerlilybeauty5 karma

Thank you very much

NeverPostsJustLurks3 karma

Wow, you look great!

tigerlilybeauty7 karma

Thank you!

soloborn-15 karma

I would absolutely take you out to any place you wanted to go! You have a face any man would want to wake up to for the next 60 years! I'd introduce you to my mom.....

tigerlilybeauty1 karma

Ahahaha thank you!!

jerryandjerrysizzler21 karma

That's awful, was there lasting damage? Can people tell you've been through that by looking at you?

tigerlilybeauty34 karma

I had severe nerve damage on the right side of my face. To this day my right eye doesn't blink very well, my lip doesn't raise very high, and i have numbness in certain parts of my face.

But it mainly looks like i was in a severe car accident

jerryandjerrysizzler14 karma

to what extent has it affected you psychologically? was there a period where you were afraid to date? are you more cautious now?

tigerlilybeauty26 karma

I wasn't really afraid to date so to speak, I was more or less afraid of people in general.

I would have moments of stand still when a stranger came up to me.

I would imagine them about to shoot me, what life would be like without me, or how they could kill me.

Ecator6 karma

I must have an over active imagination because I do that sometimes as well and I haven't been in any kind of situation like you went through. I think it just comes down to a realization of how fragile life really is and how little control you really have over how long it lasts. Kind of a dark thought but since you don't really have that much control over it you shouldn't be afraid. Just realize it for what it is, and appreciate that you are alive and can be with your friends and family and make the most out of your life.

tigerlilybeauty4 karma


crazybusdriver4 karma

Have you had any therapy? I think there's a great potential for you with counseling. You seem to be doing really well, and I think therapy could boost the mental side of things even further.

tigerlilybeauty6 karma

I did for a while but I overcame most of this on my own

jimbosupaida16 karma

Why was he not charged with attempted murded? Just curious?

tigerlilybeauty4 karma

They said they didn't have proof of a motive, so it was ruled out with 'lack of evidence'

jimbosupaida3 karma

Uhm. Stabbing u in the face isn't motive enough for attempted murder. . Good Lord this is just one example of how flawed our system is...

tigerlilybeauty3 karma

Yea, that was my argument... I cried everyday..

walzman13 karma

Can you describe the physical pain?

tigerlilybeauty29 karma

Well, when it happened, there was so much going on. It happened in, what seemed like, a blink of an eye.

I had so much adrenaline pumping through my body that when the initial glass cut my face, I didn't feel a thing.

It was the aftermath that hurt. Sitting waiting for the ambulance for 10 minutes, under a kitchen fan..

It throbbed, it stung, and my face felt very cold.

-Thunderbear-8 karma

I had most of my lower lip ripped off by a pit bull, and waiting was definitely the worst part. Definitely remember the cold, too. Had some nerve damage, too, but it's either lessened, or I've learned to not notice it. I hope the same for you. Love the username.

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

Thank you very much.

When the nerves start to regenerate, it is the weirdest feeling. It takes time though. Wish you the best of luck!

randylaheyjr11 karma

How did your ex-boyfriend handle the situation?

tigerlilybeauty20 karma

To be honest, he made fun of me.. Thats why he is an ex now.

khando15 karma

What the fuck...

tigerlilybeauty12 karma


ProudCatLady5 karma

Sounds like a great person....... How awful.

tigerlilybeauty11 karma

Yea, Luckily I have someone that loves me to pieces now and I have a beautiful son.

ProudCatLady5 karma

Very happy to hear that! Saw your son in the photo you posted. What a cutie! :)

tigerlilybeauty4 karma

Thank you!

cookiesmasher7475 karma

Oh my god... I'm glad he's your ex now.

tigerlilybeauty7 karma

Yea me too! Lol

orangejulius11 karma

Did you rationally know where your relationship was headed before he stabbed you?

Did this happen in the past, and if so, did you ever try to hide it?

What was the process like for you in testifying and watching him get convicted? What was your impression of the defense counsel and his/ her questions? Did you ever feel like you should have recanted or that he shouldn't go to prison?

tigerlilybeauty26 karma

No it never happened before.

