I was born in London and raised in Miami and I like pandas. I'm a comedy writer and director. I like comedy because I enjoy fart jokes. There is nothing better than a perfect fart joke. Fart jokes are a tricky thing because if you do it wrong then it's just a fart joke. But if you do it right it can become a piece of art that will last for generations. I am also a fan of Stanley Kubrick. Ask away!

PROOF: https://twitter.com/nicholasstoller/status/463727899179098112

UPDATE: Thanks guys! Had a great time! Make sure you check out Neighbors. If you want to see Neighbors. If you don't want to see Neighbors I encourage you to see it anyway because it is funny. But I'm not going to do a hard sell if you really don't want to see it. But I do think you are making a mistake. Bye!

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bp8333 karma

How many times have you seen Jason Segel's penis now?

NickStoller45 karma

I've seen 48 hours of Jason Segel's penis.

r_antrobus8 karma

Have you touched it yet?

NickStoller30 karma

No comment.

Mayson02328 karma

It was a week or two after my daughter was born and we were frazzled out of our minds from lack of sleep and at each others throats. We needed a night out. Badly.

We didn't have anyone to watch her and, as overprotective first time parents, we didn't want to leave her alone anyway. So we asked ourselves, "what can we do with a screaming baby?"

What are some of the things you can do while screaming? Sex, roller coaster, rave, Godzilla attack. Most of those things aren't appropriate for a newborn.

"I know!", we shouted in unison. "The drive-in movie theater is perfect!"

When we got there, we found that the only movie they were showing was Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I didn't know what that's about, and I did't care. Anything to get out of the house. "We'll take two tickets," I told the employee at the theater.

Thanks to you, Nick Stoller, my daughters first word was "Fuck" and, thanks to Jason Segel, she's now ruined as far as penises are concerned. No man will measure up to that thirty foot one she saw as an infant.

NickStoller17 karma

That's amazing. Thank you.

excel_lizard13 karma

Hi Nick, your movies are some of my favorite comedies!

  1. Get Him to the Greek- it was a weirdly moving movie, and I love the soundtrack! Did you have any influence over the song choices/lyrics?

  2. How was it working with Russel Brand? Any funny set stories?

  3. Comedic timing- where do you find see a scene that just "works"- do you think its editing, or when you first film it?

NickStoller13 karma

Thank so much! Weirdly moving is my M.O. so that's a very high compliment.

  1. Yes, I worked with my music supervisor Jonathan Karp and the songwriters to develop Aldous Snow's sound and Jackie Q's sound.

  2. Russell is uber professional. As I said earlier, a gentleman and a scholar. He's in his trailer doing a lot of yoga so he doesn't really create any funny stories on set.

  3. It's a combination of writing, casting, rehearsal, and then on the day, I'll shoot a lot of different options both with Improv and jokes that I yell out to the actors. But, we really don't know if we have it until we start cutting the scene. Often times, a look that I miss on set is the funniest thing I've shot and a joke that I thought was hilarious on set, is terrible in broad.

kayakyakr13 karma

How many critics did you pay off to get an 88% fresh in early rotten tomatoes returns?

NickStoller53 karma

88% of them!

iused2dodrugs10 karma

I'm so excited to see neighbors. Looks hilarious and awesome reviews so far. Congrats. What was a great behind the scenes memory you have with any of those guys?!

NickStoller39 karma

We shot a lot of fake parties. There was one moment when we were shooting a party in a hot tub and it suddenly turned into a real party and they couldn't hear me yelling "cut!" over all the music, so it ended up changing from a fake party into a real party.

Frajer9 karma

Were you surprised that Jason Segel didn't want to be in Muppets Most Wanted given how much he loves The Muppets?

NickStoller27 karma

No, because we had told his story to completion.

karmasabitchass9 karma

These days, it's very rare that an original movie is successful. First off, I'd like to commend you for actually writing/directing some huge hits that are completely original. That being said, could you tell me a little about your inspiration for writing Yes Man?

NickStoller6 karma

Thank you so much. I was inspired by the book that Danny Wallace wrote. It was instantly interesting idea saying yes to every opportunity that came up. Honestly, if I had been in my early 20s when I read that book, I would have tried it just to see what it was like.

