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The Oscars have been getting some flack for lack of diversity among the nominations for important awards. What are your thoughts on this criticism? Is it valid, is there anything the industry can do better about this in the future?

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You'd be surprised how often the go-to stores are not the best option. They switch their prices up a lot in order to lull you in to thinking they will obviously have the best price then sneak in total ripoffs. You are better off knowing all the info every time.

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Is online dating "good" for society? Why or why not, and what are the potential unintended consequences of this behavior?

Btw, I met girlfriend of over a year on OkCupid, so thanks! :)

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Mr. Peaches: your website seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train. Why are you so popular?

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The men and women behind this project have balls the same size they were and or no balls at all.

I've always had issues though