On Review, I play Forrest MacNeil, an intrepid idiot who reviews life experiences. It's on Comedy Central tonight and every Thursday night at 10/9c. You might also know me from Semi-Pro, Eastbound & Down, Yogi Bear and well, lots of stuff. I'm here to take your questions! Kindly fire away!!


Folks, I had so much fun! These were really great questions and heart-warming comments. See below for my review of doing an AMA. I have to go eat dinner now (raw rabbit and tree bark if you're interested) and then live-tweet Review episode 4 at 10/9c. But I will be back to do this again! See ya.

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Bill-Cosby-Bukowski362 karma

Can we bring out the girls?

Andy_Daly225 karma

I encourage it.

TheFullerTron143 karma

Don DiMello and Cactus Tony for #TrueDetectiveSeason2?

Andy_Daly140 karma

YES YES YES YES YES! Does HBO read these things?

victrola_cola118 karma

Any news on another Podcast Pilot Project season? The first run is some of the funniest stuff I've heard anywhere and I'd love to hear more.

Andy_Daly111 karma

It's hard to say. I was able to do these 8 bc I had a pocket of time where I was contractually prevented from doing much else! That may well happen again. Lord knows it was fun. The annoying answer is I just don't know.

Dabee625104 karma

Will you review the process of doing an AMA when you're finished? 1/5-5 stars, of course.

Andy_Daly319 karma

Okay I am ready to issue my review of doing an AMA: It is always a pleasure to hear from people who know and like my work. I don't think I got one rude question in fact. And most of them were thoughtful and interesting. I regret not making more jokes but I was mainly interested in addressing as many questions as possible and jokes, while funny, take more time than simply telling the truth. I am slightly concerned that I was boring and, as I always am when it comes to the internet, I'm a little queasy about the permanence of this session. I also knocked over a glass of water mid way through this and while that's hardly the fault of the AMA, it has diminished the experience. I am now quite thirsty. All in all, I give this 4 out of 5 stars and I will certainly do it again.

Andy_Daly69 karma

Yes I will!

Jeffvandreel103 karma

Hey Andy. Why do all your characters kill themselves? Is everything ok?

Andy_Daly161 karma

Everything is okay!

fawltywiring90 karma

I've really been enjoying Review so far. Something I was curious about: how did you settle on divorce for so early in the season instead of holding something that huge for one of the last few episodes?

Andy_Daly126 karma

Honestly, the original intention was to get Forrest out of his marriage early so we could see him explore more sexual encounters! But once we started writing, he found that the real benefit of doing the divorce so early was seeing these two characters continue to interact after that massive event.

Lamurias80 karma

Have you ever considered using Forrest MacNeil as a podcast character, maybe to promote his own show?

Also, when are we going to know more about the fight between good and evil that was revealed on CBB #274????

Andy_Daly132 karma

Scott, Jason and I fully intend to finish what was started in the Gil & Golly episode. I'd look for it this summer!

MyNameIsBruce259 karma

Hi Andy,

I just wanted to say that I think you're one of the best at injecting sincerity into your comedy. Whether on "Review" or a Comedy Bang Bang character, you always seem to encompass whatever it is that makes that character who they are (Forrest's commitment, Don DiMello's creepiness). Is this a conscious decision? I think a lot of comedians focus so much on getting the laugh that they forget about the importance of making the audience feel like they're a part of that character's world.

Andy_Daly84 karma

Thanks! To me, sincerity is all a part of the misdirect of the joke. The more sincere, the less you see the funny coming.

electricalnoise58 karma

I'm not gonna lie and suck on your balls by saying I'm familiar with all your work, but goddamn if you weren't perfect on eastbound and down. So thank you for that performance.

Andy_Daly80 karma

Only completely honest ball-sucking please. And thank you.

Frajer54 karma

Did you really eat all those pancakes?

Andy_Daly113 karma

I ate the equivalent of about 1 pancake, spitting the rest into a bucket. But I probably drank about a gallon of Aunt Jemima and I kind of still taste it.

freshasaurus50 karma

How much darker does Review get? I think the Divorce episode might've been one of the saddest things I've ever laughed at.