And when I was testifying against him, it was the most difficult thing I had to do, because he wouldn't stop staring at me. I don't, for one second regret sending him to prison, because if it wasn't me, it could have been someone else. I don't wish this upon anyone.

orangejulius6 karma

In terms of your recovery after what happened - who was the most supportive person to you and is there any one particular thing they did or didn't do that helped you move forward?

What helped you move forward the most? Was it an internal or external thing? Do you still struggle with what happened?

tigerlilybeauty25 karma

My father is the best answer for most of these questions. He saved my life. He called 911, gave me towels, kept me awake and calm, stayed with me everyday in the hospital, and my home recovery.

He helped me move forward with pushing me through therapy, or any supportive figures in our family. We have a sense of humor most wont understand. We joke about it. As weird as that sounds.

I still deal with the emotional damage of it all, but its a process only time can mend.

testiclesofscrotum11 karma

We joke about it. As weird as that sounds.

That's not weird, its actually sweet..traumatic situations hurt less when dipped in a bit of humor...

tigerlilybeauty3 karma

Yea, especially for my father, he had to see my face in shreds, so when he sees me smile, he cant help but feel better

Lancey3 karma

This must have been very hard for your dad to deal with - pretty much a parent's worst nightmare. I hope he's dealing with it as well as you seem to be.

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

He has had some hard patches but he is getting a lot better

Cyborg_rat2 karma

And I cant help to imagine how if you did date , that in the futur he would also snap and do alot more

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

Its a fear I have to live with everyday

Cyborg_rat1 karma

Stay strong , my current gf is in same situation but we are waiting for cour date , ex jumped her when she did a exange for children , but he still stalks arroud but with no proof cant get him busted for breach of the retraining order .

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

Omg, I am so sorry. Stay strong, let me know if you need any advice. Best wishes


What happened to the guy that stabbed you? Was justice served?

tigerlilybeauty23 karma

He was charged with domestic violence and mayhem.

5 years with 90% of it having to be served.

I would say evidently, no, justice was no served.

Marikc134 karma

5 years for stabbing you in the face and nearly killing you... meanwhile people go to jail for what, 20 years for smoking marijuana?

This country... SMH.

tigerlilybeauty33 karma

Yep. Justice system at its finest

TERROARR11 karma

Are you worried about him being released?

Have you had any contact with him?

Also, I'm sorry this happened to you :(

tigerlilybeauty23 karma

I worry every day about whats going to happen when he is released. I moved to a different state, but they have to inform him where I currently live because he cant be in a 50 mile radius of me.

And no, i have had no contact since the incident

idonthavearedditacct20 karma

they have to inform him where I currently live because he cant be in a 50 mile radius of me.

That seems stupid, if you are in a different state what are the odds of him even accidentally getting within 50 miles? Not very likely. Compare that to him knowing where you live... Are they going to like give him your address, or just the city/state to avoid?

tigerlilybeauty6 karma

Not my address. That would be crazy. But where I live now? I do know he had plans to move close to here, so thats scary..

evilcleverdog6 karma

I worry every day about whats going to happen when he is released. I moved to a different state, but they have to inform him where I currently live because he cant be in a 50 mile radius of me.

And no, i have had no contact since the incident

That's kind of fucked up. Why would they tell him where you live? They should just dump his ass in another state and tell him to stay there, or more prison time. You should know where he is. He should not know where you are.

tigerlilybeauty3 karma

I know which prison he is in currently, he has no idea where I am. Just when he gets out. They don't tell him my address though

The_Shape_Shifter3 karma

That sounds like such a stupid system, although I can see the reason for it. They should just tell him that you are in one of 10 possible locations, all of which he may not come within 50 miles of.

tigerlilybeauty8 karma

I think he should just be locked up forever, lol

akeldama19841 karma

You need to get yourself a gun.

