It's 50 Cent. My new show Power is on Starz on June 7, and my new album Animal Ambition drops today June 3. Ask me anything.

EDIT: this was fun i'm out. Grab my album directly from for $5.50 use the code Reddit550 at checkout. I'll take your Bitcoins too ok

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Shitty_Watercolour3575 karma

Welcome to reddit, I painted this for you :)

Question: What's the craziest story you have from being on tour?

Official50Cent3158 karma

thank u for the painting

Official50Cent2781 karma

the craziest. wow I remember on the massacre tour i had my young homie on the road. I had this new energy so i was looking at girls like oh you cant get that. I come out my room see whats up to find my homie locked out his room tryin to hide in his wifebeater and no underwear. he had left the girl in his room to go get condoms and got locked out. i put his ass on punishment for a week. he had to sleep on the girls after the shows

readcommentbackwards3358 karma

Yo $0.50 . . . what happened on that pitch?

Official50Cent5957 karma

I have a skeletal muscle injury on my left shoulder from excessive masturbation so take it easy lol

fannyfeeny12547 karma

Hey Mr. Cent,

I need to know if there is any truth behind Aziz's Grapefruit story. Can you shed some light on that?

Official50Cent3880 karma

my grandma used to get me grapefruit juice as a kid. he's a comedian. Ima have his ass whoop if he keeps saying that lol

BitCoinBoxer2487 karma

Hey man, what made you want to accept Bitcoin payment for your new album?

Official50Cent4098 karma

stay with times. technology is what's changing the business gotta get with it. I take money no matter if its coins or dollars

mcmattyp2300 karma

Iggy azalea's booty real or no?!!!

Official50Cent4248 karma

next time i see her ima squeeze it and find out for you ok. I will report back to you shortly lol

specialmed2260 karma

I want to get rich but I have reservations about dying, what should I do? Also what's your favorite most expensive food/least expensive food?

Official50Cent2858 karma

focus on gettin rich you gonna die anyway. lets live good. thats what Animal ambition is about, prosperity.

philippe chow, the shit is expensive for no reason

joemuggins2252 karma

Does everyone sing "go shorty, its your birthday" on your birthday like my friends have done to me every year since you released In Da Club in 2003 :D

Official50Cent3857 karma

they do sing it to me. every day is someone's birthday that song wont go away.

ikkasikka2127 karma

2 quarters or 5 dimes?

Official50Cent3809 karma

2 quarters keep it simple

AmericanDream391901 karma

Thanks for doing this! What's the first thing you bought after you "made it big"?

Official50Cent3629 karma

my grandmother a car. it was important to me because she took care of me when i couldn't take care of myself

seando171757 karma

How much can you bench press?

Official50Cent3382 karma

the most was 405 but i started looking like the security lol i had to slim down

b33kz1195 karma

Hey 50, just a couple questions

  1. From the recent G-Unit reunion are there any chances of The Game being involved? Also what was it like to preform with everyone again?

  2. Hows the relationship with Em, any new projects you guys are working on?

  3. You've always been very business minded in your career is there any advice you would give someone who wants to start their own brand or company?


Official50Cent2163 karma

  1. not a chance. feels good to be back on stage with them again. couple of them gotta get in shape again they get tired lol
  2. I am gonna go to his show see him soon in london
  3. because of the internet do it independently. you have access to things we didnt. i had to hustle bootlegers. chief keef is in his grandma living room doing it

2Bpencil1078 karma

What was your favourite TV show as a kid?

Official50Cent2006 karma

The benny hill show. he was an idiot. really funny

Official50Cent2813 karma

and dukes of hazzard cause of the girl with the short shorts

mr_desi_dude994 karma

Fif what is Power about and why should I watch it?

Official50Cent2887 karma

you should watch it because I say watch it. I'll never steer you wrong

takeashit942 karma

Hey 50, gotta be one of the funniest guys on twitter. What person in the industry has the best sense of humour? Thanks ok #smsaudio

Official50Cent1185 karma

fabolous is pretty funny @myfabolouslife check him out ok


FocusOnThePie918 karma

Biggest regret of your career? How long are you planning to make music?

Official50Cent2174 karma

ill prolly make music longer than im suppose to. like a fighter who doesnt know when to retire lol i just love doing it

deancomeautela892 karma

If you could be the star in any movie what would it be?

