Hello, my name is Hannibal Buress. I'm a standup comedian, actor, NBA 2k14 legend, muse, and philanthropist. My 2nd hour long special "Live From Chicago" premieres on Comedy Central on Saturday at midnight. The extended uncut version is available now on cc direct. Ask me anything.

Uncensored - Hannibal Buress - Trend in Rap Music

Uncensored - Hannibal Buress - Seeing Eddie Griffin in Vegas

Uncensored - Hannibal Buress - Comedy Is a Weird Job


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dr_spacelad1620 karma

Hello mr. Buress. I was wondering: because of your pickle juice and apple juice jokes, are you worried about getting stereotyped as a juice comic?

MrHannibalBuress1708 karma


PixelDave1195 karma

When can I buy a "Bamm Bamm, We Eatin' Ham" shirt?

MrHannibalBuress1154 karma

I need to get it going quickly.


MrHannibalBuress906 karma

This was fun. I'm exhausted. Thanks for your questions.

I have to go now.

I hope this was helpful.

To summarize

  1. If you want to do stand up, just do it.

  2. Broad City is fun and I'm excited for the second season.

  3. Eric Andre is weird and talented and the show is insane and not for everyone .

  4. Chozen is one of the easiest jobs that I have in my life.

  5. I developed my delivery through trial and error and performing over and over.

  6. I will destroy you in NBA 2k14

  7. All is Lost Starring Robert Redford is not a good movie

  8. Good comedians to check out Lil B, Don Rickles Michael Che, Jerrod Carmichael, Sean Patton, W. Kamau Bell, Bridget Everett, Nick Vatterott, Jon Laster, Kara Klenk

  9. To all of you that didn't have a question and just wanted to say something nice, thank you.

topgear420855 karma

How do you feel about being compared to the late (and great) Mitch Hedberg?

MrHannibalBuress2559 karma

I started doing comedy in 2002 and I had a VHS tape of one of my first few sets. I took it to my RA, Open Mike Eagle. He watched it and said you sound like this dude, he played some Hedberg for me. I thought it was amazing.

Mitch played Zanies in Chicago in 2005. I was brand new and I went up to his green room and asked for a spot. (This was really obnoxious but I was hungry and ambitious.) The next night he let and 3-4 other Chicago comedians that he never met perform on a sold out show of his fans. That's unheard of. Comedians just don't do that type of shit. I won't do that shit now. I can be in the greatest mood ever and I won't let a stranger on my show. It went well and he let me open for him at the Zanies in Vernon Hills that weekend. They paid me $60 or something for a 5 minute spot which was cool as fuck. He passed away a month or two after that and I was bummed about it. I used to hang at Zanies all the time after that and watch whatever headliner would be on that week. One week the middle act didn't show up and I was there so they put me up because they saw me crush it opening for Mitch. I went on and it went well and the club started booking me regularly. I started working my home club because he put me on.

He's a legend and it's great to be compared to legends but I think that my newer special shows my style more.

Grizzer659 karma

Will you please perform "Gibberish Rap" at Bonnaroo for the Skrillex Superjam?

MrHannibalBuress842 karma


baldbobbo630 karma

Hannibal, why won't you just move to New Orleans already? You've been down here like 5 times in the last three months. We love you, you love us.

Shh. Just let it happen. Shh

MrHannibalBuress1433 karma

If I moved there, I would die sooner than I planned on dying.

SorinDomer612 karma

Hannibal, watching a bunch of white kids stare at you blankly during Gibberish Rap last year at your Notre Dame show was a highlight of my college career. What's the best reaction a crowd has had to Gibberish Rap?

MrHannibalBuress986 karma

Haaaaaa. I did it 9 times just because they weren't feeling it.

Gibberish rap got several standing ovations by crowds of 15,000+ during the oddball tour

fatwhiteman445 karma

are you more hesitant to make jokes about a famous person as you've gained popularity, since it's more likely you'll run into them?

MrHannibalBuress689 karma

I try not to be too mean spirited. It's the nature of the business though. I'm really just talking about my experiences and what I think.

