Hi guys. I'm Kimiko Glenn. I'm an actress, based in New York, and I play Brook Soso on Orange Is the New Black season 2. I'm here with Victoria to take your questions so ask me anything!


Thank you SO MUCH for all the questions. I really loved chatting with you all. I hope I answered all your questions, well I guess I didn't, but I hope to be back in the future.

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Omnipotent_User173 karma

Did you have any apprehension about shooting your nude scene?

KimikoGlenn367 karma

I didn't really have a problem with it. I'm really not very self-conscious about my body. I think what made me nervous about shooting is the fact that I'd never shot a sex scene, so nudity in the context of sex, I think I've been tasked with a lot of roles that are more the funny person that is asexual, like "no one kisses this girl." That's just how I end up getting cast. So because of that, it was a little bit scary- I hadn't kissed very many people i front of a camera, so I didn't have to kiss Natasha or anything, but the idea of simulating sex in front of some camera people was like "Okay, I wonder if I will deliver?" and it ended up that the whole process, the whole legal process was far more daunting than actually filming it, just having everyone be pleased with the fact that i'm covered and safe and everything. And also when I got to set that day, the executive producer Lisa, she heads this thing, she's a woman, she said "we will do whatever you feel comfortable with." So she was very clear about that, we ran lines all day, it was a closed set, just a couple of camera guys, the director was off watching a separate screen, and everyone watching the screen in video village was a woman - so the hair, makeup, wardrobe people were all women. So it felt very comfortable on the day.

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Thanks for doing this AMA! What was your audition like for OITNB? How does it compare for other roles you've auditioned for?

KimikoGlenn359 karma

Well, I think normally when I audition for a role, it's usually for like a pilot or a workshop of a theatre piece, so the difference is that since OITNB was a hit show, I didn't even realize it was filmed in NY. When I got the audition, it was an exciting surprise since I was in the middle of watching the show! I was in the middle of the season somewhere, maybe episode 5 or 6, and I was getting really into it and into the characters. And I knew Uzo from the workshop we did a couple years ago, so I was really excited to support her, and the show was SO good. And I go to my email, and I see "Orange is the New Black," and i thought I was hallucinating. I thought "this must not be real." And then I opened it up, and it was in fact real, and it was for the next morning - it was 6 pm that night, and normally you get a full day, 2 days sometimes, but this was a quick turnaround especially when I got 9 pages of stuff, and Brook talks SO MUCH, so it was a lot to memorize but I was determined because I realized the show was very, very good and something I wanted to be a part of. So I went in and read with Jen Euston, who cast GIRLS and OITNB, and I read with her, I think I Just read each scene once, there were 3 scenes, I think it was the "pimp me out for a blanket" scene, also i think it was me complaining about the food and the fact that i was a vegetarian and there weren't enough food options, and I can't remember the last one, but the hefty monologuing scenes basically. I went in, I didn't necessarily feel like I nailed it or anything, I just tried to emulate the vibe of the show, and Jen gave me a little smile, I didn't know what it meant, and the next day I got it. I think it was very similar for a lot of people, they went in and read once, and the tapes get sent into Jenji and she says yes. So it was a very quick process: I got the audition, auditioned, and the next day I was on-set.

hollaback_girl18 karma

From interacting with the other new cast members, was this quick turnaround typical for season 2 or was yours a special case?

If it was typical, do you know why that was? Was it a rushed production schedule?

KimikoGlenn37 karma

I don't know why that was, to be honest. I think that's kind of how they work.

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No love for Big Boo eh?

KimikoGlenn210 karma

She's not my type :) but I love Lea!

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Orange Is The New Black is a really groundbreaking show in breaking from a lot of traditional female stereotypes in Hollywood, but the character of Brook herself sort of is a stereotype of an spoiled young activist. Can you comment on the overall message the show is sending to our culture with those things in mind?

KimikoGlenn142 karma

Well, I think it's just her personality. She's a liberal and she likes to speak her mind, and maybe people don't exactly want to listen, or it's kind of out of place, or it seems a bit narcissistic, but I think it's coming from a very good place. I don't think it's a bad thing. And she adds a different energy to the show. And also, I think as a society we like to label things, and I think it's helpful for us so that we can kind of anchor down a certain idea of someone so we can then describe it to our friends. We just like to label things and in actuality I don't think Soso is a stereotype, but labels are just what we like to do as a society is label things, and so are Pennsatucky and the other characters.

