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You probably saw the viral YouTube music video made of my TV news interviews.

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apeleechi3541 karma

I work at the Texas Roadhouse you ate at on Thursday or Friday, I gave you double the amount of all the appetizers you ordered. You rule. Edit: thanks for the gold on my first comment ever

RealCharlesRamsey3339 karma

Thank you. Appreciate that. See you soon.

hangman03239 karma

Just wanted to say thanks for doing the right thing. The world needs more people like you

RealCharlesRamsey2779 karma

Thank you. Appreciate it.

Dudeimshawn2494 karma

Ever since they remixed your interview and created the "dead giveaway" song, have you ever thought about meeting up with the "hide ya kids, hide ya wife" guy Antoine Dodson to create an epic collaboration together?

RealCharlesRamsey3970 karma

Oh yeah, I like that. And we could do, 'Aint nobody got time for that" woman.

wilsonmma2226 karma

Hey man!!! Huge fan, 1. How often do you keep in touch with the girls? 2. How are they adapting to life now ( like technology and stuff ) 3. How are the free hamburgers??? 4. Do you still do any interviews?

RealCharlesRamsey4312 karma

  1. I see Michelle Knight several nights a week. Her thing is to walk her dog and meet and greet people. My thing is to walk around looking for bad dudes who want to snatch another child.
  2. Michelle has a tablet. They keep her up to date with things. She's with Dr. Phil's camp. She's getting emails, responding to them. KNows how to download apps. She's actually created music she wants to produce some day.
  3. The free hamburgers were from May 6 and they ended May 8 last year. They gave me $2,000 in gift cards and I handed them out to every homeless person and kid I could find.

Kknowsbest2080 karma

What's the best advice ever given to you?

RealCharlesRamsey4061 karma

On December 31, around 11:25 I had a conversation with Drew Carey. I was doing the ball thing in public square, I say Drew how do you handle people who know you wherever you go. How do you deal with all that he says this is what you do. Remember that show Cheers? Sing that jungle in your head and when it starts making sense to you, it won't bother you anymore. The world is your neighborhood now. You're in their heart, you're in their brains.

Frajer1712 karma

Was there any indication that Ariel Castro was a monster?

RealCharlesRamsey2635 karma

no. i didn't go to church with him. He was my neighbor. the closest a neighbor could get coming from dif ethnic backgrounds. We weren't playing spades, he wasn't throwing tupperware parties. He kept everything he could do to keep you from asking abotu what he did in that house.

itschrisinvegas1663 karma

If you could have done something different that day you saved the girls what would it have been or how would you have done things differently?

RealCharlesRamsey3911 karma

I wouldn't have called the police if I had known what was going on. That's what I would have done. I would have helped Amanda. I would have got my comrades, freed Gina and Michelle, go back in the house. And when Mr. Castro came home, we would turn it on him. I would have got him pregnant five times and beat the babies out of him. I would have put a motorcycle on his forehead. I would have bought a one-way ticket to Puerto Rico and dropped him off and told them, here he is. Do what we want.

NoodlesMcIntosh1471 karma

What are your thoughts on the Browns drafting Johnny Manziel?

RealCharlesRamsey2713 karma

Now we can go to the Superbowl!

tptguy831280 karma

Is it true that your local fame caused you to lose your job because people kept interrupting you at work? If so, has that caused you a lot of financial trouble?

RealCharlesRamsey2214 karma

Not financial trouble. It caused chaos in the restaurant. If there is paparazi hounding the restaurant and they don't want to eat, that gets overwhelming. How could anyone put up with that? You hire me as a dishwasher fine. Now the word gets out. Now we don't want to come in your restaurant. We just want him. No, he does his own thing. No we just want to talk to him. Next thing you know, I don't come into work, because they're flying me into New York. You know?

callddit1275 karma

Thanks for the AMA! How has your life changed since you found those women (and the daughter), and what's stayed basically the same?

What have been some other "dead giveaways" in your life?

How well did you know Castro as a neighbour?

RealCharlesRamsey2538 karma

Life has changed because I thought I was a good judge of character. I'm 44. You figure there is no way in the hell you could not see something demonic seven inches away from where you lay your head.

What's stayed the same? My sanity.

forgotusernamedamnit1255 karma

Hi Charles. What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you since you helped the girls 1 year ago?

RealCharlesRamsey3234 karma

Ariel Castro met his demise before a celebrity fight could be arranged between him and me. That he took his own life before I could take it.

Skjalg1156 karma

What do you hope to accomplish by making Reek impersonate Theon Greyjoy?

RealCharlesRamsey1942 karma

I don't understand Peter Dinklage's logic. That whore he said was his wife's maid. Then the dude comes to him and says my father is going to let your ass go. Just keep your mouth shut. Your damn right I watch it.