Heyy_Brother406 karma

I’ve been waiting wayyyy too long for this AMA FUCK YEAH.

Two summers ago, I was sitting on a couch in Charleston, Ill watching the premiere of “Animal Furnace,” when you started talking about a shitty article from the Daily Eastern News circa 2006. As an Eastern Illinois University student, I won’t lie—I laughed my ass off. Coincidentally, my tenure at the paper started the following day. As the interim editorial writer for that very publication, I knew your public bashing probably wasn’t something to laugh about.

What I DIDN’T imagine was the 5 days of swift ass-ramming that would promptly ensue because of your comments. I’m talking 5 days of 15+ emails a day, all using your bit as a jumping-off point to lob accusations of racism, sexism, amateurism, discrimination, etc. at not only the paper, but the person who had to handle each complaint (which was, often, me). People called every hour with complaints ranging anywhere from “the DEN could use a little more copy editing” to “I got duh paper n it was all smudged cause uh duh rain. ‘the fuck is up with that?!”

Shit. Got. Serious.

So, Hannibal, I just wanted to thank you for making my first week in journalism a living nightmare. I still can’t sleep some nights. However, you DID retweet a link to my response, which was pretty tight.

You can make this up to me in apple juice, Absolut vodka or a new Masturbation Hoodie. I’ll PM you my address.

MrHannibalBuress368 karma

That's crazy to hear. I didn't think that would happen. The story was bad but no one deserved to be constantly harassed about it.

codes107361 karma

Mr. Buress! Who do you dislike more, people who are racist or people who hate apple juice?

MrHannibalBuress700 karma

I think you know the answer to that.

sethlikesmeth351 karma

Two questions:

  1. When will you drop your autotuned scatting mixtape?

  2. What is your stage name in the autotuned scatting game?

MrHannibalBuress874 karma

  1. Tomorrow
  2. MC Full of Lies

BroDudemars332 karma

Is there a reason you lift your chin up to the crowd? Is it a vision thing?

MrHannibalBuress2407 karma

Because I'm better than them and they need to know it.

BroDudemars309 karma

Hey Hannibal!

Do you know how many parades you're responsible for in New Orleans since you started performing that bit?

MrHannibalBuress354 karma

I don't know. I hope it doesn't get too crazy.

SkippyTheKid304 karma

To be frank, am I screwed if I pursue comedy starting in a small city? (200,000ish ppl)

MrHannibalBuress1366 karma

Nope. Start your own room. Build an audience. People in small cities get excited about entertainment options. You can run that town. Unless you suck.

tinderbaax304 karma

Have you ever been struck by shrapnel produced by Eric Andre?

MrHannibalBuress655 karma

Nah but I've definitely been hit with all types of weird food and shit. That dude is disgusting.

Ryno3639241 karma

When was the last moment you thought that you were truly happy?

MrHannibalBuress572 karma

I'm consistently happy but when I did panel on Conan the other day, that felt really amazing. I've done so much stand up on late night shows so walking over and sitting down was really cool. It felt like a nice progression. I wasn't nervous at first but when I sat down, it was weird. I was thinking "Whoa this dude is super close. This is crazy"

GiantAssPandas215 karma

Do you enjoy marijuana?

MrHannibalBuress1056 karma

Not every time.


Hannibal. To mask the noise of erotic throes of passion, my girlfriend and I played your stand up special. It was the most hilarious 17-21 minutes ever.

Thank you for volumes of joy.

MrHannibalBuress951 karma

Ya'll fucked to my new shit or my old shit? My new shit is better for fucking.

darthvader420202 karma

Who is your favourite comedian?

MrHannibalBuress685 karma

I'd have to say Dave Chappelle. He's brilliant and fun to watch. Patrice O'neal was one of the best live acts I've seen. His crowd work was amazing.

SharplyDressedSloth185 karma

Hey Hannibal!

You said on Conan that when you were writing for SNL only one of your sketches made air. Which sketch was it?

