Hey reddit, I'm Chris Klein. I’m currently shooting the next season of “Wilfred” on FX and my new film “Authors Anonymous” will be in theaters on April 18th but is available now on iTunes. I’m sure you’ve seen me in the American Pie franchise but now's your chance to ask me anything. So….have at it!



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jsto3415 karma

Chris, do you have any idea how Wilfred is going to end? That show is one big mindfuck. Great work on it as well.

iamchrisklein24 karma

jsto34, thank You very much! I love working on the show. Drew is one my favorite characters I've played. And have NO clue how the show will end. No clue at all! I don't even know if the writers have a clue just yet!!! I hope you dig it and continue to trip out!!!

juicycunts1 karma

I love Wilfred, it's pretty much my favorite show airing right now. everything seems to kind of point to Wilfred being a product of Ryan's psyche, but I really hope they go the route of Wilfred really existing, and everyone just to wrapped up in their own lives to see him as he really is, kind of like Bill Watterson's explanation of Hobbes.

iamchrisklein6 karma

I hope so to. I love Calvin and Hobbs!

bigstevek270315 karma

I was the perfect age (maybe not by ratings standards) to watch the American Pie series. Those movies followed my age perfectly and I always felt like, in a way, you guys were a part of my education experience. I still go back and watch those movies and I get very nostalgic and feel all those younger feels all over again.

Can you just share your favorite memory from your experience as a part of those films?

iamchrisklein14 karma

I hear ya. Those movies are a huge part of my life. A lot of people grew up with us and I speak for everyone in the cast when I say Thank You and sorry if we led you down the wrong path!!!! So many great memories...too many too list.

Practicing10 karma

Do you believe in magic?

iamchrisklein7 karma

I do believe in magic.

iamchrisklein9 karma

That's my time for today, but I am having too much fun hanging with y'all so AMA for a little while longer. Let's get Reddit to keep this thing rolling!!!

AndyDufrense9 karma

Mr. Klein, how was it working with Alexander Payne on Election? Any funny stories from the set you remember?

iamchrisklein9 karma

Just did in interview with a guy whose writing a story about Election 15 years later. Election started it All!

dayofthedead2047 karma

Hi Chris,

Thanks for doing this ama! I’m sure you get this all the time but American Pie was my generations Porky’s / Breakfast Club / American Graffiti, etc etc – so thanks for that.

My question is are you friends with any of your costars from any film or tv show you’ve done? If so – who?

iamchrisklein5 karma

I am friends with most of the people I've worked with. Most...not all...Most.

Ewwiikk7 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! I have two questions for you.

  1. Do people still give you shit for saying "suck me beautiful!" on the first American Pie film?

  2. I've read that there's another film being made in the American Pie franchise. Will you be on board for that one?

iamchrisklein12 karma

All the frat dudes love Yelling "Suck me Beautiful"!!!!

They're all Stifler fans.

Haven't heard any rumors about another Pie film just yet...

iamchrisklein6 karma

WOW Dudes!!!!! My time is UP! Thank you so much for hanging with me this afternoon. Authors Anonymous starring Kaley Cuoco and myself opens April 18 in select cities. Check me out anytime at facebook.com/chrisklein and @iamchrisklein. Its the real me posting the real stuff.

Blessings to you all. Have a Beautiful Weekend!


baggachipz5 karma

Why do you have to be so insensitive all the time?

iamchrisklein7 karma

Great LINE!!!!

banksnld5 karma

Was there a point during the filming of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li when you realized just how completely awful it was going to turn out?

iamchrisklein10 karma

I don't think its completely awful. I think it missed its mark a bit. Producing a film is a very difficult thing to do and comes with sometimes insurmountable challenges. The fact that the film was made and released, no matter how you feel about it, is overcoming tremendous odds.

baronspeerzy4 karma

Whats it like staring directly into Elijah Woods eyes? Do you think he can steal your powers this way?

iamchrisklein4 karma

HAHA! E is a great Dude! Very Blue Eyes!

hannahstorm54 karma

Hi Chris, Boxers or briefs? Beach or mountains? Coffee or tea? Socks or barefoot? Mani or pedi? :)

iamchrisklein9 karma

Briefs. Mountains. Coffee. Barefeet. Neither.

tsmith9444 karma

If Elijah Wood went bezerk and hit you on the head with a bottle of Grey Goose and you couldn't act ever again because science, what would you really enjoy doing for a living?

iamchrisklein6 karma

Surfing. Hiking. skiing. fishing.

erycstrife3 karma

I LOVE YOUR SHOW! What's your favorite type of pizza?

iamchrisklein4 karma

Love garbage pie. Everything but the kitchen sink.

churchonahill3 karma

Hi Chris, Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.
Throughout the seasons we have seen Wilfred exclaim his love over, and over again for Matt Damon.
Will we be seeing a guest appearance from him this season?

iamchrisklein5 karma

I hope SO!!!! I love Matt Damon!!!

