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I'm a Jew Lizard of Jupiter

Uhhh, do we even want to know?

OP has been editing his post

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they have to inform him where I currently live because he cant be in a 50 mile radius of me.

That seems stupid, if you are in a different state what are the odds of him even accidentally getting within 50 miles? Not very likely. Compare that to him knowing where you live... Are they going to like give him your address, or just the city/state to avoid?

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Do you think this sudden publicity will hurt your ability do get things done? Reddit is a worldwide thing, not everyone knows about it of course, but it has made people famous all on its own.

I can't see how letting people know how you operate could be good for business. I love the fact that you avoid violence, but you wouldn't be able to trick anyone that has seen your picture along with the stories of how you tricked people in the past.

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Wow were those weapon prices just what they would charge you, or what is a common price around there? I can't believe there would even be a local market at those prices, an old AK and several thousand rounds would be less than $1000 in the US.

I remember reading there are places in South America where you can shoot a cow with an RPG for $1300. Breaking down the price it was $100 for a box of AK ammo, $200 for the RPG, and $1000 for the cow.

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I didn't read the case, but if he spent 25 years in jail and got out in 2011, in 2005 he would have been in jail 19 or 20 years already.

At that point he has already been tried and convicted so long ago, why would they want to introduce any new evidence into a 20 year old case? They can't and don't need to convict him again, so it would have no benefit to anyone besides the convicted to allow it. The only way it could possibly change anything is if it would prove his innocence, and that just creates a hassle for them.