Hannibal Buress

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is an American stand-up comedian, actor and television writer currently living in New York City.

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I started doing comedy in 2002 and I had a VHS tape of one of my first few sets. I took it to my RA, Open Mike Eagle. He watched it and said you sound like this dude, he played some Hedberg for me. I thought it was amazing.

Mitch played Zanies in Chicago in 2005. I was brand new and I went up to his green room and asked for a spot. (This was really obnoxious but I was hungry and ambitious.) The next night he let and 3-4 other Chicago comedians that he never met perform on a sold out show of his fans. That's unheard of. Comedians just don't do that type of shit. I won't do that shit now. I can be in the greatest mood ever and I won't let a stranger on my show. It went well and he let me open for him at the Zanies in Vernon Hills that weekend. They paid me $60 or something for a 5 minute spot which was cool as fuck. He passed away a month or two after that and I was bummed about it. I used to hang at Zanies all the time after that and watch whatever headliner would be on that week. One week the middle act didn't show up and I was there so they put me up because they saw me crush it opening for Mitch. I went on and it went well and the club started booking me regularly. I started working my home club because he put me on.

He's a legend and it's great to be compared to legends but I think that my newer special shows my style more.

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Because I'm better than them and they need to know it.

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If I moved there, I would die sooner than I planned on dying.

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Nope. Start your own room. Build an audience. People in small cities get excited about entertainment options. You can run that town. Unless you suck.

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I need to get it going quickly.


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Not every time.

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Haaaaaa. I did it 9 times just because they weren't feeling it.

Gibberish rap got several standing ovations by crowds of 15,000+ during the oddball tour

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Ya'll fucked to my new shit or my old shit? My new shit is better for fucking.

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This was fun. I'm exhausted. Thanks for your questions.

I have to go now.

I hope this was helpful.

To summarize

  1. If you want to do stand up, just do it.

  2. Broad City is fun and I'm excited for the second season.

  3. Eric Andre is weird and talented and the show is insane and not for everyone .

  4. Chozen is one of the easiest jobs that I have in my life.

  5. I developed my delivery through trial and error and performing over and over.

  6. I will destroy you in NBA 2k14

  7. All is Lost Starring Robert Redford is not a good movie

  8. Good comedians to check out Lil B, Don Rickles Michael Che, Jerrod Carmichael, Sean Patton, W. Kamau Bell, Bridget Everett, Nick Vatterott, Jon Laster, Kara Klenk

  9. To all of you that didn't have a question and just wanted to say something nice, thank you.