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How does the mob or other organized crime compare today with your day? Is it worse? Better? More or less brutal?

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Thank you from a former Clevelander!

Do you still stay in touch with the kidnapped women?

You didn't get flooded in last night's storms did you?

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What qualifications does one need to be Mrs. Claus?

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I can actually answer this. We saw him perform in Akron a few years ago. Two idiots were heckling the opening comedian and when they started on Lewis he had them thrown out. He then apologized to us the audience and proceeded to do ninety minutes of standup, so basically he added another forty-five minutes onto his planned act. Lewis Black is a total class act (though grumpy).

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Greetings from a volunteer at another Ohio Zoo!

What role does enrichment play in preventing health problems in zoo animals?

Also what does your zoo do with all the poo?