Official50Cent2402 karma

one of the marvel franchise. or star wars

gregcube891 karma

Does it go "my chrome cost more than the crib yo momma raised you in?" or is it "my cross cost more...?"

Official50Cent1760 karma

my cross

thebarkingduck846 karma

Hey Mr. Jackson, what is your favorite sushi roll?

Official50Cent3936 karma

california roll. im a fake sushi eater lol its all vegetables. the only thing i would eat raw is a woman lol anything else is a no go

AJangoFettClone783 karma

Your album, Get Rich or Die Tryin' was the first cd I can remember buying with my own money. Still is one of my favorite all time CDs. My question is about your tattoo removal. Were there any tattoos you knew you were going to miss? Is tattoo removal really as painful as people say it is? Is it more like a scar now or is it a clean removal? Thanks for doing this AMA.

Official50Cent1308 karma

tattoo removal is extremely painful. i do not advise it. its like signing up to be burnt

topical cream docs give you dont work lol

donsdoodles657 karma

50, my brother and I are huge fans. We have been listening to your music since the early days and have been with you all the way, we grew up with your music. We have bought your books, watched your films and we even played your video games, all the while we have admired your entrepreneurial spirit. We were front row at Wembley Stadium when you came to London and again front row when you were in Barcelona for the XGames.

My question’s are:

  • When are you coming back to perform in the UK? ( know your ‘London Girl’ is probably still waiting for you)
  • You have dominated so many areas in business, is there anything else you still would like to achieve?
  • Music is continually evolving, what do you think we should expect in the future for Rap?

Thank you not only for the music we listen to, but also for being the bond between my brother and I. We are true fans of yours.

Official50Cent837 karma

that plaque is the coolest thing ive seen so far. ill be back in the UK soon

i just wanna continue success

Albus_k629 karma

whats your favourite video game?

Official50Cent1612 karma

Blood on the sand. i dont think it has anything to do with me being in it. also NBA live 2014

cbrb590 karma

Big fan, just bought Animal Ambition and what I've heard so far is fire. What made you decide to turn this from a pre-album mixtape into a full album? Also check out /r/hiphopheads

edit: smsaudio

Official50Cent779 karma

a mixtape would have previously released music. Animal ambition was all original if you put music out and call it a mixtape its not under the same scrutiny. i felt strong enough about it. it's quality.

Justvh0543 karma

When u made Get Rich or Die Tryin, did u think at the time it would have the impact that it does today?

Official50Cent948 karma

no i didnt. I was praying for it do to well. It surpassed my expectations. I hope animal ambition does the same

animatedradio512 karma

Sup mate! Who would you pick to star with you in a cereal commercial? What kind of cereal would you be selling?

Edit: just told my boyfriend you were doing this, he's excited! He would like to to pick your brain and ask how did you get people to take you seriously? Any advice on how to command attention? (In the right way)

Official50Cent1501 karma

captain crunch with snoop

Epsonpro9900349 karma

What's your favorite brand of Root beer?

Official50Cent1489 karma

i dont drink root beer unless its the only cold can available. i drink ginger ale

hysteria357344 karma

What has been the nicest car you've owned?

Official50Cent768 karma

the 100 EX rolls royce

Name_change_here338 karma

Fitty! What's your favorite sammich ?

Official50Cent709 karma

turkey and cheese

mikey_says315 karma

What is your favorite pizza topping?

Official50Cent1679 karma

chicken. typical black guy lol

DenningLJ303 karma

How exactly do you party on your birthday?

Official50Cent805 karma

i do it BIG! this one will have a fight live on ESPN, have special guest performances, a pool party then another party, then again a party then a firework a BBQ Ima live broadcast all that on my hang with

SolidMcLovin259 karma

yo 50! do you still have the slowbuck chain from SummerJam?

also, i think Animal Ambition is your best work since Massacre. really good job with that. thanks for being 50.

Official50Cent357 karma

i dont know why people keep talking about this. i was busy performing. it was so many people on stage lol

lysterr231 karma


Official50Cent351 karma

there's usually some music playing or film and television

thebiglibrarian226 karma

Hey 50, what would you say is your favorite book and why?


Official50Cent444 karma

the 50th law. because you cant be afraid of bein successful you gotta have enough in you to be as successful as you want to be.

dylanstalker156 karma

What city has been your favorite city you have toured through?

Official50Cent398 karma

I was blessed to perform all over the world. the last i got to go was Budapest. I had fun there with melissa mccarthy most of my people cant place it on the map lol