CaptainApathy4198 karma

Hey Nick, what does Seth Rogen smell like? I imagine his scent would be potent, yet also somewhat graceful.

NickStoller18 karma

He is a very clean, hygienic man. He looks like he'd be sweaty, but he isn't. He smells like soap and fresh linens.

djlr1815 karma

I wish I looked like I was sweaty.

NickStoller15 karma

You can. Just take a lap.

startswithaendswithz7 karma

Undeclared is one of my favorite shows and it seems like a lot of the emotional themes in your movies could translate well to the small screen. Have you ever though of getting back into television?

NickStoller6 karma

I've always been intrigued. I actually did a pilot a few years ago for CBS that was not picked up, but I prefer the gentlemanly schedule of film.

startswithaendswithz6 karma

Ugh! How does CBS not do a TV show with you but keep shows like 2 Broke Girls on the air??

NickStoller16 karma

No comment.

patman9907 karma

I really loved Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Was it hard directing Mila Kunis with a boner?

NickStoller18 karma

Thanks! I'm glad you like Sarah Marshall. I have nothing else to add.

whydont7 karma

G him to the G is the best. You ever get the urge to pound the drum and do the Africa face?

NickStoller10 karma

All the time. That's one of the funniest lines in any of my movies. My producer, Rodney Rothman, pitched it. It almost didn't end up in the movie and at the last second we put it in our final test and it destroyed.

jamesdann7 karma

Do you know Jeffrey?

NickStoller23 karma

Yeah, he's just a nice bloke from down the road.


My fiancé and I have watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall probably more than any other movie together (100+).

One of my favorite memories was seeing Segel perform the vampire musical song live in Chicago to promote I Love You Man.

My question is when are we getting Dracula the musical?

NickStoller10 karma

That's a question for Mr. Segel as he owns the rights. There actually is a Dracula Musical poster up in Get Him To The Greek. When Dracula the Musical was a real thing, Jason was working on it for years, so I thought would be funny to make his goal in the movie.

theArnoldFans16 karma

Who would make a better Neighbor for you to live next to and why: Arnold or Stallone?

NickStoller15 karma

I think Stallone, because if he was making noise I could complain to the Governor but with Schwarzenegger you're kind of fucked. I have a friend who went to Stallone's house and the Rocky statue is in his garage. That is unrelated to your questions, but I thought I should mention it.

Centuurion6 karma

How was working with Russell Brand and Jonah Hill?

NickStoller18 karma

It was awesome. They're two of the funniest people alive. Much like their characters, they spent much of that film trying to figure each other out.

landmule6 karma

In your job you are around lots of very talented people. Who is the most unlike their typical on screen characters of the actors you've worked with?

What is your process for developing a legendary fart joke? How do you improve it after the first pass?

NickStoller19 karma

Thank you for the fart joke question.

I would say Russell Brand is not like what he plays. In reality, he is a highly intellectual, pretty private guy, a gentleman and a scholar.

Fart jokes need to be like all good jokes: must come from story. A gratuitous fart joke stinks. Pun intended. My favorite fart joke I shot is when Jonah Hill has to hold drugs in his bottom and farts. Neighbors features a marital fart joke. As Robert Towne said, "All farts must come from character."

Slowburn_1015 karma

Nick, Thanks for doing this AMA!

My question is, how was working with Zac Efron?? Is he a douche like he is on screen?

NickStoller17 karma

No, he is a delightful gentleman. He's super positive and brings a ton of energy to set. He's also the best looking person I've ever met, including Mila Kunis.

willdrown6 karma

How many times a day did he have to make human sacrifices to the Gods of Time to keep his boyish looks?

NickStoller10 karma

He's only 25 or 26...

chooter5 karma

My boyfriend and I LOVED the Muppets movie. What were some of your favorite things you brought to the film?

NickStoller9 karma

My favorite thing was Le Maximum, the tiny car. James and I laughed at the tiny tiny car for hours.

chooter2 karma

What happened to the prop car?