No, I don't know Greyjoy.

thegreatscam87967 karma

Describe the perfect "Charles Ramsey" burger

And thanks for being a hero who keeps on being heroic after the fact

RealCharlesRamsey2578 karma

Thank you. 100% Angus. Thousand Island dressing. Applewood spoked bacon. Pepperjack cheese.

jabb0874 karma

Hey so whats next for you?

RealCharlesRamsey2359 karma

I am pushing a campaign that consists of demolishing abandoned houses and buildings in my city. Hopefully if this picks up other cities will do the same. If we get rid of rest havens for pedofiles, we even the game. Right now, you could kidnap some kids in Cleveland and put them anywhere. I thought Castro's house was abandoned. He didn't have no air conditioning. If you put me back in africa, I'd be on the first plane back. They told me I was a nosy neighbor for asking about the air conditioning.

ChevySmallBlock350845 karma


RealCharlesRamsey1828 karma

They build you up to break you down. If you let it bother you you will be consumed by it. I got together with a book author and collected some memoirs and low and behold look what happened, I got back up again.

okamonk841 karma

Have you noticed any changes in regards to people's attitudes in your neighborhood, or Cleveland as a whole in the past year? Do you think the community has come together since the tragedy?

RealCharlesRamsey1760 karma

Yes. Everybody in my city is smiling as if they hit the lottery. As if their stimulus check finally came in the goddamn mail.

steveo757824 karma

Does it ever get old walking around town or going out to run errands and having people come up to you and congratulate you? I can't imagine it ever would haha

RealCharlesRamsey1684 karma

No. Because I take it upon myself to be the one running the errand. I'm outside on purpose.

T-town04716 karma

One thing I like about you is that you tell it like it is, has anyone tried to filter what you say or try to give you advice trying to make you into someone you aren't, etc. If so, how did you deal with it and respond?

RealCharlesRamsey1806 karma

My mother. I told her good luck with that lady. I've been telling her that for 45 fucking years. SHe's always been monitoring my mouth. She says, I have a potty mouth.

LouDiMaggio581 karma

Have any pretty white girls come running into your arms lately?

RealCharlesRamsey1696 karma

The answer would be, yes, every day I woke up since last year. And that is my reason for going outside.

funnygreensquares572 karma

Has your view of the world changed? Are you more paranoid or disillusioned? Thanks for doing the AMA and for helping those women.

RealCharlesRamsey1292 karma

As hell. Yes. Because Ariel, like any other psychotic fuck, he has fans too. Who's to say there's not another one brewing out there. Remember, in a pedofiles world, Ariel Castro is Pablo Escobar. He's a pedofile, he's gotta be the king of all pedofiles like my man from Pennsylvania, Sandusky.

alfienism555 karma

Who would you like to play you in the movie adaptation? Denzel or Sam L?

RealCharlesRamsey2043 karma

Me. I want to play me.

JayDeeIsI513 karma

At what point during the whole ordeal did you realize quite how big this was?

P.S. You're awesome.

RealCharlesRamsey1336 karma

Once it was a good idea to throw my phone in the Hudson River, that's when I knew. The calls were so overwhelming and they were coming in from the same places I think have those girls in Nigeria. I don't know where those numbers were coming from. Mars was trying to thank me.

Blytheway510 karma

You are amazing. You've earned a special place in the hearts of the girls and their families. Never forget that.

Now for my questions:

What were some of the early signs that you wish you took notice?

And do you forgive Ariel Castro for what he did to those women?

EDIT: Questions taken out because they were answered previously.

RealCharlesRamsey1258 karma

No. I'm not Michelle. I don't forgive him.

I wish I had noticed anything. A hand waving in a window. Ariel Castro was a diobolical monster. He ran his house like a fortress. This man, in his head, had the system beat. The only thing to do then was to kill them because the trophies were getting old and rebelious... You know what I thought. What if he has another house with three more girls in the basement? I'm just speculating.

frackingfluid419 karma

Did you attend the court proceedings?

RealCharlesRamsey1385 karma

No, I wasn't allowed. I was a witness. Told to stay out by the FBI. You got to swear to us you won't bring a weapon in here. I couldn't swear to that. I'm not going through metal detectors. If I get in here with a weapon, his ass is dead on national TV. That bastard got over on me. I should have killed him a long time ago.

laasaadaa390 karma

How do you feel about the fact that Castro killed himself?

RealCharlesRamsey1061 karma

It's like I did the job half-assed.

RealCharlesRamsey708 karma

I feel like I've been cheated. I feel like if the lord put me in the position to find these girls, he surely wanted me to kill him.

tptguy83375 karma

Has the fame from the event been positive in your life, or has it been strange getting attention from something so negative? Not negative for you of course...