CaptainSandy3 karma

What's up Chris? When did you have your last nightmare and can you tell us about it?

iamchrisklein2 karma

My last nightmare....

When was the last time I slept on stomach full of spicy mexican food???

That always gives me creepy nightmares!

wontoofreefore3 karma

Chris - thanks for doing the AMA! What was it like to work with Denis Farina on his final film? Can't wait to see Authors Anonymous, and congrats on a great career!

iamchrisklein7 karma

To have the opportunity to work with Dennis before his passing is a gift I will cherish for the rest of my life. A fine actor. A great man.

GameofPickup3 karma


iamchrisklein2 karma

Haven't been to Naperville. Heading to Chicago for a family reunion the summer. I'll check it out then.

zakadak3 karma


... The man's juice!

iamchrisklein7 karma

I love Dusty Dinkleman. So Fun!!!

Badger_Silverado1 karma

My real name is Dusty. You have no idea how many quote your lines to me, haha

iamchrisklein3 karma

Awesome Man. I love the name Dusty.

MrMattradio2 karma

I just rewatched election again recently. You were awesome!

When you're filming these movies, do you know that they're going to end up as cult classics or big hits?

iamchrisklein3 karma

If I did. I'd have a better track record!!!

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

ughalready2 karma

Authors Anonymous has a fantastic cast. Tell me why I need to see it in one or two sentences!

Also, if you could choose to go back in time and handpick any movie role for yourself, what would it be?


iamchrisklein5 karma

You don't need to see it. But you'll enjoy yourself if you do.

I'm going to save my handpick for the future. I believe I'm getting better and working harder at it than ever before.

BJefferson942 karma

What made you want to be a part of Authors Anonymous! Was there anything thing that jumped out at you?

iamchrisklein5 karma

It was the cast already in place. I was the last piece of that puzzle. To work with Kaley and Dennis and Dylan and Terry...The cast makes the film.

liamquane2 karma

What's the best thing a director can do for you on set? :~)

iamchrisklein2 karma

No bullshitting. No blowing smoke. Give it to me real. Tell me what you want. Tell me how to help. I will try my best for you. As an actor, I am at your service and the service of the project.

Constellations942 karma

Did Dennis Farina give you any special words of wisdom while you were working with him?

iamchrisklein5 karma

Yeah, He said, "Don't be a pussy Klein." Love Dennis! He gave me the pocket square I wore to the premiere as a wrap gift. Check out the pics on facebook.com/chris klein

HandsomeCowboy2 karma

Hey Chris, you graduated from our high school a few years before I did. I would see your pictures on Coach Stauffer's wall all the time during swim practice. Do yoh have any crazy swim team stories from those days?

iamchrisklein2 karma

Sure do! We were the first team in that pool. We worked hard. We weren't fast and didn't have a lot of experience, but we worked hard. We begged Stauff to take us to Ralston Last Chance relays to try one last time to qualify for state. He finally relented. We went. Qualified a men's 200 relay free and a mens 400 relay free that day. One of the biggest accomplishments of my life to this point. You can tell by the pictures in his office just how much it meant to all of us.

PandoraBlackBox1 karma

Hi Chris, Thanks for the ama session

What is the most exciting? Acting or producing?

What s the favorite character u ever played?

What was the best advice u ve been given in ur whole career?


iamchrisklein1 karma

Acting! Haven't played it yet! Keep it rolling Brother!!!

avianerotica1 karma

Did you watch True Detective? Thoughts?

iamchrisklein3 karma

Loved True Detective. Huge Mccouhaney Fan! Huge Harrelson fan!

PandoraBlackBox1 karma

Why "authors anonymous"?

iamchrisklein1 karma

Why Not?

shooter_mcgav1 karma

What's your feelings on cats?

iamchrisklein2 karma

Had a black cat I lost in a breakup one time. Still think about him.

bennyshilling1 karma

Hey I'm a big fan of American Pie and We were soldiers once. What is Mel Gibson like in person?

iamchrisklein2 karma

Mel Gibson is a wonderful man. A leader and true visionary. Sure he's had some public bumps in the road, but I know him as an absolutely stand up Man.

MissSpanishFly1 karma

Hey Chris, I am a huge fan of the American Pie series and thank you for doing this! I look forward to seeing your new film as well :)

When you originally got the part of Oz, did you ever think that the movies would have this much comercial success as well as such a cult following?

How do you feel about the films now compared to then?

iamchrisklein2 karma

Can never plan for success like that. Hope for it. Prepare for it, but its a very unique special gift.