Andy_Daly69 karma

Well, it gets real damn dark. Episode 5 is kind of infinitely dark. But funny too!!

MolandSpring47 karma

Hey Andy, who do you think would win in an all out fight-to-the-death between all of your characters?

This is a little left field, but I think Hot Dog would actually be a strong contender. Think about it: he has those powerful, powerful legs, giving him a strong base to launch his attacks.

Also, I’d just like to say thank you for all the laughs over the years - your CBB episodes with Zouks have gotten me through some rough stuff.

Andy_Daly95 karma

I think it would be Don DiMello. He fights as dirty as humanly possible and may well have all the forces of the underworld at his disposal.

Oh_abalard45 karma

I'm loving Review, such a genuinely funny show. Any notable guest stars making an appearance during the remainder of this season?

Andy_Daly77 karma

Tonight is Ashley Tisdale and Andy Richter. Fred Willard is back next week as is Lance Bass! Then we have Jason Mantzoukis, Betsy Sodaro, Emo Phillips, Andy Blitz, Maria Thayer. All GREAT!

YoThatsRacist37 karma

I just need to know if Cactus Tony is alive. I know he's not in charge of the daycare anymore, but I gotta believe he's still out there covered in snakeskin

Andy_Daly36 karma

I believe he is alive.

yddap35 karma

Without looking it up, what is the full name of your podcast?

Andy_Daly158 karma

The Andy Dooley Pickled Pirate Parade. Tougher questions please!

marchdahntribe35 karma

How did you first meet Scott Aukerman? How did you come to being such a frequent guest on Comedy Bang Bang?

Andy_Daly57 karma

I think Matt Besser recommended me for Scott's show at M Bar and I met him that way. I'm just lucky that Scott asked me to come and do CBB so often. He's a sweetie!

soothinginfluence28 karma

Do you feel like your type of comedy (podcast, characters, improv, etc.) has been accepted by the "stand up" community?

Andy_Daly48 karma

I do actually. Those old walls are crumbling down. I'm happily surprised by how often stand ups seem to appreciate what I do. Good question.

Miles_K27 karma

Hi Andy, I love your work, from Nine Sweaters to Comedy Bang Bang to Review. What are you most afraid of?

Andy_Daly96 karma

Dying broke and alone! Ha ha HA!

SandyBees24 karma

The combination of you and Mantzoukas together on Comedy Bang Bang is pure gold. Had you worked together before you started appearing together on CBB? It's incredible the way you just roll with anything and everything they throw at you on those episodes!

Andy_Daly32 karma

That's funny. We had not done much together. An improvised show or two I guess at UCB. But not that much. It is awfully fun to work with him on CBB.

mymouthisfullofstars24 karma

What's your Hunter S. Thompson story that inspired the scene in review by the campfire?

Andy_Daly69 karma

Ha! I met him once and he thought I was a cop and had me kicked out of a party. Halloween night, 1998. Pete's Tavern, NY.

chris_comfort22 karma

I do Bill Carter's workout routine every morning. Am I a mortal?

Andy_Daly28 karma


rmarsack21 karma

Hi Andy, I'm a big fan! What is your favorite character you've played? (For me it's a tie between Cutler and Ben Franklin.) (Also, love the new show!!)

Andy_Daly46 karma

Thanks. Those were both great but I think Forrest MacNeil is the funnest blend of clueless, dumb, earnest, silly, arrogant. It's been a blast to play him.

onrv20 karma

What do you think of the original Australian Review with Myles Barlow?

Andy_Daly28 karma

I love it so much! God it is dark, surprising and funny. People should check it out.

mickiisabel18 karma

Hi Andy! I am a huge fan of your work! I love all of your interviews! You are so polite and so friendly! what do you do to blow off steam?

Andy_Daly109 karma

I have no steam! Fuck you for asking!!

magikalmuffins17 karma

Long time fan, first time question asker...I saw you in Chicago at comedy show milling around and I was too scared to ask you for your autograph or a picture and it is one of the greatest regrets of my life! Are you generally bothered by such interactions?