NickStoller7 karma

I'm not sure. I'll ask Bobin.

rfow5 karma

How excited was Sean Combs to do the "mind fuck" scene?

NickStoller18 karma

That "mind fuck" thing is his actual theory. I did not make that up. He told us that theory, which then I immediately put into the film. That was one of my favorite scenes to shoot ever. He yelled something a Jonah during that scene and Jonah was actually scared. We captured that on camera and it was one of the funniest things in the movie. Diddy is one of the weirdest and funniest people I've ever met.

chooter5 karma

OK, last question - what was in that massive bowl of cereal Jason Segel was supposed to be eating in the intro of FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL?

NickStoller12 karma

I think it was Captain Crunch. That made our first camera man laugh so hard that he almost dropped the camera. At first, watching the monitors, I though an earthquake was happening.

dstrauc35 karma

Hello, nick!

I was wondering what your writing process is at a daily level. How many scripts did you write before your first one got produced/picked up? Do you have any scripts that have been bought but not made?


NickStoller8 karma

I try to set a page limit and try to write a certain number of pages per day regardless of quality. I try to quickly vs. well and re-write many times. I wrote a lot of scripts before one was sold, many of which were terrible. My first spec script that people liked was not sold, but it got me meetings. Yes, I have many scripts that have been bought but not made.

coldviper185 karma

Kristen Bell is my fiance's favorite person. Any funny stories or anything interesting you can share in working with her?

NickStoller15 karma

She was a delight. She has a very dirty sense of humor.

I'll always remember when we were shooting the nude scene with Jason, there was a moment where Jason was nude and we weren't shooting his penis and she said, "Wait a minute, why is he naked?"

NickStoller15 karma

Oh yeah, this wasn't in the movie, but there was a bit where Russell and Kristen are having sex and she said to Russell "I don't know what's supposed to be happening" then Russell says "wait for it, wait for it." I asked her to make the weirdest, least sexy orgasm sound and it was a noise a bear would make. It was the hardest I've ever laughed filming a movie.

coldviper186 karma

Hah, I can only imagine. Her and Russel together we're quite hilarious just in the movie. Can only imagine some of their off screen moments.

NickStoller14 karma

We had to cut a lot of their scenes because of story reasons, but they were just hysterical together. There's a whole scene that I think is on the DVD of Kristen on a horse as it slowly wanders off course and she can't control the horse and she's freaking out as the horse, very slowly, walks on to a golf course.

charlesfuckingmanson5 karma

What has been the funniest moment you've experienced as a director?

NickStoller21 karma

Diddy doesn't sleep at night, so he would sleep between takes. There's nothing funnier than seeing Sean Combs wrapped up in a Louis Vuitton blanket like an adorable child.

thecescshow5 karma

What is your favourite song from Get Him To The Greek (Infant Sorrow)? and did you participate in composing any of them?

NickStoller13 karma

My favorite song is probably "Super Tight," Jackie Q's song. For Aldous Snow, my favorite song is "We've got the clap". And yes, I came up with a lot of the ideas for the songs and then other people wrote them.

DANIED955 karma

Who made the most mistakes on set? And what's harder, directing or writing?

NickStoller6 karma

When I shot with Seth and Rose, they found each other delightful and constantly made each other crack up. So together, they made most of the mistakes.

Directing is the most tiring, but writing is the hardest.

PreludesAndNocturnes4 karma

Hey Nick! Get Him to the Greek is one of my all-time favorite comedies!

What has been the most stressful to shoot shot/scene you've directed throughout your career? Whether it be actors not cooperating, the set not working, bad weather, whatever. The more detail, the better the schadenfreude!

NickStoller10 karma

Shooting in Trafalgar Square at 2am was the hardest. There was a breach in our security and Russell got pushed into the fountain by some hooligan. Russell's awesome security detail took matters into his own hands. I would suggest not pushing Russell into a fountain. That was horrible because I like my actors to feel like they're in a safe environment. Russell was totally sweet and awesome about it and we continued shooting once he was dried off.

skerley19794 karma

Who’s weirder to work with? Gonzo or Russell Brand?