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Hmmm. Well, let's start with least like. Well, obviously Uzo by far is the least like her character. She is not Crazy Eyes. Uzo is a very composed, smart - and actually Crazy Eyes is very smart too, but I think she is just a brilliant actress and creates this character who is completely unlike herself. And Taryn, playing Pennsatucky, is an adorable human being and it's amazing to me every day that she can play such a hard, at times nasty and gross person, because she's really just a beautiful soul and a caring person and obviously a very smart actress. In a lot of ways, I think everybody has an element of their characters inside of them, I think that's what helps us draw from when we come to play a role. So I think a lot of these women have similarities to their characters.

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Thank you for inviting me! :)

BobCoupee62 karma

Hi Kimiko, if you woke tomorrow and discovered that you were now Bruce Willis, what's the first thing that you would do?

KimikoGlenn117 karma

Hahahaha! Oh, probably do something really amazingly athletic. I dunno, punch a wall. I would probably go walk around and ask like Bruce Willis. That's a totally bizarre question. I'd do all my own stunts.

orangejulius50 karma

Did you do anything specific to prepare for this role like interview inmates?

Favorite moment while filming?

KimikoGlenn100 karma

Well, really, when I started it was a very quick turnaround. I got cast and immediately got sent to set the next day so I didn't have much time to prepare. I gathered what I could from the internet and from castmates and certain news sites and everything, but I didn't get the chance to visit any prisons or do any in-depth research. But yes, that's the research I did. I did more research on what it was like to be deprived of food for certain periods of time, I kind of experimented with the whole lemon juice situation when I was not showering, stuff like that, but I didn't have the resources to research the whole experience of being in-prison.

Definitely the most fun that I had on-set would be the "blackout" episode where i start a singalong. And everyone was kind of on set that day, the cafeteria was in shambles, it was dark, there were tiny lamps and we were all singing Lisa Loeb and Meredith Brooks and it was so much fun. And I think most of the cast was there that day, you know, when we weren't have a blast shooting the scenes we were having so much fun hanging out in the hallway. So that was definitely the most fun I had shooting.

hereandmeow49 karma

Hi Kimiko! I've been a fan of yours because I was a huge Spring Awakening fan in high school and used to watch all the tour videos you guys made. I was so excited to put the pieces together when I started watching the new season of OITNB. Anyway, I was wondering what maybe your favorite story or performance was from those days?

KimikoGlenn50 karma

Ooh! It's all a haze! There was a time in previews, where Steffie D. who played Ilse, they added in a new line for her to say at the very end of the show when we were reading the letter from Melchior (It's hard to describe because I'm probably messing up some facts here). During the preview she completely forgot her line, and she had to say something about being eaten or chased by wolves, and just kind of stared at us all instead and I think my next line, no one knew what to do, and we all just kind of stared at each other and I said after 10 seconds of silence "Poor Melchior!" And then we all left the stage. I think it was funnier at the time because the details were much crisper.

InfiniteCipe48 karma

Hi Kimiko! Huge fan of the show and Soso was by far my favourite addition to Season 2!

Just wanted to know how you got started with OITNB and were you fan before then?

KimikoGlenn68 karma

I was already a fan. I was becoming a fan and it was funny because after I got it, I hadn't finished the series, so I was kind of at the point where I was grappling with "should I finish it out? Should I not? what's the best way to go about this" because a lot of actors don't watch their work, some of the people said yes to watch it, I ended up watching it, but yes, definitely a fan.

pixelinaa48 karma

What's your favorite episode in season 2?

KimikoGlenn183 karma

Oooh. Hands down, for me it would have to be Episode 4. The backstory: Yael Stone is UNBELIEVABLE. I don't even know what to say to her anymore because she is just so brilliant. I don't even know where she got such a great performance. Also the writing is so good. I was surprised and I had read the script, just because the way it reads, it Makes Sense. It was a backstory that made sense because it was such a 180, but it's also like it's not outside the realm of possibility. So that was one of the most amazing episodes to watch as a viewer.

panamapayne40 karma

I like your last name because it's the same as my middle name which I go by, but anyways I wanted to know if you are as much of a hippie as Brook Soso? You wear deodorant in real life right?