Andy_Daly39 karma

I truly truly love them. Next time...

ZidDigs17 karma

Andy, I love your work, especially your distinct characters on comedy band bang and the podcast pilot project. When you create characters where do you start (voice/premise/ticks)? Do you improvise and build traits and philosophies for them or is it usually a well thought out person before you begin?

Andy_Daly59 karma

I start with a comedy premise, like lecherous creep directing a children's show. Then I match it up with a voice I know how to do. Then I come up with tons of depraved crap that makes me borderline sick and then I know I've GOT IT!

sleevin_steven17 karma

Andy, big fan of your appearances on Delocated and Eastbound, also loving the new show.

Not really a question, but my TV teacher from my high school said that you were one of his students back in Ridgewood and always said even then you were incredibly talented and funny.

Andy_Daly32 karma

Steve Milano! Say hi.

WeeBabySeamus16 karma

Does it feel weird having such rabid fans of your appearances on podcasts?

Andy_Daly39 karma

It is not something I ever imagined I would experience but I love it. It's great to feel like people get you and are, if I may, picking up what you're putting down.

curiocabinet15 karma

The Benjamin Franklin episode of the Office is one of my very favorites. Do you have any fun memories from shooting that episode?

Also, what's it like to have your face in basically every subway station in NYC right now?

Looking forward to watching the new show!

Andy_Daly28 karma

Believe it or not, I never made it into the subway on my recent trip to NY so I didn't see those ads. Just as well though, because I think that would have freaked me out. It's real weird (but in a good way). That week at the Office was the best. I had fun with everyone but I'm especially fond of the scene where Gordon finally breaks character to hit on Pam.

lemler15 karma

Hi Andy! I have a few questions:

1) Do you have a favourite episode of Comedy Bang Bang (the podcast) that you appeared in?

2) Do things get any better for Forrest on Review? Every episode so far has been fantastically funny, but last week’s was honestly kind of heart-breaking too.

3) Do you still do Hap Arden? That was my favourite track on Nine Sweaters.

Also, the entire run of the ADPPP has been absolutely hilarious; I don’t think I’ve ever laughed more than I did during the August Lindt episode.

Andy_Daly20 karma

1) Maybe Cactus Tony or Don DiMello 2) Yes (sort of) 3) Thanks but no. I've moved on...

pfelon14 karma

Been waiting for this all day! I think you're one of the funniest people ever, and you were actually in the first live improv show I ever saw (it was awesome, obviously).

My question: Review seems like such a perfect fit for you- did you have to audition with many other people for it? How early on in development did you get involved?

Andy_Daly33 karma

No auditions thank God! Comedy Central saw the Australian version and thought of me for the American adaptation. I was in from the start.

SteveEKnicks11 karma

Mr. Daly, I'm a huge fan of yours. I recently went to the live taping of your season finale of your podcast (I yelled out Bonobo's and Square Space for limerick ideas). As a young actor, I marvel at how you can come up with all these specific characters and I try to use it in all of my work at UCBLA.

When creating a character, how much do you come up with beforehand and how much do you come up on the spot? Do you have a basic idea of the character and then just roll with it, or are those specific details carefully plotted out?


Andy_Daly26 karma

Lots of people wondering about this but it's a hard one to nail down because it's always different. I usually go into a CBB with a few things about the character that I think it'll be funny to say and a voice I know I can do and a reason for this person to be here today. Then we just improvise and often don't even get to the things I came prepared to say. I think with Gil and Golly, all I knew is that I wanted to do a ventriloquist with an unhealthy relationship to his puppet and I was sort of thinking of Uncle Floyd and Oogie (NJ reference). The rest was improvised.

catalano3511 karma

Hey, always love you on Improv4Humans and obviously on Review. What was your biggest struggle financially, mentally, and creatively?

Andy_Daly25 karma

I think it might be this question.

