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xMiss_Awesome_x16 karma

Hey There Kimiko _!!

Kudos to you for handling and developing your character so well considering that IMO you are supposed to represent kind of the "New Piper" in a way, not only by being a fish out of water like she was in season 1 but also by bringing that idealistic innocence that she starts losing after her stay in Litchtfield, which i think makes them very much alike and by the few interaction we got to see in S2 they could become very good allies/(friends?) in S3, Ps. Taylor seems a super nice and chill person, how much did u enjoy sharing scenes with her ?

Also as the season goes on we also get to see how your character gets to use those traits to positively affect the other inmates and tries to create positive change to improve the conditions in the prison, now my question is ...do you see Soso becoming this (totally unexpected dark horse) inmates's rights activist leader? or you think she's still too green and still needs to earn more "prison creed" to be able to do that ?

xMiss_Awesome_x2 karma

Yeah I know what you mean :) ..as viewers we can come up with a bunch of ideas and theories and just when you think you got where the story is going figured out .... the writers find a way to surprise you and take things in a whole different direction ... PROPS to them for that ;)

...And since you were a fan of the show before joining the cast i gotta ask .....to you (as a viewer not an actress) what was the thing that you found surprisingly different in real life (and by that i mean ON SET) opposed to watching it on your computer screen?