KimikoGlenn131 karma

I actually don't wear deodorant in life. I wear a lavender oil on my underarms, and actually at a certain point - it sounds gross, because it's not typical, and it all kind of started after the whole "smelly Brook Soso" deal- I got curious and so i stopped wearing deodorant, and i shower often, but I started experimenting with different kinds of natural deodorants, and it turns out if you don't wear any deodorant at all and just put a little lavender oil in your armpits, people always comment on how good I smell. I don't know if that's an excessive answer.

Well, I'm not really a hippie. I try and practice eastern medicine, I try to do everything naturally, but I don't know if that necessarily makes me a hippie. I don't necessarily believe in free love and all that stuff. I do have an oil diffuser. And maybe I'm like half-and-half. I don't know! I wouldn't necessarily call myself a hippie. Maybe my friends call me a hippie. I wouldn't necessarily classify myself that way.

evilzeph31 karma

Where would you like to see Brook go in the next season?

KimikoGlenn77 karma

Well, I obviously would love to see her backstory. I would love to learn more about Brook. They don't give me much in terms of any of that on-set. I get the scripts as they come, and I kind of learn as I go. So I would just be interested to see what she's about why she got there, we kind of know that she was in there for political protest, but I would be interested to meet Meadow, and just see what the eff she did! I think every episode is an insight into the character.

agt_michael_scarn26 karma

How old are you? You seem so young on the show. Which actress did you connect the most with? (ie-who did you like best?)

KimikoGlenn38 karma

How old do YOU think I am? And everyone's great. Everyone's superbly talented and I had so much fun shooting with each and everyone of them. There are certain people I talk to more often but it doesn't mean I like anyone best or worst.

My_Password_is_This22 karma

What's you favorite color? Orange? Black? Other?

KimikoGlenn45 karma

Well, it's like they want me to answer orange or black! I do love wearing black and shades of gray, but really my favorite color would have to be purple or pink or purplish-pink. I've always painted my room purple and pink and it's a color that makes me feel good.

CollegeMascot20 karma

Love the new season of OITNB, especially with you as my new favorite character! I was just wondering how many of the strange quirks Soso has are scripted vs your own ideas/improvisations?

KimikoGlenn50 karma

Haha! Well, I guess the quirks were my own, haha. But the dialogue was pretty much scripted. There were times when they just really wanted me to ramble, and they said just say what comes to your mind. For the most part what was scripted I said, but there were times when I veered off. I don't know how much of it made the cut, but it was pretty much they wrote me monologues.

DayZavenger18 karma

What shows would you like to work on in the future? Also thanks so much for doing this, I'm a huge fan.

KimikoGlenn53 karma

Well I mean, I was SUCH a fan of Breaking Bad, I don't know if there would have been a part for me, well then again I'm playing a part of a prisoner so you never know. So if it was within the realm of possibilities I would love to be on Breaking Bad. But I also would love to work on GIRLS, I think Lena Dunham is awesome. Also Parks & Rec is so hilarious and I would love to work with that group of people, I don't know what part I'd get to play on it, and I might be a bit young, but I think that is a brilliant show.

two_off17 karma

What's been the funniest off-camera moment during filming?

KimikoGlenn23 karma

Ooh. The funniest off-camera moment during filming. I'm not sure, we had a lot of fun off-set. I guess it would just have to be - I don't know if there were any particular interesting stories about us just being on-set. I mean, we have a blast. I don't know if I can think of anything off the top of my head that's a particular funny story to tell.

xMiss_Awesome_x16 karma

Hey There Kimiko _!!

Kudos to you for handling and developing your character so well considering that IMO you are supposed to represent kind of the "New Piper" in a way, not only by being a fish out of water like she was in season 1 but also by bringing that idealistic innocence that she starts losing after her stay in Litchtfield, which i think makes them very much alike and by the few interaction we got to see in S2 they could become very good allies/(friends?) in S3, Ps. Taylor seems a super nice and chill person, how much did u enjoy sharing scenes with her ?

Also as the season goes on we also get to see how your character gets to use those traits to positively affect the other inmates and tries to create positive change to improve the conditions in the prison, now my question is ...do you see Soso becoming this (totally unexpected dark horse) inmates's rights activist leader? or you think she's still too green and still needs to earn more "prison creed" to be able to do that ?

