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Charles -

Nice job with the thing! I have a rather uncomfortable question, but I want to ask anyway...I don't mean to offend or insult...

It has happened in the past where someone has done something heroic and then went on to continue looking for heroic things to do, which is admirable. My question is -

Do you secretly hope to find another instance of this happening personally? So that you can save someone else?

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As a small business owner, why should I move to Vermont?

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Thank you for your response, Mr. Ramsey.

Good luck to you, sir.

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Goddamn, man. That is scary as hell. It's just taken for granted that the cops are the bad guys. Like ALL of them. We have some shitty cops in America but, there are some good guys out there. Maybe this is just me being a dumb American but... Have you ever considered moving to America? Or some other country that you might consider "better"?

Granted if I ask myself the same question my answer is" Screw that I'm not going anywhere this is my home. ", but I thought I'd ask.

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How much programming expertise do you think you really need to make an android game?

What's the most important thing?