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In person I have no problem engaging and attracting beautiful women. I have, quite literally, never had results with a dating app. Is this common? What common mistakes do you see people making who have great in-person communication skills but fail utterly in online dating?

PS, if you like OSRS, check out Project Ascension! Definitely takes a lot of inspiration from it.

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Has anyone used machine learning to create viruses? What's stopping someone from making an AI virus that runs rampant through the internet? Could we stop it if it become smart enough?

Or is that all just scary science fiction?

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You tell me.

A female patient who was rather large decided to walk down the hallway airing out here breasts. While shitting. She didn't stop to shit. She didn't even appear to realize she was shitting. She just deposited little brown chunks of happiness with every couple steps while bouncing her boobs around.

This doesn't seem so bad, until you realize that a patient was following directly behind her STOMPING through the poop. I mean marching style knees to your chest arms swinging exploding the shit under heel stomping.

I was told the smile on the shit stomper's face was as close to mine when I discovered fire as a kid they had ever seen.

It was on the ceiling.

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Question 2: How are you handling rail guns, projectile fire, torpedo speeds? Again, drawing from The Expanse.

In hard science/space. A rail gun shot will cover vast distances in seconds(like... way more distance than we would be traveling at 1g in a match). Are these going to be a one hit wonder like they would be in reality?

Projectiles. Can I expect a stream of bullets to punch through my ship? That would make me really happy if this was like a Counter Strike of space combat. Taking hits in hard science is bad. Like really bad. That's why everyone wears Vac suits in hard science battles. They KNOW they are about to have holes all over their ship.

Torpedo! Will they move really really really fast like they should? Like, HOLY SHIT incoming torpedo shit your pants and hope to god your computer shoots it down before it's close enough to do damage fast?

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I would have done so much more in school if I had teachers like you.