KimikoGlenn38 karma

Well, Taylor was a great scene partner to have because she is very open and very present. And i think filming with her at the start was really great for me because she has a certain type of calm energy that made me feel safe and comfortable, to just kind of be there with her and in the scene. She's a very sweet person and I really enjoyed filming with her. You know, I think it would be an interesting take if she really stirred things up and made some changes. I don't know necessarily - usually my initial thoughts are wrong, because when I get the scripts, they are always so unpredictable and the writers always take things in a different direction, so I couldn't really see. But I think it would be interesting to see Soso as you've never seen her before.

PenguinLass16 karma

Have you heard anything about season three, and will you be in it?

PS- You are an excellent actress, kudos on your performance!

KimikoGlenn61 karma

Thank you!! Well, I will be on season 3, we are shooting right now. And I can't say anything about season 3 obviously. I don't think anyone really wants to know about season 3, because spoilers SUCK. I wouldn't want to give anything away, and I don't think anyone wants anything given away, because it's way better to see it as it happens.

nowaythisisdan15 karma

Were you excited to get on a show that was so big? Are you in season 3? Will you ever hook up with Boo? I need to know!!!

KimikoGlenn38 karma

Yes of COURSE I was very very thrilled and honored to be working alongside such amazing New York actresses, really! I don't foresee Brook hooking up with Big Boo ever? Here's hoping? You know, I love Lea, I'm not exactly sure if Brook loves Big Boo. And yes I'm in season 3.

zensunni6615 karma

Hi Kimiko! My wife says ogenki desu ka? And my question is, will we ever see Meadow?

KimikoGlenn32 karma

I hope so! I would be really interested to meet this Meadow and see what kind of relationship we have and what the falling out was like, because apparently we aren't friends anymore. And yes, ogenki-des.

rboymtj15 karma

Hi Kimiko, thanks for doing the AMA. Did you get to meet with Piper Kerman before the role? I've always wondered if she coached actors on what it was actually like in prison.

KimikoGlenn50 karma

I met her on-set towards the end of filming. It was very brief, but she had a very firm handshake.

shetlandshaun14 karma

They revealed that your character is half scottish, will you be picking up any scottish slang or accents for season 3?

KimikoGlenn35 karma

I don't think so. I don't think that's that huge of a- I'm part Scottish and I don't have any weird scottish slang or accent or anything. So I doubt that. And that came along, I think because I hung out with one of the writers before that episode was written, and I mentioned that i was japanese and german and scottish and irish, and I'm actually more german than scottish, but that's what he remembered so that's why I think it got written in. Fun fact! I dunno.

djgump3512 karma

Thanks for doing this ama, I seen that you did satire, and now you are on a series, do you see your career going toward television and movies, or would you prefer a satire or sketch type of show?

KimikoGlenn19 karma

Well, I do see myself doing more film & TV in the future. To be honest, I would love to be on Broadway, that's a huge goal of mine! Broadway was always my biggest dream and i've done a lot of NY theater but I haven't had my Broadway debut yet. But obviously film & TV is awesome work, it reaches more people and there's a wider audience for it. So I think film & TV are awesome as well.

superhotbunnysex11 karma

I'm about 1/3rd of the way through season 2, and your character is my favorite addition!

What is the most challenging thing about playing the role of Soso?

KimikoGlenn29 karma

I think it's pretty hard playing her at points because she doesn't actually have any friends. It sounds so bad, but it's hard to actually figure out how to communicate with people because she's a little bit, she's always being shot down, it's true! But communication is a bit hard, because I don't feel like people listen to me very often and eventually they do with the hunger strike and everything and that I thought was a lot of fun to shoot. But it's hard to navigate as an actor, having people's characters not listening to what you say and shooting you down, how do you continue to deal with that as a character. Is it okay now, are you used to it, or does it continue to bother you, that sort of thing. I would like Brook to have a friend next season. Just one person to talk to.

Lilacpolecats11 karma

Hello! So I was curious, who were your favorite OITNB characters before you auditioned? Has that changed since you've joined the cast?