Mama_31 karma

Hinsdalian here - pass Brookfield on Metra everyday! Any chance you want to go behind the camera at any point and direct? If so, what genre would you be best suited for in your opinion? Best of luck to you!

iamchrisklein1 karma

Would love to direct down the line. My favorite genre is Action so... We'll see.

molemon1 karma

Hey Chris I'm a pretty big fan of the American Pie franchise and I'm really glad you guys came back for one last go with American Reunion. How was it working with the gang again?

iamchrisklein2 karma

I love working with those Boys. We have a great time. We love that you guys love it.

AxisOfAnarchy1 karma

I wanted to just say that I've been a fan for a long time. Still need to catch up on Wilfred but have every intention to.

This is probably a very cliche` question but I want to ask it any way because I'm curious. What kind of advice do you have for aspiring actors? I had my first background extra work last year and the movie just came out last week so I'd love any insight from someone who's been doing this for quite a bit longer and with actual lines. ;)

iamchrisklein2 karma

That's a big deal! My advice to young actors is this... Work as hard as you can on craft. Learn every part of the movie making process. believe with all your heart this what you want.

If you are not ready willing and able to sacrifice everything else...this job is not for you.

phantomxxlord1 karma

Hey, man. Glad to see you down here.

Do you enjoy playing tough guys more than vulnerable guys, or vice versa.

iamchrisklein2 karma

I think to be able to play them both well is important. Open as many doors as possible!

Axing1 karma

Do you ever come up with any of those pun nicknames for Ryan on Wilfred or are they all scripted?

iamchrisklein3 karma

They are all scripted. the writers think they are waaaaay funnier than me so they keep me on book!!!

duckaducka1 karma

the last time you went to San Francisco what did you remember or love most?

iamchrisklein3 karma

Oh Man!!! We shot those cool street luge scenes from Rollerball there!!!

But I was just there over Christmas. Took a run in a great park under a red wood canopy. So perfect! San Fran is one of the best american cities.

KhaleesiBasilisk1 karma

I have no questions (I'm at a total blank) just wanted to say, hey!

So hello!

iamchrisklein3 karma


liamquane1 karma

Hi Are you interested in doing more non-comedic roles? thanks :~)

iamchrisklein1 karma

Absolutely! To stretch as an actor is crucial to craft and career.

RichAndPoe1 karma

What was it like working with Neal McDonough? Thanks

iamchrisklein2 karma

Neal is a great actor!!! I was a huge fan of his from Band of Brothers. He's a good Dude. A real family man. So creepy in that season of Justified!!!

liamquane1 karma

Can I ask what was it like working with Randall Wallace?...and the mighty Mel Gibson?

iamchrisklein1 karma

Working with Randall and Mel was by for the best experience of my career to this point. They are legends. Larger than life. I learned so much from both of them.

RichAndPoe1 karma

You've done so many genres of film from drama (here on earth) to comedy (american pie) to SciFi (rollerball). What is your favorite to act in? Also is there a genre you havent done (western? Ever done one of those?) That you'd really like to try out? Thanks

iamchrisklein1 karma

Since you've asked... I have a movie coming out soon its not a traditional western but its a western/WW1 adventure film. A really cool project with the australian documentarian Damien Lay. The Uberkanone. Be on the look out!!!

monieshot1 karma


iamchrisklein2 karma

Well... I grew up in Brookfield. What I miss most is the train. My Grandma would take me and my brother into the city to have lunch in the summer. My Dad would take us in on the train to go to Wrigley. I miss the train a lot.

Badger_Silverado1 karma

I met you while you were working on Election and you were super cool to teenaged me and took time and answered a lot of questions, I just wanted to thank you for that. I really appreciated that and it always stuck with me. Thanks for being awesome!

iamchrisklein2 karma

Dude, I was just teenager too. thanks for hang out with me!

noshore4me1 karma

What's your favorite book?

iamchrisklein7 karma

Freedom- Jonathan Franzen

People adore Corrections, but Freedom really spoke to me.

TheMemoman1 karma

Would you be tempted to play a superhero movie? Which is your favorite?

You look the type, square jaw and all.

iamchrisklein2 karma

Tempted? I'd love to!!!! I love 'em all!

avant_gardening1 karma

Hi Chris Klein, I've been a fan for quite a long time. Is there any kind of role you would like to do in the future but haven't gotten the chance to do yet?

iamchrisklein2 karma

See Below!

iamchrisklein2 karma

There are, but I can't exact;y say what it is. As I grow and develop as a man, I am capable of playing new parts. that's very exciting to me!

rfow1 karma

Do you often make LoTR impressions when working with Elijah Wood?

iamchrisklein1 karma

Never. Unless he bring it up!!! I love that franchise. Its one of the all time greats.

iamchrisklein1 karma

Alright All!!!! Just a few more minutes and I gotta Ride On. So Get your questions in NOW!!!

MojoJagger1 karma

Hi, Chris! Is there any TV show that you would like to have a guest role on?

iamchrisklein3 karma


Mindy Project!!!