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

Maybe lol

aulurker11 karma

5 years doesnt seem like enough for that. Fuck him.

tigerlilybeauty6 karma

Yeah i know :/

pigeonjerk5 karma


tigerlilybeauty16 karma

Nice suburban area

paramed13954 karma

What do you remember about your ride to the hospital and the care you recieved from the Paramedics. I am a paramedic and I can easily imagine the care that I would give and the reassuance that I give my patients in these type of situations. Did they help reassure you, or try to help keep you calm?

tigerlilybeauty4 karma

I remember most of the ride to the ER. I remember they asked me to hold gauze on my face while I was bleeding pretty profusely.

They were very reassuring that I was going to be ok, and there is nothing to be scared of. They told me specifically that I was safe and ok.

paramed13953 karma

Thank you for your response. I strive to teach the paramedic students to treat every patient like they are a person and realize that they are having one of the worst days of their lives. We (as paramedics) are not remembered as much as many would think and since we are such a young profession (40 years give or take) we do not have as deep a public relations as other emergency services. I am very happy to hear that the medics that helpped you tried to ease your fear and treat you with professionalism and kindness.

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

I respect paramedics more than most when this happened. They seemed to be the only ones who truly feared for my life without giving off that vibe.

I want to personally thank you for what you do. You save lives everyday, and I could have been one of them.

Ughh crying lol.

paramed13952 karma

I didn't mean to make you cry... I know personally that I have feared for a person's life and done very well to not give "that vibe", your case may have been one of those. I try not to "armchair" any call I have not been on. I know I try to at least make my patients smile or at least feel a little lighter about the situation.

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

You didn't make me cry, its the love and compassionate that people are sharing with me on this thread.

It makes me feel good

urnanmypan3 karma

Damn, That's horrible! What reactions did you get from strangers looking at your face before you healed? any remarkable/funny?

tigerlilybeauty15 karma

A little girl asked her mom what happened to my face, her mother immediately apologized.

I told her it was ok and proceeded to tell her that I tripped and fell so she needed to be careful where she was walking.

urnanmypan3 karma

haha, it's good you told her the "fake yet not traumatizing" story.

tigerlilybeauty1 karma

Yea, she had to be only 3 at most.

Joenz3 karma

Have you taken any steps to improve your self defense? Martial arts, mace, guns?

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

I have not, I just try to be more cautious of people

StrobiWan3 karma

I, too, was stabbed with a beer bottle in the face. In the heat of the fight, I didn't know right away. How long did it take you to discover that's what had happened or did you see the bottle coming?

Scars are sexy.

tigerlilybeauty4 karma

I didn't know that happened until he let me go and I got up. There was blood draining my face and I felt my severed lip dangling on a thin piece of skin.

At the time I didn't know what he used, but when I woke up the detectives told me what he used.

matart913 karma

What did he do in the aftermath?
Did he tried to run away from the scene?

tigerlilybeauty8 karma

After I ran away, he chased me, but couldn't keep up. So he called 911, said we were mugged and stabbed himself in the temple, nicking an artery.

The paramedics saved him, but he's been in custody ever since.

Garizondyly2 karma

He sounds like a psychopath.

tigerlilybeauty3 karma

He was.. And is

Garizondyly1 karma

But you said no warning signs? Did he ever appear psychotic in any way before that night? I know confirmation bias plays a role here, but whatever.

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

Nope. But what he did is explanation enough for me to call him a psychopath lol

khando1 karma

Wait, he cut himself while attacking you and then called 911 on himself?

tigerlilybeauty6 karma

Yep. Tried to say we got mugged. He's not the brightest crayon in the box.

MrsKravitz3 karma

I can't begin to imagine what you've been through. I'm so sorry. That SOB should be locked up a lot longer than 5 years.

You are a brave and beautiful woman, and I'm wondering, will you be pursuing more reconstructive surgery? No doubt you have already heard about the Face Foundation, which provides facial surgery for survivors of domestic abuse (todaysface.com).

Sending you all good wishes for continued strength and healing.

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

Ive had two surgeries, (one for fixing the lacerations, second one for removing glass lodged in my nasal cavity) and about to set up my third one.

They want to smooth out my scars and add to my skin graphs

MsHellsing2 karma

He decided to get drunk in my backyard, call me names, smack me around, and chase me up and down my street.