KimikoGlenn48 karma

Well, I'd have to say it really changed every episode: I would get really invested in one character, and then the next episode you'd fall in love with another character. In season 1 I really loved the Taystee and Poussey relationship. I also, as much as you to have her, I loved Taryn as Pennsatucky. I couldn't believe, I had to actually IMDB her before I did the show. I thought she was a meth head, that they got her off the street, I had to google her and it turns out she's a frikkin' movie star and gorgeous and all these things. that was the biggest surprise, and I really raved about her before i got on the show. Well, I still love the Pennsatucky and the Taystee/ Poussey relationship now, they are even more exciting to watch. The way Taryn has developed the character and she has this childlike way of acting, she brought humanity to the character, and I thought how could you possibly and she did it. And the Taystee / Poussey relationship is something you are ALWAYS, always rooting for, they had a tough go but you are still rooting for them. And Yael, obviously, I could watch her for days. I seriously watched that fourth episode 3 times before I moved on because i was in awe. And although her character is crazy, you love her so much, even though she is just a ball of crazy. So i think those are my picks I guess. I think everyone is freaking amazing though. I can't stress that enough. It's really hard to pick. These were the people who stood out to me before I came on the show.

nowaythisisdan11 karma

will you marry me?

KimikoGlenn24 karma

Haha aw you're sweet.

Lovesausage9 karma

What are you like in real life? Do you borrow anything from your personality and put it in to Soso? You're so cute, I'm only half way through and I'm waiting on a Soso background story! :)

KimikoGlenn15 karma

How am I in life? Well, I'd say I'm adorable, hahahaha. I don't know how I am in life? That's a weird question to answer from myself. Well, sometimes Soso can get pretty nerdy when she's passionate about something, so I borrow that from myself.

NassTee8 karma

Is all of your dialog scripted, or do you have to improvise to keep talking nonstop like that?

KimikoGlenn15 karma

It's pretty much all scripted. There were times when they had me keep going, but mainly they would just add in lines. It's some great writing. I don't know how they can ramble that way, you know what i mean. But it's pretty much all scripted.

pilsner4078 karma

loved you on OITNB, and I'm interested in seeing more of your work. Besides OITNB, what else have you done that you are particularly proud of and you think I should see?

KimikoGlenn15 karma

Well, when it comes to film & TV, I did a movie called "Harebrained" and I had kind of a cute role. I played a role called "Perky girl" and she has a cute little part. She's very perky. It's a very cute indie film starring Brendan Fraser and Parker Posey. And in terms of theater, there's not much you can really see right now.

Alwaysinadaze6 karma

My question is: are you single? Cause you are cute.

KimikoGlenn31 karma

Yes, I am single :) and thank you!

WaltB6 karma

Do you wear orange more since it's the new black?

KimikoGlenn15 karma

Hahaha. You know, I wear what's in. I actually don't think I own very many orange articles of clothing. There was a time I think coral was in, and I think I had a few coral items, but I don't own too many orange things. I don't think it compliments my skin tone.

endrok5 karma

What do you prefer more, high fives or low fives?

KimikoGlenn19 karma

I don't get too many low-fives, so I guess I'd have to say high-fives. But I do have really bad aim, unfortunately. So maybe i will have to bring low-fives back.

lighthousefunk2 karma

Loved you in the show, will there be a third season?

KimikoGlenn9 karma


jstrydor2 karma

Hi Kimiko! Thanks for doing the AMA! So my dog got killed by a rattlesnake about a week ago and we're going to get another one this week. We want to get a dog that isn't too big or too small and that has an affectionate personality. Any recommendations on what type of dog we should get?

Here's my beloved Luna that passed away: http://i.imgur.com/QMF7HeI.jpg?1

KimikoGlenn16 karma

Well, it's actually funny because I've been really into researching dogs because I really want to get one. So I actually was looking into getting a Labradoodle, and I was going to suggest a miniature Labradoodle if I could. I am really into the whole Alaskan kleekai situation. It's a miniature husky. So I was like, really into getting that for a while. I don't know if that would be an affectionate dog. Huskies might have a mischievous personality. I would say anything with a poodle mix is a good bet because they are really smart and they are pretty much hypoallergenic depending on how many generations of poodle have been bred into them. But yea, that's what I'd say!

Jmunnny-6 karma

Answer this age old question. Which came first the chicken or the egg?

KimikoGlenn4 karma

Hahaha. Hmmm. I say the egg. I couldn't imagine how a chicken would be born without an egg.