House of Cards!!!

derekfor_real1 karma

What was it like working with katrina bowden? I can imagine it being pretty rough if you are married or are/were in a relationship.

iamchrisklein3 karma

Katrina is a beautiful woman. She has a great sense of humor. Gotta respect the ladies Bro!!!

littlefloyd1 karma

Hey chris, I'm from the UK. What's colour pants are you wearing (underwear!)

iamchrisklein3 karma


Kknowsbest1 karma

What is the best advice ever given to you?

iamchrisklein8 karma

Get busy living or get busy dying. Your choice.

Vocarl1 karma

Hi Chris, Love your work mate, im really curious as to what your thoughts are on the other American Pie movies such as (Band Camp, Naked Mile, Beta House, Book Of Love) ? And would you return to play "OZZY" ever again?

iamchrisklein4 karma

I've never seen the other Pie flicks. Just the OG ones. No reason, just haven't seen them. And I'll play Ozzy anytime they want me to!

baggachipz1 karma

What's one move in your career you'd like to do over again?

iamchrisklein4 karma

no do overs. "Can't trip on what's behind you."

katherinedevir1 karma

Salute Chris, you're my favorite actor and "Here on Earth" is one of my favorite movies of all time, here's a silly question, are you a ticklish guy? If yes, where? Kiss from France!!

iamchrisklein2 karma

I love Here On Earth. One of my favorites. I am ticklish!!! My Feet. Always on my feet. They tickle even when I talk about it.

Corabal1 karma

Hi Chris, my favourite role of yours was Election, what was it like making that movie?

iamchrisklein1 karma

One of the best experiences of my life.

GringoJones1 karma

I enjoy you as an actor, but what was up with Caught in the Crossfire? I understand the urge to lean into new genres but that was ... well, bizarre to say the least.

iamchrisklein3 karma

Brian Miller has come a long way as a director. You should check out his other stuff. I am big believer in him.

JohnGonzalez2771 karma

Hey Chris, how was it working with Kaley Cuoco?

iamchrisklein2 karma

I love Kaley!!!

di0zihcs1 karma

Chris, has anyone ever told you how alike you and Cory Monteith look? Please don't go to Glee, you're doing a wonderful job with Wilfred. What was your life like pre-American Pie? Were you a virgin before you acted in your first American Pie film?

iamchrisklein4 karma

Cory took the whole singing jock archetype to the next level in Glee. God rest his soul. He left us too young.

FG_SF1 karma

Did you have fun doing American Pie? I always got the feeling from watching them that you weren't that into it, like it was too silly for you.

iamchrisklein2 karma

Wow! Not at all! I love those movies. I can be silly!!!

[deleted]1 karma


iamchrisklein2 karma

Be your own best friend. Learn to love yourself, that you may freely love others with a full heart.

RichAndPoe1 karma

Hey Chris, Here on Earth and Street Fight: Legend of Chun-Li are two of me and my brother's all time favorite films. Is there any chance of a sequel to Street Fighter that focuses on the Charlie Nash character? You were by far the best part of that film and I was disappointed by how sparingly you were used. Thanks.

iamchrisklein2 karma

See banksnid. Not every body hated it.

Thank You Rich and Poe. I appreciate it. But No plans in the works for another Street Fighter. We tried our best with the first one and really stoked you guys liked it!!!

holybuttwipe1 karma

I didn't realize that is was you in Wilfred. Just want to say good job, it's my favorite show. Drew is one of my favorite TV characters.

iamchrisklein2 karma

Word Up!!!

chrismorgan73411 karma

Hey Chris!

Bit of a cliche question, but when you were younger was your ambition to become an actor, if not, what did you see your self becoming? and if given the opportunity, what job would you like to have a go at?

Loved you in the American Pie series! keep up the good work!

iamchrisklein2 karma

I dreamed of becoming an actor all my life. I am very grateful that I get to do it as a career.

If not for acting I would be working in manufacturing. Doing something with my hands. mechanic work, something. Back in Omaha, NE. That would have been alright with me.

paxcincinnatus1 karma

Are you still friends with Bill W.? You should keep in touch.

iamchrisklein4 karma

Make no mistake about that. Not only of Bill, but of the thousands out there who still suffer. By God's grace I get to be here with y'all today.

iamchrisklein2 karma

Not only Bill. But the thousands out there who are still suffering. I am here with y'all by the grace of God.

s-d1 karma

Hi! Did you play any sports in high school? Lacrosse?

iamchrisklein3 karma

football. swimming. chasing girls!!!

Glitchless1 karma

Hey Chris. How long were you a Horned Frog? Did you enjoy your time in DFW?

iamchrisklein2 karma

Horned Frog 2.5 years. Brother graduated from there 2004. I absolutly love DFW!