RealCharlesRamsey1154 karma

Fame is positive. My fame is because I didn't get a record deal. I didn't sign an NBA contract. My fame is different. People come up to me for one reason: you helped those girls get out of dire straights.

dcsportshero367 karma

Hey Charles. Heard you on 106.7 with the Sport Junkies yesterday, you were awesome.
How would you say your game with white girls has improved since you rescued those girls?

RealCharlesRamsey1289 karma

It's the same. It's a good thing. I'm a girl magnet. Doesn't matter what their nationality is.

DeathChess330 karma

Charles -

Nice job with the thing! I have a rather uncomfortable question, but I want to ask anyway...I don't mean to offend or insult...

It has happened in the past where someone has done something heroic and then went on to continue looking for heroic things to do, which is admirable. My question is -

Do you secretly hope to find another instance of this happening personally? So that you can save someone else?

RealCharlesRamsey710 karma

No. But in the event that I do stumble across something again, only God knows what I'm gonna do. And even God can't stop me.

ohjoeyboy251 karma

What ever came about with the other man, Angel Cordero(?) saying he was the real rescuer and you were merely an onlooker who came in last minute? I'll try to find the source if I can.


Source of my question.

Also, I want to point out I do not doubt or discredit you in any way, I do believe you were the one to save the women. You seem to have too good of a heart with all that you've done with what you've gained to take the credit if it really wasn't you who saved them.

RealCharlesRamsey380 karma

You'd have to ask Angel. We all been waiting for him to come on national TV. If I don't have a green card and I"m a hero, not only will they give me a green card, they'll give me fucking state. That's how much liberating I did. That motherfucker be more famous than Chavez. Give him a green card. Red white and blue one.

happyflappypancakes225 karma

Are you now super suspicious of people? Everyone's hiding something man, you kinda just found the guy with a big secret.

RealCharlesRamsey583 karma

I've always thought that. I don't have the power of telepathy, you don't know what's on a persons mind. I met a woman who said there were no heros in her family because she was being raped when she was four. Imagine how many other women grew up like that and then tried to block it out of their heads.

Skamazing220 karma

Hi Charles! We follow each other on twitter (@julialuvzyoo) and I'm planning to go to your book signing this Saturday! Anyways...what do you think the future holds for you? Or rather, what do you plan to do with your life from now on?

See you Saturday!

RealCharlesRamsey836 karma

Stay felony free. Stay AIDS free.

itschrisinvegas195 karma

Do you have any plans on visiting Las Vegas?

RealCharlesRamsey400 karma

Yes I do. I would like to do a book signing. And I want to take an entourage with me.

LesVidocq189 karma

Cane's Chicken, yay or nay?

RealCharlesRamsey730 karma

Yay. Who's gonna turn down chicken.

just1nlopez141 karma

No question either. Just wanted to say good job man. You are a true hero.

RealCharlesRamsey231 karma

Thank you. That's what I like to hear. Beautiful thing. I need this book on someone's coffee table 40 years from now.

Respectrum139 karma

Thank you for being awesome! After reading your answers to these comments, I feel very inspired by you.

The day you found the girls, what was it like? Were you scared? Nervous? What was running through your head?

RealCharlesRamsey338 karma

I was hoping like hell I wasn't aiding and abbetting in a kidnapping because to the best of my knowledge that little girl Amanda says was her daughter I knew as Ariel's granddaughter. I didn't know Amanda. I knew Ariel. Were we kidnapping his granddaughter? That's why I called police. I didn't know what was going on.

Annepackrat126 karma

Thank you from a former Clevelander!

Do you still stay in touch with the kidnapped women?

You didn't get flooded in last night's storms did you?

RealCharlesRamsey210 karma

Yeah, we got pounded. We get on with the good ol weatherman but it was a TSUNAMI!

WhovianMoak126 karma

Holy shit. My college professor just included you in a lesson less than 20 minutes ago. She was talking about the Aisha Harris article regarding the memes made of black interviewees and their relationship to our less than exemplary histories such as the minstrel show.

Have you heard of this? Do you have an opinion on it?

RealCharlesRamsey537 karma

We're having jolly good fun with this thing and the next black sumbitch that pops up, it's going to be one more having fun. It's good American fun. Donald Sterling is getting his ass barbequed for a conversation he's having with this broad. How the fuck did that happen. You don't know what his beef with Magic is you're just making it a black and white thing. Let's throw that racist shit up. Get out of here.

vod4K125 karma

How did all the publicity that you received affect you?

RealCharlesRamsey384 karma

It hasn't. The reason why it doesn't affect me is I don't let it affect me. Stay humble.