MrHannibalBuress334 karma

Barkley Golf. We made fun of Barkley's Golf Swings.

mrshatnertoyou184 karma

Was your Mom a fan of the Punic wars between Rome and Cathage?

MrHannibalBuress262 karma

My Dad was. My mom wanted to name me Louis actually

Kknowsbest161 karma

What is the best advice ever given to you?

MrHannibalBuress539 karma

A friend of mine said "You should just announce that Comedy Central picked your show up"

Carmenjello_cinnamon157 karma

How do you feel about the reports that your delivery makes you sound like a black Forrest Gump? It's a good thing.

MrHannibalBuress864 karma

I think you made up that report.

Sergeanttoasty151 karma

Hello Hannibal,

How much influence do you have in "The Eric Andre Show"? That show has some pretty bizzarre skits and scenes, how much of that is just reaction, and how much is inspiration?

MrHannibalBuress287 karma

I come up with a few bits on TEAS a lot of the time, those are my genuine reactions to what's happening. He does some weird stuff on that show and it throws me off sometimes.

themicahnator148 karma

Love Animal Furnace. Can't wait for the new special.

-Are you strictly an apple juice guy, or do you have a vast taste palette for juices?

-Love you on Broad City. Anything you can tell us about your upcoming show? I'm super excited for that.

-What's your favorite joke you've written that didn't make it into 30Rock/SNL?

MrHannibalBuress336 karma

Thanks you.

I drink all types of juice. Red Jacket Orchards has amazing Juice. Nantucket Nectars has Red Plum Juice. Who the fuck else has Plum Juice???? nobody

I don't even have a show yet. I just said that I did because I thought it would be fun to do it. I have a pilot that I feel very confident about.

MrHannibalBuress245 karma

Fedora Basketball didn't make it on SNL but it will live on somewhere. And if you don't know about Fedora Basketball, I will not elaborate.

suchafunnyusername132 karma

How's your masturbating little shit of a cousin? Also saw you on tour with tosh and bo burnham, it was great.

MrHannibalBuress312 karma

He's doing well. he's an astronaut now.


preo87126 karma

What's the most memorable rap show you've attended, good or bad?

MrHannibalBuress374 karma

The Yeezus tour was one of the best shows I've seen in my life. great production. A mountain. White Jesus. Dancers. Hit songs.

honkytonkbossman126 karma

Thank you for being an awesome comedian !!!!..I cannot eat pickles now without thinking about your fingers in the jar. You ruined pickles Hannibal.

MrHannibalBuress177 karma

You're welcome!

rosterplayer99113 karma

I'm looking to visit Chicago soon - whats your favorite pizza place?

Who's your team in NBA 2K?

Can't wait for your special!

MrHannibalBuress262 karma

I used to eat at Homerun Inn a lot as a kid. That's Chicago's best thin crust pizza.

I play with a few teams. I like the Blazers, the Raptors are fun, the Bulls are awesome. I won't play with the Heat because that's not fair I killed with Fredette recently.

Thanks man

RedDawn0100 karma

How difficult was your recover after being shot twice in the airport by the underage gunman?

MrHannibalBuress156 karma

I gotta thank the fans for keeping my spirits high

josh_hofer93 karma

Love your work! Come do some shows in Raleigh, NC soon?

MrHannibalBuress127 karma

i will. I'm gonna do a big tour in the fall once I get these new jokes together.

Thank you

freezingman6684 karma

What's your favorite simile that you've used on stage? What's your favorite simile you've heard another comedian use?

MrHannibalBuress255 karma

Recently I tagged a bit that's already in my special. I said that the ER is like American Idol for injuries. Meaning that you really have to impress them to get attention.

I'm on 3 hours of plane sleep so my brain is not fresh enough for me to think of my favorite simile of another comedian's. Good question though

cmm6480 karma


MrHannibalBuress166 karma

This would be a weird way for a marriage to start. Thank you I'm glad you enjoy the show.

bradargent80 karma

I'm seeing you at Bonnaroo, forsure. I still think you should do the set on the Yeezus mountain.

edit: I tweeted at him that he should perform on Elton' piano or the Yeezus mountain, and he favourited it so why not milk that shit.