NickStoller21 karma

Gonzo is a bit weirder. Again, despite Russell's public persona, he's a pretty normal dude for someone who wears only leather pants.

kickbuttpotato12944 karma

Hey Nick, Ijust saw Neighbors yesterday and it's totally hilarious! What was Seth Rogen's reaction when the baby was eating a condom; this made me laughed hard.

NickStoller9 karma

We all laughed incredibly hard. The baby in reality took the condom which was made of fruit-rollup material and chewed on it for a good 30-seconds. Audiences rejected that much infantile condom eating.

DoogieBrowser4 karma

How was it working with Hannibal Buress on Neighbors?

NickStoller6 karma

He's hysterical. His joke delivery is unlike anyone I've ever worked with. He has a dead pan that can make Steven Wright look energetic. And his stand up is just absolutely brilliant.

GavinComedy3 karma

When did you realize that you wanted to write and direct comedy? Also, what was your most discouraging moment and how did you get through it?

NickStoller11 karma

I've always anted to write comedy ever since I was a child. When I was a kid, I didn't want to be on SNL, I wanted to write the sketched. I don't even know how I knew that was a job, but I did.

There was a period when all my friends were getting hired for TV jobs and I was out of work and had not meetings. It seemed like my career was over before it even started. I just kept writing to get through it and eventually people responded to a script I wrote. It was still years before I made money as a screenwriter, but just that encouragement was enough. You're welcome for that incredibly boring answer.

GavinComedy4 karma

That's exactly what I needed to hear Nick, thanks!

NickStoller5 karma

You're welcome!

Nickjames1643 karma

would you make a sequel to the five yeear engagement called the five year pregnancy?

NickStoller5 karma

If biologically that was a possibility, sure. Although I feel like we're entering the Sci-Fi genre with that idea.

boraboragg3 karma

Would you recommend me watching this movie at the drive in with a couple blunts?

NickStoller7 karma

Where is there a drive-in? But sure. There is no wrong way to watch this movie. I would also recommend you do that with 12 Years A Slave.

Knight113 karma

What's your favorite movie to watch? What was your favorite movie to write?

NickStoller3 karma

Rushmore is my favorite movie to watch. My favorite movie to write was The Muppets.

yellowbumpercars3 karma

Hello! Big fan of your movies. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of my favorites.

Any advice for someone who wants to get into the Production side of things. I keep applying for PA jobs and no one will hire me as a PA unless I have PA experience...

NickStoller5 karma

I would try to start as an assistant anywhere. Editorial assistant or an assistant at an agency in the mail room even if that's not your interest. I also think assistant jobs at agencies are most useful when you start as they see every side of the industry.

mrpibbandredvines3 karma

Huge fan of your work, I just saw Neighbors at my college it was incredible, everyone went crazy over it. If you got the chance to remake any movie what would it be?

NickStoller15 karma

Gravity. Cuarón didn't do it right.

GraysonJaramillo3 karma

Who was your favorite cast member to work with?

NickStoller7 karma

The two babies in Neighbors.

FaceGuy623 karma

was it freeing making a movie without Judd Apatow as a producer?

NickStoller12 karma

No, I love working with Judd. I missed him. Although, it did at times feel like there was no adult on set.

krodnoc3 karma

Hi Nick! Saw Bad Neighbours (as it's called here in Ireland) over the weekend and thought it was fantastic! How difficult was the editing process, and do you have any criteria on what stays in the final cut?

NickStoller9 karma

Thank you so much! It's all about story. I cut everything out that isn't on story. I also cut any jokes that don't get laughs, and on this one, I actually cut jokes that got medium sized laughs. Also, in all my films, I shoot too many wiener jokes and I end up cutting a lot of those.

krodnoc8 karma

PSA: Please be careful when cutting wieners.

NickStoller14 karma

I call it circumcising the movie.

IndoAnthony3 karma

Hi Nick, Looking forward to seeing your new movie! I am an aspiring filmmaker. Any advice for anyone looking to get into movies? I've been thinking about getting into writing more, and doing improv and making connections with creative people. Also I am going to SFSU to finish my film degree, however it seems almost impossible from where I stand to make it into big feature movies, even if they are independent.

