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Is it true that your local fame caused you to lose your job because people kept interrupting you at work? If so, has that caused you a lot of financial trouble?

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I have this too. How long ago was the surgery? Are you feeling more confident and less depressed now? Did insurance help at all? What kind of surgeon did you go to? Congrats, and thanks for doing this!

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Has the fame from the event been positive in your life, or has it been strange getting attention from something so negative? Not negative for you of course...

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How did you students make the discovery? Was it just that one incident?

Also, your username sounds like you were the spy...why were you spying on innocent children???

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What do most people not know when it comes to debt collectors and being under "collection?"

When I was younger, I was placed under collections for a bill I didn't receive. The bill was insignificant (less than $100) but it ruined my credit until I had it removed from my credit history. I found out when my Credit Card companies jacked up my interest rate, despite never having late payments with them. Were they allowed to do that? What sort of recourse did I have, and what could I have done differently? (I did nothing, btw).

Thanks for the AMA!