MrHannibalBuress135 karma

I think I should too, but I don't think I will. Life is weird.

RagtimeAnnie76 karma

Sometimes when I get lonely I wedge stacks of nickles between each of my toes and flex my feet for strangers on chatroulette.com. Hannibal; what do you do when you get lonely? P.S. Did I use that semicolon correctly?

MrHannibalBuress317 karma

I just play video games. You're pretty weird.

Roovian2460174 karma

What's it like working on Broad City? and how often does your own work get incorporated into it? BTW HUGE FAN!

MrHannibalBuress212 karma

we improv a lot.

It's a fun set.

I was high for one episode. My acting skills were diminished.

stinatown64 karma

I'm a woman and a huge comedy fan. When I saw the Broad City TV show for the first time, I freaked out because it was so perfect. It's incredibly funny and, more importantly, relatable.

You've done an amazing job with bringing Lincoln to life. Some of the asides and line deliveries have left me in stitches (the part in Pussy Weed where Lincoln tells his patient that he's "killin' it, two-for-two"--I laugh just typing it out).

  • How much of the character was created by Abbie and Ilana, and how much is your own input?

  • What is working with them like? Are they as amazing as I want them to be?

  • Any thoughts on working with funny women or on female-driven comedies, and the role of women in comedy?

You're wonderful! Keep doing what you're doing.

MrHannibalBuress103 karma

It's really cool working with them. They created the character, he's slightly based on me. I'm able to improvise and have fun. I don't have to act like a "typical dentist"

A lot of shows on Comedy Central are geared toward the male demographic and I think that Abbi and Ilana's characters are fresh and different. People connect with that.

ProfessorBorden59 karma

How was it touring with Chappelle this summer in the Oddball fest, I know you've previously mentioned him as an influence?

I saw you at the first stop in Austin and have been a huge fan ever since.

MrHannibalBuress87 karma

It was amazing to tour with one of my idols. I learned a lot watching him. Thank you

RyanFBaby56 karma

Hey Hannibal! Hope you get to see this, i love that your doing your AMA on my cake day! I saw you perform at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick NJ a few years back and you did a great show, just wanted to thank you for that.

Also, how did you get your role in Broad City? And what's the deal with your show on Comedy Central, did it get picked up or not?

Edit: heres the picture i got with you, nice and blurry thanks to my drunk brother

MrHannibalBuress78 karma

Thanks for coming to the show.

I knew Abbi and Ilana from the NYC comedy scene. I did a part in their web series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_D9BoEP_kWE

When they got a pilot, they asked me to be a part of it.

buycurious56 karma

How is it working on Chozen?

MrHannibalBuress201 karma

Chozen is very easy. I do an episode in a studio in NYC in about 45 minutes. It's fun to watch. I watch my animated character high and I tripped out and had to turn that shit off.

SnatchDragon53 karma

Hey Hannibal,

I was excited to catch you on 8 Out of 10 Cats over in the UK. How did you find the experience of doing that? Did all the panelists know your work?

And bonus question, why aren't panel shows a thing in the US?

MrHannibalBuress78 karma

It was fun. I didn't write as much as I should have for it. It was fun though.

I don't know why there aren't. There's Chelsea, @midnight sort of fits the bill.

Dappered_up40 karma

pussy or Strawberries and ham, whats your favorite?

MrHannibalBuress99 karma

Strawberries and ham is something I just made up because there's always food on the set of EAS so we were riffing and I put them together. They really aren't that great together.

dyslexicbunny40 karma

Ever been to the Clermont Lounge in Atlanta? If so, was it a noteworthy experience?

MrHannibalBuress120 karma

That old lady crushed a beer can with her tits and I was unimpressed

Kuntzman39 karma

Why didn't you get high with Joe Rogan while you were on his show?

MrHannibalBuress363 karma

Free will

GiantAssPandas39 karma

Do you prefer a casual relaxing evening at home or a wild and thrilling night out on the town?

