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This warms my heart.

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You might want to head over to /r/juststart and get an idea of what some of the patrons for freelance writers are doing. They can turn a tidy profit.

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How much would vehicle throughput increase if we had coordinated autonomous cars? Is there some way to take advantage of this technology before they are ubiquitous?

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I've served on a jury where a young guy's face was smashed. He needed several surgeries and had some permanent nerve damage. Those scars and numbness are reminders that might never go away. I would expect a civil suit award much higher than $24k. IIRC, we decided total damages at 6 or 7 figures and the defendant was ~65% responsible for the injury so he owed 65% of the award. The judge had some sort of final say on the verdict so the numbers could have changed.

Getting the money out of the attacker is another matter however.