Were there any bystanders who might have been able to intervene?

tigerlilybeauty3 karma

My dad was inside sleeping, but my house is pretty much soundproof from the inside

MsHellsing1 karma

It sounds like a terrifying experience to be all alone and running for your life. I am so glad that you were able to survive the physical and emotional trauma. I hope you are able to live your life in peace and happiness going forward. You earned that much..!

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

Thank you very much!! I deeply appreciate it

hunt4u2 karma

I didn't see this question being asked, but what are your feelings towards the day that he gets out of prison?

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

Im terrified. The chances of him finding me are slim to none, however, its a fear that I will carry for the rest of my life

hunt4u1 karma

Thank you for replying. I just want to say I am sorry you had to deal with that and I wish you the best of luck in the rest of your recovery.

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

Thank you very much!

jables132 karma

This is the real world horror story that doesn't get much coverage outside of schlocky Lifetime movies. Thanks for having the bravery to come forward with this. Abuse against women is still way too prevalent and it sucks completely. I was wondering if, at the time that it happened, you would've had something for defense, like pepper spray, a stun gun, or even some basic self-defense training, do you think it would've helped?

tigerlilybeauty8 karma

Its difficult to say, I would assume yes, but you never know.

And thank you very much

uncertain_death1 karma

Do your areas hurt randomly?

I ask because as a child I had a stick bust through my cheekbone and into my skull, as a dumbass I pulled it out. That was about 15 years ago. Still hurts randomly today.

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

Yes! I had a fractured cheekbone the right side, where the deepest cut was, and they had to put in a plate.

I still have random pains, and I also have mini episodes of numbness

uncertain_death1 karma

It sucks because its a pain you can't touch or nurse!

tigerlilybeauty1 karma

Yea, but time mends all wounds!!

livein___1 karma

Right after he stabbed you, what was his reaction? Did he run?

tigerlilybeauty1 karma

He let me up, I looked at him and felt all the blood drain from my face. I screamed and ran home.

Apparently he followed me, but at some point stopped and called 911, said we were mugged, and then stabbed himself in the temple.

hatsofftolarry221 karma

I'm sorry this happened - I can't imagine what you must have gone through. I hope this doesn't come off as insensitive:

I saw the pictures of the scars early on and much more recently. Do folks ask what happened when you meet new people? What do you tell them?

tigerlilybeauty5 karma

They do, and depending on the person I will most likely tell the truth, but younger kids or elderly folks, I usually tell them a car accident. Because getting stabbed is a little too intense lol.

anon01081 karma

is he in prison?

tigerlilybeauty5 karma

Yes he got 5 years.

anon01081 karma

does he get released or does he come up for parole in 5 years?

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

He gets parole, so when he does get released he has to stay in California at least until his parole is over

anon01081 karma

and how are you with his getting paroled?

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

I was, and still am, upset with the entire outcome. He should have gotten more years. But at least he got something? Right?

anon01082 karma

are you allowed to be at his hearing or have representation there?

it might be worth showing the parole board the pictures you posted hear and asking "He did this. Just how rehabilitated did he get in 5 years?"

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

Im not sure, I can look into it and let you know

anon01082 karma

well, its really up to you. reminding the parole board that the guy sitting in front of them got drunk and got THAT kind of violent may be reasonable.

unless you're convinced the guy's actions were more field by alcohol than anything else - IOW the classic nice guy + too much alcohol = terrible lapse in judgement

i really don't know what is appropriate.

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

Most wouldn't stab someone because they were mad while drunk. I feel he had a lot of anger problems that he took out on me

Megaross1 karma

Wow, what the fuck. What a piece of shit.

Did the friend exhibit any sign of being the violent insane stabber type before that day?

tigerlilybeauty3 karma

Nope, no signs whatsoever

dbmtrx1231 karma

Wow, what a terrible and senseless thing to do to another human being. I understand you have a restraining order against him and rightly so. Out of curiosity I ask the following question; if he were to come to you an apologize in a sincere way, would you accept his apology?

tigerlilybeauty6 karma

I wouldn't even give him a chance to speak..

dbmtrx1232 karma

Good, he does not deserve that opportunity or satisfaction. Thank you for answering my question. I wish you the best of luck!

tigerlilybeauty3 karma

No problem! And thank you!

