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Your album, Get Rich or Die Tryin' was the first cd I can remember buying with my own money. Still is one of my favorite all time CDs. My question is about your tattoo removal. Were there any tattoos you knew you were going to miss? Is tattoo removal really as painful as people say it is? Is it more like a scar now or is it a clean removal? Thanks for doing this AMA.

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That's intense, and to think of how covered you were to get that much surface area removed. Thanks for your dedication and perfection in all the projects you do.

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Blood in the Sand was such a fun game. It was never going to win awards, but it was so fun to sit down with a friend and play that game co op.

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Hi Gilbert, I just wanted to let you know my childhood memories were thrown into a shock when I heard your version of The Aristocrats joke. Nothing like having Iago from Aladdin saying all the things you said. Do you have any other versions of that joke? Is it told differently every time?