Lilly14123 karma

Our office is in middleburg heights we all love you will you please come here and meet with us?

RealCharlesRamsey276 karma

French kisses.

discodunne106 karma

Hey Charles,

I saw this news story on the Channel 4 news in the UK:

What do you have to say about your neighbour who claims you "didn't help in the rescue and rushed to take the credit"?

RealCharlesRamsey289 karma

Have a forum, the three of us. I, myself, him, and Anderson Cooper on national TV oh and the guest would be Amanda Berry.

LADYxxGAGAxx6999 karma

How often did you see Ariel, and did you ever hang out with him? Ever go into his house?

RealCharlesRamsey193 karma

No. He didn't allow anyone on that property.

NipsOfTheFuture72 karma

Have you heard the remix of your news report? What did you think? Also did it bother you that someone you thought was a normal dude turned out to be a psycho?

RealCharlesRamsey156 karma

It's awesome. I have a remix with Justin Bieber on my mind.

SuspiciouslyWetFart22 karma

Do you think the Browns are gonna win the AFC north this year? or atleast win a game in Pitt?

RealCharlesRamsey48 karma

Without a doubt. The Browns record is going to be 14 and 2.

meindee6216 karma

What is your favorite holiday and how do you celebrate it?

RealCharlesRamsey25 karma

May 6th.

MattyTQ6 karma

Did you make any money following the viral videos?

RealCharlesRamsey12 karma

No. I didn't upload them.

rege986 karma

How happy would you feel if LeBron came back to the Cavaliers next season?

RealCharlesRamsey28 karma

Well, I was shocked and I had a sense of loss like the rest of Cleveland when he went to Miami. Did he leave because he had a better shot at a championship? Fine. I believe in loyalty. Scarface says you have your balls and your words. Since Scarface has said that, it's been etched in my motherfucking head. If LeBron came back, he'd say you don't follow me. Will LeBRon be happy coming back to Cleveland knowing I'm the fucking King of Cleveland? He's from Akron anyway.

itschrisinvegas5 karma

Charles you are a true hero! What are your thoughts on comprehensive immigration reform? Do you think that it's time the government does something about the broken immigration system?

RealCharlesRamsey11 karma

Your damn right. You should let me and my henchmen hand out the green cards but you gotta go through me before you get your green card. No way in hell you're gonna touch America soil.

Pudmeister4 karma

Hello handsome! Do you think there should be mandatory "house checks" in neighborhoods? Just curious what you think would be preventative measures we could take to catch kidnapped victims. New laws, neighborhood watch? People were reported missing, so do you think it should be OK to check in every house if someone goes missing in a neighborhood?

RealCharlesRamsey13 karma

If you have probable cause. Remember this is the land of the free. But we fight strongly for the right to privacy. If you have probably cause then you dismantle that fucker from the roof to the basement.

bmanny4 karma

Now that you have the universal respect of everyone in Cleveland... do you plan on doing anything with that to improve other aspects of our city beyond demolishing abandoned buildings?

RealCharlesRamsey6 karma

Oh yeah. I want Cleveland to be a production entity. I don't want movies being shot here and a few cast members are extras because this is a good landmark. No, I want Hollywood to come to Cleveland forever. We have talent and we're just as smart as everyone else. I'll be damned if we don't collect as much revenue as North Carolina. So, bye bye governor.

summgunn3 karma

If there's one trait that you have, and could give it to the rest of the world, what would it be

RealCharlesRamsey3 karma

One trait I have, instilled in my when I was still a sperm, was FUCK FEAR.

truevindication3 karma

Did you get any racial backlash about your "dead giveaway" comment?

Most people I knew took it in jest (I laughed my ass off, personally) but of course played the race card believing "if a white man said something like that he'd be a racist!"

RealCharlesRamsey15 karma

How could you get backlash from something that's obvious.

Interus3 karma

Mr. Ramsey, if they created a superhero after you, what would your name and special powers be?

RealCharlesRamsey5 karma

The Dark Knight. My power would be telepathy. Cuase see if I knew what was on your goddamn mind, your ass is dead.

rei_hiino2 karma

What do you think of the guy that had your face tattooed on his calf?

RealCharlesRamsey3 karma

You tell that guy, his name is Rodney, close friend of mine, me an Rodney shall have a shindig at his tattoo parlor or at Harry Buffalo or maybe Diamond Mens Club. I like to go places where the women work named.

c0nfuzed58891 karma

Have they asked you to coach the Cavs yet?

RealCharlesRamsey4 karma

No. I would like to. And not because I have basketball etticacy it's because I play a lot of video games. If you can coach a virtual reality team, surely you can coach a real team.

AwesomeAni1 karma

What shampoo do you use?

RealCharlesRamsey1 karma