Viper60181 karma

Do you think there were any silver linings in this dark cloud?

tigerlilybeauty8 karma

I got a free xbox 360 ahahaha, he left it at my house, along with his birth certificate, social security card (my dad ended up shredding them lol)

But yea, I was happy about that

DoctorPotatoe1 karma

Why was his birth certificate at your place? Wasn't he just a friend of yours?

tigerlilybeauty3 karma

Yes he was, he was staying at my house till he moved into his own place. He had all of his stuff there

Xaerin1 karma

How afraid are you now to go outside? I mean you were probably in shock for a lot of time, its not easy to recover from that and regain confidence to be in a normal position again.

ty! and sorry if i made some mistakes, english is not my primary language.

tigerlilybeauty3 karma

For the first 2 weeks, it was really difficult for me to not feel self conscious when strangers stared at me.

I still had very fresh marks on my face, kids would stare and ask their parents what was wrong with my face.

I actually had a little girl ask me that an her mother apologized, I said it was ok, told the little girl I tripped and fell, so watch out where you walk.

Its gotten easier over time

W4RIOCK0 karma

Was thoughts went through your mind as the splinter of the bottle shattered you face? Did you feel any pain? Did u see some white light? Did you think you would die? What was the last thought?

tigerlilybeauty1 karma

I honestly did not feel any sharp pain. The adrenaline was pumping through my body, and it felt like he was just punching me. The only reason I knew I was stabbed was when I stood up and felt the blood drain my face and my lip severed. The pain waiting for the ambulance was the worst. My face was throbbing, it was stinging, and cold.

I did not see a white light, and when I was waiting for the ambulance, I was very afraid I was going to bleed out and die.

limem-4 karma

Did your boyfriend warn you that your friend was only looking to get into your pants, and you thought he was stupid and being jealous and didn't believe him?

tigerlilybeauty3 karma

No, he didn't tell me his feelings until that night

CapAnson-4 karma

Why didn't you call the police? Like at the point he was drunk in the backyard?

If that happened to my girlfriend he'd disappear.

tigerlilybeauty1 karma

He took my phone from me, he thought I was going to call my boyfriend

Donguitarguy-5 karma

Hope that guy gets hit by something very hard. Proof that most boys who say friendzone are just self absorbed assholes.

Any who, has this inspired you to take self defense classes?

tigerlilybeauty2 karma

Not really, I just mentally prepare myself in my surroundings. I try to avoid getting myself in those kinds of situations.I try not to be alone with one person too long, unless family of course.

imathrowit-7 karma

Everyone here asking all the dumb questions and obvious questions

I want to know,

why did your ex-boyfriend leave you ?

Why did you refuse your friend ?

tigerlilybeauty1 karma

I left my ex boyfriend, because he would make fun of me, send me pictures of me in the hospital, all sorts of crude things. All because he said he wants me to remember how screwed up I look.

I refused my friend merely because I didn't look at him in THAT way at all. But I was very sincere in telling him.

imathrowit0 karma

THAT way meaning, not physically attracted to him ?

tigerlilybeauty1 karma

More of a romantic aspect

Ipeeongramaslawn-31 karma

was currently


I thought the boyfriend stabbed you, lol you really didn't describe in that other thread. You need to have proof also, put up a photo of the scars maybe?

Anyway, onto my question, why do you think he stopped stabbing you after the seventh time?

tigerlilybeauty16 karma

Well I still don't have an actual answer for that, just theories. Maybe he realized what the fuck he just did, or he didn't want to kill me just yet.

But I do know that he got up and I ran. He tried to run after me but couldn't keep up. He called the cops, said we were mugged, and stabbed himself in the temple. He almost died, but of course, they saved him :/

Ipeeongramaslawn-41 karma

You need to put a link for proof on your post.

tigerlilybeauty10 karma

I sent them confidential proof