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Sup mate! Who would you pick to star with you in a cereal commercial? What kind of cereal would you be selling?

Edit: just told my boyfriend you were doing this, he's excited! He would like to to pick your brain and ask how did you get people to take you seriously? Any advice on how to command attention? (In the right way)

animatedradio64 karma

I can totally see myself having a nightmare about this now ಠ_ಠ

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Kia ora Taika! A few questions i'm kinda curious about, who is your favourite comedian? Who would you most like to work with? What is your beer of choice? and... when/how long was your worst case of writers block?

Cheers bro, can't get over the fact that this is probably the first time i've been up this early in god knows how long and you're doing an IAMA. Amazing luck.