Anyway, thanks for doing this AMA! Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of my favorite movies! "inside of you" ……best song.

NickStoller8 karma

I would write as much as possible. You can only learn by writing and re-writing. I would move to LA and try to get an assistant job in the industry. That's the best way to make connections. I did improv in college and that helped me with directing, so I would do that more to learn the skill than to make connections. I think that a good script will at least get you meetings, and can do more, but it takes a while to write a first script. I wrote many terrible ones before my first one.

Thanks for the love!

WhiteCocoa12143 karma

What was it like filiming the Jeffrey scene from Get Him to the Greek? Out of that entire movie, thats the one scene that stands out to me other than the African Child video because I am in fact a half african child lmao


NickStoller7 karma

The Jeffrey scene was very complicated. That scene is my greatest cinematic achievement. We had to shoot a week of second unit and I shot about a week of first unit. We also shot that scene in Los Angeles and in Las Vegas and pieced it together throughout production. African Child, we shot in a day. I love making those music videos. They were so much fun.

efronholic3 karma

How was it to work with Zac, Seth, Dave? What is your favorite scene? What would you do if you had a fraternity living next door? Love you soo much! hugs from France

NickStoller7 karma

Bonsoir! It was a real pleasure working with all three of them. There was a lot of handsomness happening. Seth I have known forever so that was fun to collaborate with a friend. Dave is absolutely hysterical and commits super hard, no matter how dumb the scene. And Zac is a super professional actor. Plus, it's easy to get lost in his eyes.

My favorite scene in Neighbors is the last scene between Seth and Rose where they talk about how their lives have changed. Many of the things they said are things that my wife and I have said to each other.

If I had a fraternity living next door, I would move.

Love back atchya!

tipsjt3 karma

What is your favorite Kubrick movie and also what movie personally was your favorite to work on ?

NickStoller5 karma

  1. I've watched that innumerable amount of times.

Personally, I've love working on all my films, but probably Sarah Marshall because we were in Hawaii for two months.

DANIED953 karma

On a scale of 1-10, how Jewish are Efron and Rogen really?

NickStoller7 karma

Rogen 100%. Efron 25%.

fucking_kevin2 karma

I'm seeing an advanced screening of Neighbors tonight through my university. Are there any easter eggs you can tell me now so I look smart in front of my friends when I point them out later?

NickStoller11 karma

Chris Mintz-Plasse - his character has a giant penis. We had him wear a prosthetic that was very realistic looking and then cut it out of most of the movie. However, in the Robert de Niro scene, the tip of his penis is sticking out of his boxer shorts. Good luck treasure hunting!

Kknowsbest2 karma

If they made a movie about your life, who would play you (other than yourself)?

NickStoller8 karma

Ryan Gosling. He's not as good looking or mysterious as me, but he could probably pull it off.

Snotaphilious2 karma

Three questions:

  • Best comedy script ever?
  • The worst script that ever got green lighted?
  • What do I have to do to provide coverage for you?

NickStoller5 karma

  1. Bad Santa.
  2. No comment.
  3. I read scripts, not coverage, but thank you.

ForTheWolf242 karma


NickStoller3 karma

People who play it real, who bring a specific energy to the part. I'm less interested in if someone is funny than if they bring an honesty to their performance. I would also recommend you just commit hard.

fnarg2 karma

In Get Him to the Greek, whose idea was it to use The Mars Volta?

NickStoller6 karma

Mars Volta is the most disorienting music I've ever heard and we needed something disorienting for that moment.

volcommie2 karma

Hi! I know most of what you have directed have been comedy films, but can you ever see yourself directing a serious drama film? If not, why?

NickStoller7 karma

No, I will always direct stuff that has comedy in it. I just see the world through a comic lens. I could imagine doing something that was a bit more dramatic, but it would still most likely have fart jokes.

ilovecfb2 karma

All the movies you've directed so far have been R-rated and generally pretty raunchy. Do you think you'd ever work on a PG-13 type comedy, and what do you think you'd have to do differently to make it successful/funny?