MrHannibalBuress89 karma

I enjoy both. As much as I enjoy the energy of the nightlife, it's nice to chill at home with the lady and watch a movie and order food.

Cooter_Cheese35 karma

Mr. Buress, who else belongs in the Association of Greasy Motherfuckers?

MrHannibalBuress79 karma

That's a good question. Coolio?

bmwracer034 karma

When are you going on tour again? Your site only lists that you're going to Iowa and Texas.

MrHannibalBuress293 karma

When I get my life together, I'll tour again. I'm trying to buy some motorcycles and a Keurig coffeemaker. Once I settle that, I tour.

Tooschbag33 karma


Louis CK turned me on to you when he mentioned you were his favorite comedian. What was it like hearing that kind of praise from a comedy legend? You're fantastic on Broad City as well.

MrHannibalBuress47 karma

It's awesome when someone like that respects what you do. I'm appreciative that he's turned a bunch of people on to my comedy.

Mickey_Juice31 karma

This came up after open mic the other night: seeing new comics starting out over the years compared to who is big at the time, some "trends" tend to pop up. How does it feel to know that for a couple more years, a bunch of 20 year old white guys are going to do their first stand up set trying to sound like you? I think it's hilarious.

Also, I just want to say how much it tickles me how much you love New Orleans. Sorry I was so drunk when you made that delicious breakfast waffle.

MrHannibalBuress51 karma

I didn't really think about that. That's kinda crazy. If that does happen then they'll find themselves eventually.

shambles1428 karma

Hannibal, you are great on Broad City. Do you plan to come out with your own show in the future?

MrHannibalBuress96 karma

I think so. Unemployable. Comedy Central 30 episodes

JacobRodneyCohen26 karma

I saw you on the oddball tour in Mass. and you and chappelle were hands down the best two acts. One of the funniest shows I've ever been to. You're Gucci mane bit was hysterical.

A buddy of mine saw you in providence RI and told me a funny story about someone heckling you for saying you wouldn't go perform for the troops. They shouted out, " Toby Keith did it!" To which you responded, "man fuck you and Toby Keith" he said you killed it and even hung around after to bullshit with fans.

Enough with the stories, my question is if you had to name one inspiration as a comedian, who would it be?

MrHannibalBuress60 karma

I actually roasted the shit out of that dude. I tell the whole story on the nerdist podcast


Chappelle and Patrice O'neal are big influences.

Tooheyman24 karma

What went down with you and Scarlett Johansson?

MrHannibalBuress78 karma

She was nice to me so to return the favor I made a semi-creepy joke about her. Pretty standard stuff Tooheyman.

jgoldberg059223 karma

Favorite memory from hanging out with donald glover

MrHannibalBuress60 karma

I introduced Gambino at the Woodie Awards at SXSW and that was cool because he was one of the headliners. It was a huge crowd. It's fun when you and your friends progress in your careers like that.

sweet_as_cunt20 karma

On average, how many parades do you throw for yourself a year?

MrHannibalBuress56 karma

I've only thrown 2 in my entire life.

frostyclaire19 karma

What is your favorite Iron and Wine song if you could only pick one?

MrHannibalBuress148 karma

pick one? I can't even name one.

Arandanos17 karma

hey hannibal,

  1. thank you for doing what you do. your comedy has been a huge light for me in some tough times. i'm tremendously grateful for that.

  2. in your new special you talk about bombing all the time when you were starting out. what changes did you make or what did you learn that made you start changing those heckles to laughs?

MrHannibalBuress33 karma

Thank you.

Everybody bombs, it's all about getting better and trying to improve.

awwwpeas17 karma

Huge fan of Broad City & Lincoln! He's the voice of reason in Abbi & Ilana's chaotic world :)

Any fun deleted scenes or dialogue you can give us?

MrHannibalBuress155 karma


Lincoln enters to see Ilana fucking another dude.

LINCOLN: What the fuck babe? ILANA: Derrr, I'm getting some pink dick. Now gett outta her.
LINCOLN: But I love you! ILANA: I know you love me but I'm young and I only care about myself. LINCOLN: Welp, I gotta murder both of ya'll





Yeah that didn't make the cut. I pitched it.

