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Hey 50, just a couple questions

  1. From the recent G-Unit reunion are there any chances of The Game being involved? Also what was it like to preform with everyone again?

  2. Hows the relationship with Em, any new projects you guys are working on?

  3. You've always been very business minded in your career is there any advice you would give someone who wants to start their own brand or company?


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Hey Asher,

been a fan since the Roth Boys video. First of congrats on Retro Hash i've had it on repeat since it dropped, and I can't wait for the vinyl to ship. But on to the questions, I've got 2.

  1. How many songs did you record for the album before you chose the final tracklist and What one was the most fun to record?

  2. For the Fast Life video did you have the short film idea while you wrote the song or was it after listening to the song you came up with it?

Bonus question. Are you planning a tour for the album? If yes, might you do a show in Detroit?

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Awesome! I'll see ya in Detroit then! Thanks for the reply.