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are you more hesitant to make jokes about a famous person as you've gained popularity, since it's more likely you'll run into them?

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i think that's good general advice. also gotta thank you for putting me on to chance the rapper, dope that you directed a vid for him.

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so often, when someone commits suicide, I hear others say it's "such a selfish act," as if they could understand every bit of trauma and depression they were carrying. How do you respond to people who react in this way? Especially if you're trying to change their mind.

the huffpo story truly destroyed me. so much respect to you both: for writing it, and for doing this critical work!

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Thank you, Ursula. I will be using these responses in the future.

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I see stories about low and mid-level employees complaining/quitting when their employer builds a product for the NSA, for example, but that seems like more of a feel-good story than a true signal of change, since there's a line of disposable employees willing to build whatever they're told to. I see these stories of employees quitting in protest to be a (loud) drop in the bucket. Do you see this affecting major change in SV?

If not: What, if anything, gives you hope that significant change will take place in Silicon Valley?