RememberThisPassword16 karma

I was going to ask where we can see your special, but It looks like you already provided that information. You the man!

What's been your favorite bit from broad city so far? I love the show

MrHannibalBuress57 karma

It was pretty fun when I made the kid in the dentist chair give me five.


ents16 karma

Thanks for doing your free shows in Brooklyn too. Caught a few of them and loved it.

MrHannibalBuress56 karma

That shit is ending soon. hahahah

Sirlantedise16 karma

What is the most awkward situation you can think of right now

MrHannibalBuress66 karma

Having hundreds of people ask you questions on the internet when you've only had 3 hours of plane sleep and trying to be witty and thoughtful and get to them all even though you know it's impossible.

shager5513 karma

Hannibal, who are some of your favorite rappers currently in the game?

MrHannibalBuress59 karma


DontBurnItNowGrimby13 karma

Anthony Jeselnik told us after one of his shows that Eric Andre filled his desk with fireworks for the Jeselnik Offensive. What's the best part about getting to work with someone like Eric Andre?

MrHannibalBuress24 karma

Eric is extremely creative and driven and when he's on camera he wants to make it a moment. He's incredibly prepared and he's a smart dude.

The best part of working with him is that I really don't have to do anything but be myself and react.


Hey man, big fan ever since I first heard My Name is Hannibal.

30 Rock is one of my favorite shows, any interesting stories during your stint as a writer there?

MrHannibalBuress44 karma

I started playing the homeless guy because sometimes writers read the uncast parts during the table read so I read the line "get a room, whatever that is" during table read and then they decided to cast me. And then they kept doing it over and over and over.

Avaaante12 karma

You've been pretty hilarious on @Midnight and on Broad City. Anything else besides your stand up that we can see you in, in the near future?

MrHannibalBuress33 karma

The movie Neighbors starring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron premieres May 9th

I play a cop on a mission. This movie has no conflict at all.

teslas_love_pigeon10 karma

Do you enjoy the NBC show Hannibal?

MrHannibalBuress37 karma

I don't watch any Hannibal related stuff that doesn't involve me and that's not even a joke

beeflawless9 karma

When are you begining you Rap Video Directing job for the Save Money Crew and ChancetheRapper?

MrHannibalBuress17 karma

I can't handle that pay cut at all.

SiberianHuskies9 karma

Hi Dr. Hannibal,

With your PhD in pickle juice immersion, I think you can help me out.

I have finger lengths ranging from 2-2.75 inches. My average finger circumference is around 1.75-2.25 inches. Assuming I leave my fingers immersed for 3 seconds, what would be the appropriate amount of flicks to properly flavor a ham sandwich?

MrHannibalBuress40 karma



This_Is_The_Life7 karma

What up Hannibal

  1. I heard on the JRE that you had Thundercat open for you at Largo, so pissed I missed that show. Who else is currently in your music rotation?

  2. I know you and Donald are cool, have y'all ever spoke about collaborating on anything? Will you help out/make an appearance on Atlanta?

  3. What's the status on your show Unemployable?

  4. How you feel about Broad City getting renewed? You crush it every time you're on. The clip where Abbi's racist commercial appeared on tv was hilarious

  5. When you coming back to LA so we can take this picture and not smile? (That's a reference from your Pete Holmes You Made It Weird episode).

MrHannibalBuress8 karma

Thundercat is dope. I listen to him Fly lo, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib, Open Mike Eagle, Chance, Vic Mensa, Tree, YC the Cynic, Jean Grae, there's a lot. Janelle Monae is amazing. I saw her twice in one day at SXSW in 2008 or 09

I'm not sure what's up with his show now.

It's picked up I think.

That's awesome that BC got picked up so fast for a second season. I'm psyched to work and I'm psyched for them.

IndoAnthony6 karma

Hannibal, I didn't know who you were till you popped up on my pandora station for Aziz Ansari. At first I was like, "who is this guy? Popping up on my aziz ansari station!" But then I was like, "Yo, I wanna kick a pigeon with this guy!"

