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I didn't really have a problem with it. I'm really not very self-conscious about my body. I think what made me nervous about shooting is the fact that I'd never shot a sex scene, so nudity in the context of sex, I think I've been tasked with a lot of roles that are more the funny person that is asexual, like "no one kisses this girl." That's just how I end up getting cast. So because of that, it was a little bit scary- I hadn't kissed very many people i front of a camera, so I didn't have to kiss Natasha or anything, but the idea of simulating sex in front of some camera people was like "Okay, I wonder if I will deliver?" and it ended up that the whole process, the whole legal process was far more daunting than actually filming it, just having everyone be pleased with the fact that i'm covered and safe and everything. And also when I got to set that day, the executive producer Lisa, she heads this thing, she's a woman, she said "we will do whatever you feel comfortable with." So she was very clear about that, we ran lines all day, it was a closed set, just a couple of camera guys, the director was off watching a separate screen, and everyone watching the screen in video village was a woman - so the hair, makeup, wardrobe people were all women. So it felt very comfortable on the day.

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Well, I think normally when I audition for a role, it's usually for like a pilot or a workshop of a theatre piece, so the difference is that since OITNB was a hit show, I didn't even realize it was filmed in NY. When I got the audition, it was an exciting surprise since I was in the middle of watching the show! I was in the middle of the season somewhere, maybe episode 5 or 6, and I was getting really into it and into the characters. And I knew Uzo from the workshop we did a couple years ago, so I was really excited to support her, and the show was SO good. And I go to my email, and I see "Orange is the New Black," and i thought I was hallucinating. I thought "this must not be real." And then I opened it up, and it was in fact real, and it was for the next morning - it was 6 pm that night, and normally you get a full day, 2 days sometimes, but this was a quick turnaround especially when I got 9 pages of stuff, and Brook talks SO MUCH, so it was a lot to memorize but I was determined because I realized the show was very, very good and something I wanted to be a part of. So I went in and read with Jen Euston, who cast GIRLS and OITNB, and I read with her, I think I Just read each scene once, there were 3 scenes, I think it was the "pimp me out for a blanket" scene, also i think it was me complaining about the food and the fact that i was a vegetarian and there weren't enough food options, and I can't remember the last one, but the hefty monologuing scenes basically. I went in, I didn't necessarily feel like I nailed it or anything, I just tried to emulate the vibe of the show, and Jen gave me a little smile, I didn't know what it meant, and the next day I got it. I think it was very similar for a lot of people, they went in and read once, and the tapes get sent into Jenji and she says yes. So it was a very quick process: I got the audition, auditioned, and the next day I was on-set.

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She's not my type :) but I love Lea!

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Hmmm. Well, let's start with least like. Well, obviously Uzo by far is the least like her character. She is not Crazy Eyes. Uzo is a very composed, smart - and actually Crazy Eyes is very smart too, but I think she is just a brilliant actress and creates this character who is completely unlike herself. And Taryn, playing Pennsatucky, is an adorable human being and it's amazing to me every day that she can play such a hard, at times nasty and gross person, because she's really just a beautiful soul and a caring person and obviously a very smart actress. In a lot of ways, I think everybody has an element of their characters inside of them, I think that's what helps us draw from when we come to play a role. So I think a lot of these women have similarities to their characters.

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Oooh. Hands down, for me it would have to be Episode 4. The backstory: Yael Stone is UNBELIEVABLE. I don't even know what to say to her anymore because she is just so brilliant. I don't even know where she got such a great performance. Also the writing is so good. I was surprised and I had read the script, just because the way it reads, it Makes Sense. It was a backstory that made sense because it was such a 180, but it's also like it's not outside the realm of possibility. So that was one of the most amazing episodes to watch as a viewer.