NickStoller12 karma

I'm only interest in directing R-rated movies. We live in an R-rated world and the kind of truth, honesty and dick jokes can only be R-rated. I love writing PG and PG-13 movies, but when I direct it's more fun to play in the R-rated sandbox.

lshic3 karma

get on my level and direct nc17

NickStoller7 karma

I'm going to reboot "Blue is the Warmest Color" for American audiences.

r_antrobus1 karma

Who are you thinking of casting?

NickStoller13 karma

Seth and Jonah.

balladofcrane2 karma

favourite soundtrack song in Neighbors?

NickStoller4 karma

Flo Rida, "Freaking out," but the whole soundtrack kicks ass. Manish Raval, my music supervisor did an incredible job. I can take no credit.

leosbun2 karma


NickStoller4 karma

Yes, he is an absolute delight.

dayofthedead2042 karma

Hi Nick,

I heard there was a deleted scene in Sarah Marshall where Russell Brand rides a horse. It was apparently deleted because Russell is absolute rubbish on horse riding. Is this true? And how funny was it to watch him to attempt horseback riding?

NickStoller4 karma

In the scene, Sarah Marshall is supposed to be scared of horses and Aldous is supposed to love horses. In reality Russell hates horses and Kristen loves them. However, Russell pulled it off and looked fine riding the horse. We had to cut it for story reasons.

sarah91952 karma

So so excited to see Neighbors! As a huge fan of Zac Efron and his work I wanted to know if he ever had any scenes with the baby Stella? Also not sure if you did this but I think it would be funny if the frat had kidnapped Stella for a few minutes just to freak out Seth and Rose lol

NickStoller4 karma

Zac had two scenes with the baby. One is in the movie briefly. There was another scene, which we cut out, where the entire frat, Seth and Rose stood around the crib while Stella sleeps. We didn't have the frat mess with Stella because the audience would no longer like the frat if we did that.

PandoraBlackBox2 karma

Hello Nick, Thanks for the ama session

What s the most exciting part of ur job?

With who was it easier/harder for u to work in the past? And with whom do u wanna collaborate someday?

First wave of questions ;-) Thanks

NickStoller6 karma

I think production is the most exciting part. When you're directing, it's kind of like leading a small army, but rather than killing people, you're filming dick jokes.

I've been lucky in that I haven't worked with anyone difficult. Even the babies in Neighbors were easy to work with. Although, now that I think about it, Jason's penis required some fluffing, so that was a little tough.

I like working with the people I work with. But, I'd love to work with Zach Galifianakis or Steve Carrell or Will Ferrell or Mickey Rourke or the dog from 'The Artist.'

kobimus2 karma

The musical in Sarah Marshall. Was that you? Was that Jason? Is there a full version somewhere?

NickStoller3 karma

In the original script, Jason's character was a songwriter and at the end, he sings a song on a late night talk show. I thought that was too vanilla, so I told Jason we should include his real dream, which was to perform a Dracula musical with all puppets.

Anadyne2 karma

If you were only allowed to watch five movies for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Thanks for the laughs in all your movies you've been a part of.

Yes Man is a wonderful comedy. I don't consider it to be my favorite movie, but it is one of those movies that no matter what, if it's on, I will watch it in its entirety. Did Jim do anything improv that made it to the film we wouldn't know about?

NickStoller7 karma

2001, Rushmore, Annie Hall, Indiana Jones (the first one), Frozen.

I didn't direct "Yes Man" so I'm not sure. But, there was one bit where he puts Tabasco sauce in his eye. It wasn't improv, but they did shoot it. They didn't put it in the movie but it always made me laugh.

Uriniass2 karma

Did you ever meet george carlin? Whos your favorite stand up comic today?

NickStoller9 karma

I have never met George Carlin. I have a very unoriginal answer, but my favorite stand up is Louis C.K. Mitch Hedberg is the best joke writer. It was a tragedy when he died.

chrgriffith2 karma

HI! I just wanna say hi. Gonna watch the movie this weekend! Have a nice day!

NickStoller2 karma

You too!

DANIED952 karma

Would you rather swap house mates with Zac, and live with his brother, or swap house mates with Seth and live with his wife?

