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shetlandshaun242 karma

As your voice gets a lot of use in Hollywood have you ever considered forming a band and becoming the singer?

Also one time you sat on a park bench next to me and my kid and you commented 'good looking boy" to which I replied 'thanks!' and you said 'Not him i was talking about myself." Made my day that did.

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were you a fan of the new eminem album where he name checks you a couple times?

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Hey Derek,

When you go to film the narrators drunken dialog do you also take them food for afterwards? As any good drunk knows food is always better wasted at 2am. Pizza ideally as you can also eat it cold the next day when your too hungover to move. If you dont you really should.

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They revealed that your character is half scottish, will you be picking up any scottish slang or accents for season 3?

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Firstly: short rib burrito is truly a thing of beauty and i want them all.

Secondly: craft beer scene is growing huge in LA right now what local breweries would you recommend pairing with some of the kogi menu?