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donsdoodles657 karma

50, my brother and I are huge fans. We have been listening to your music since the early days and have been with you all the way, we grew up with your music. We have bought your books, watched your films and we even played your video games, all the while we have admired your entrepreneurial spirit. We were front row at Wembley Stadium when you came to London and again front row when you were in Barcelona for the XGames.

My question’s are:

  • When are you coming back to perform in the UK? (..you know your ‘London Girl’ is probably still waiting for you)
  • You have dominated so many areas in business, is there anything else you still would like to achieve?
  • Music is continually evolving, what do you think we should expect in the future for Rap?

Thank you not only for the music we listen to, but also for being the bond between my brother and I. We are true fans of yours.