So here's my question, do you like acting more like you do in broad city ? Or doing Stand up? And....bruh you wanna launch my career by acting in my short film for college? Lmao

MrHannibalBuress6 karma

I enjoy doing stand up way more. Acting is fun, but it's slow-motion and I like immediacy.

honkytonkbossman5 karma

Hannibal goes Pootie Tang on AMA..the silence man. the silence...

MrHannibalBuress16 karma

I'm trying. This shit is overwhelming!

karmaisforlosers4 karma

You seem to be a happy guy. Is there a person you hate?

MrHannibalBuress10 karma

There's definitely some people that I dislike. We all have that. I'm in a good spot and I try to appreciate everything.

thabeanieboy3 karma

Hey hannibal, love your stuff, man. How do you come up with routines/ jokes? What is the process, and how long does it generally take?

MrHannibalBuress10 karma

There's no rhyme or reason. I take an idea or story and write it or try it on stage. I'll remember what worked and try to fix what didn't. The length of time varies based on the bit.

Popgeyser3 karma

Hey Hannibal! I've heard other comics say you were...let's say less than good....when you first started open mics. How did you finally make the transition? Did anything in particular happen to make it click? I know you still have your Sunday show in Brooklyn. Do you still book it? What are some other things you produced while coming up in comedy? What are some up and coming comedians you like, as well as your old favorites? Thanks!

MrHannibalBuress11 karma

This is the thing. EVERYONE struggles early on. That legend of me being extremely horrible is heavily exaggerated, because I was doing ok and booking festivals, and making it to the finals of competitions 3 years into my career. So if we're talking about me being a bad comedian 2 years in, then that's insane because everyone is.

hagridsdick2 karma

What's your favorite restaurant in Chicago and why is it Portillo's

MrHannibalBuress4 karma

Diner Grill on Irving Park Allende on Lincoln

That's it.

Ninja_lurker2 karma

Love your stuff Hannibal, it actually made me start hitting up open mics and I'm having fun. Just wanted to know why you give shit to younger people that ask you about letting them into 21+ shows, because that shit is funny

MrHannibalBuress6 karma

It's just fun to talk shit.

The shows in the mainroom are all ages

ents2 karma

Thanks for playing in Chicopee, MA at the Comedy Cafeteria. So much closer than Boston or Providence to Albany.

MrHannibalBuress3 karma

No problem thanks for coming.

XMietitoreX2 karma

Saw you in Chattanooga and it was the best comedy show I've ever been to. My brothers saw you open for Chappelle in Nashville, and I will never forgive myself for missing that one.

What system do you play 2k14 on?

What's it like to win the internet?

MrHannibalBuress3 karma

I play XBOX

@midnight is a fun show to do. Hardwick has created a cool situation that allows him to showcase a bunch of comedians each week. And I crush the competition every time

basedgawd12 karma

I'd like to book a show for Donald Glover, can you help me out with that?

MrHannibalBuress2 karma

I can not.

E_PRINGLE9122 karma

Whats the first big step towards getting into stand-up?

MrHannibalBuress2 karma

doing stand up

SOLUNAR2 karma

No questions, you are just my favorite comedian!

I do agree a dog should not be subjected to the crazy lifestyle of a dentist though

MrHannibalBuress2 karma


ManiacKK342 karma

I just wanted to say that I love your work and that your bomb water, jimmy carter, and wack writing jokes cracks me up every time. I can't wait to see your special tomorrow!

MrHannibalBuress2 karma

Thanks for that

Sweetface20061 karma

Hi Hannibal! I just wanted to know if the story about having your own parade in New Orleans was true. If so, I need to think of something to have a parade for, stat.

MrHannibalBuress3 karma

super true and you don't need a reason

PeterBlair71 karma

If you could work with any active comedian on a project together. Who would it be. Also you are the best part about broad city. Hands down. Great show and you make it even better

MrHannibalBuress7 karma

I would do a buddy comedy with Bill O'Reilly or Pat Sajak.