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Goon caught me off guard. So hilarious. Thanks for being such a legendary comedic actor.

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Mulder and Scully all over again.

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I couldn't think of a question, but now I have one after reading:

Now that you are familiar with the wealthy family, and considering that they are wealthy. Assuming you are doing a decent enough job, and going with what you said about the agency you work for being shitty:

What is to stop you from negotiating better pay with the family you work for, vacations, benefits and all?

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I admire your courage, going into the most certain truth we are born with, and accepting it on this level.

With that said, how far would you go, what would you do, to get more time?

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HFIC, and proud.

This guy, a sense of humor with no pride before it. Best Baldwin award goes to you.