NickStoller5 karma

I think both Dave and Rose are lovely people. I can't answer.

courtvs1 karma

What's your favorite Ice Cream?

NickStoller3 karma

Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.

lshic1 karma

whats your favorite fart joke in a movie?

NickStoller6 karma

Blazing Saddles campfire scene.

ZHaque211 karma

Watched Bad Neighbours last night, absolutely smashing, first of all. Secondly, who came up with all the "man purses before regular purses," rhymes? (PS: It's a disgustingly quotable movie... Well done.)

NickStoller3 karma

Thank you so much! That was a group effort between myself, the writers Andrew Cohen and Brendan O'Brien, Seth, Evan, Zac and Dave. There are a hundred more that are int he movie including, "Lebron before his mom."

ZHaque211 karma

Also, was it because of you it was released in the UK before the US...? Being London born and all. Released it on a good day too, lad, the sky was BLUE.

NickStoller2 karma

No, that's up to the distribution. I think we needed it to coincide with your Bank Holiday.

Hendy111 karma

What is your writing process with Jason Segel like?

NickStoller4 karma

We break the story together and talk it through over a few weeks, and then we split up scenes and write them separately. As some of you on Twitter might know, we eat either burritos or sandwiches while working.

awooble1 karma

tell that man segel to get back on twitter, if not just for the food porn pics. and speaking of twitter, why arent you verified? writer/director whateverelseyoudo is too much for them?

NickStoller5 karma

I don't know why I'm not verified. It used to bum me out and now I find it hysterical.

PaperbackParrot1 karma

Did you keep any props from the muppets movie? If so what, and may I have it?

NickStoller6 karma

I don't have anything from The Muppets movie. I tend not to keep props because your house can quickly resemble Planet Hollywood.

sullivansmith1 karma

Hey, Nick! Two questions, if that's ok.

1) Is there a genre outside of comedy (or within in, like a sci-fi comedy, for example) that you'd like to take a crack at?

2) How many fish can you name?

NickStoller7 karma

  1. My friend Rodney Rothman wrote the funniest Sci-Fi comedy of all time. It's called "The Something" and hopefully it will be made one day soon.
  2. One - Humuhumunukunukuapua`a

AutoBond1 karma

Q: How many layers of sunblock did you have to put on to keep from being burned by the Awesomeness of Kristen Bell?

NickStoller3 karma

100 SPF. She is just a delight.

willdrown1 karma

If you had absolute creative freedom and an unlimited budget, who'd you cast in a movie (out of any actors ever) and what would you make it about (aside from fart jokes)?

NickStoller10 karma

With an unlimited budget, I would try to cast every actor that is on IMDb and it would be a remake of "Revenge of the Nerds" done in one shot, without any cuts.

LowLowHigh1 karma

Efron brothers or Franco brothers?

NickStoller6 karma

Cohen brothers.

PandoraBlackBox1 karma

LOL So u ll take all the ways to get out of this desert island! I get it ;-)

What r ur favorite tv shows? Or the movies u think are well made?

If u were a superhero u ll be...?

Thanks for all ur answers It was pretty fun to share with u

I wish u success and to keep passionated and funny like u r!

Take care

NickStoller5 karma

  1. Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Rec, Louis, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley.
  2. I'd be Robin as portrayed by Chris O'Donnell.

thebiglibrarian1 karma

Hi Nick, from Miami too. What is your favorite book and why? Thanks

NickStoller2 karma

I have many favorite books. One of my favorites is "The Line of Beauty" by Alan Hollinghurst. I also love Kurt Vonnegut. His ability to craft super-tight, impactful sentences is unlike any other author.

PandoraBlackBox1 karma

What do u do in ur free time if u have any?

What is ur phobia or what r ur phobias?

If u were sent to a desert island what would be the five things u ll take with u?

3rd wave Thanks

NickStoller4 karma

  1. I spend my free time with my family. I also bake bread.
  2. I have one phobia - death. All other phobias are bullshit.
  3. I would take: a jet ski, a helicopter, a bridge to the nearest land, a cooler, Us Weekly.