Goranth10 karma

Hey Andy,

I was a fan of yours on Mad TV back in the day and was elated to find you again through podcasts a few years ago. Whenever I download a podcast that you are on I am so excited because I know it'll be a good ep. The characters you create are so much fun to listen to and I'm glad that you were finally able to get your own television show and have a wider audience.

What was your favorite segment of Review to do?

Andy_Daly9 karma

I think we knew we were up to something special with the divorce review and Jeff Blitz, our esteemed director, really dug into that one with extra enthusiasm. I also loved Road Rage a lot. But there's a review in episode 9, the first one of the episode. Man, I love it so and I can't wait for people to see it.

mickiisabel10 karma

Would you ever consider doing a dramatic role?

Andy_Daly21 karma

Sure. Review kind of feels like one at times.

mickiisabel9 karma

What is your favorite movie?

Andy_Daly13 karma

Tie: Dr. Strangelove and Midnight Run

billycrombie9 karma

In your Gill an Golly CBB episode recently did you intend on it ending as wild as it did. How much of involving Cactus Tony or Don Dimello was pre planned or did it just end up there?

Andy_Daly25 karma

None of that was planned at all. That episode was the least planning I'd ever done before a CBB episode.

MysticBounce8 karma

Hi Andy, big fan of your work, especially all of your CBB appearances and your Podcast Pilot Project. I'm wondering if that guy who writes the middle 8s for U2 songs will be making an appearance on Scott Aukerman and Adam Scott's U2 podcast? He's obviously a character with a rich history who played an integral part in music history!

ps the fan page for Dalton Wilcox's book of poetry is gaining lots of steam among book lovers!

Andy_Daly15 karma

Nice! Thanks! That's a good idea about Clive Dundee. I want to be on that podcast myself actually. I have a LOT to say about U2.

polewsl8 karma

Hi Andy! I'd like to thank you for all of the joy you bring into my life with your comedy and I hope the Andy Daly Podcast Poodle Pumpernickel will return in one way or another (today's episode was a gem). I also hope the battle between good and evil goes well whenever that goes down.

Your Jack Fitzgerald gadfly character during that live CBB episode was hysterical. Do you have any plans to bring him back in another podcast?

Andy_Daly19 karma

Oh yeah, I forgot about him. He should come back. Thanks!

Andy_Daly26 karma

That was totally serious btw. Sounded sarcastic. But I did forget about him.

mickiisabel6 karma

What was the first exciting thing you got to show to your parents, to let them know you were making it big out there? (P.S. Thank you for all the laughs, Andy!)

Andy_Daly11 karma

I recently got to take them to Times Square and show them my big fat face on a digital billboard for Review. Unfortunately it was too cold to stand there all day and admire me. God damn polar vortex!

robot_the_cat6 karma

what was it like working with a whole cast of funny people (McBride, Robinson, Ferrell) on Eastbound and Down?

Andy_Daly16 karma

Amazing. Of those three I only had scenes with Danny but he is one hell of a great actor and improviser and it was always super fun to work with him. I especially love the scene on the pitchers mound with him & Stevie.

SnacksMN6 karma

I was at Bonnaroo a few years ago and you did your all set up no content bit and it fucking killed me and my friends, SO HILARIOUS! Though it seemed to go over most the rest of the crowd's head, as others were looking at us cracking up like we were crazy! WTF! Did that happen other times with that bit?

Andy_Daly15 karma

Yes! That has happened 3 times with that bit and they are seared into my memory. One was at the Shout Factory xmas party a few years ago, the other was Bonnaroo and the last was at some Persian Cultural Center event that Omid Djallili asked me to do. Crickets, applause when I said I was wrapping up. I kind of love when that but bombs though.

DrDoofenshartz5 karma

Andy, I'm a giant fan of your work since I first heard Hot Dog on CBB. The Andy Daly Pilot Project Podcast is fantastic, expanding on your characters. Review has been awesome thus far. Thanks for all the hilarious entertainment you provide.

Does your characters' penchant for suicide ever worry any of your family or have you always had that dark side to pull from, so they knew it was coming?

Has there been any conversation with Comedy Central about a 2nd season of Review? If so, please tell me Jessica St Clair will be available even with Playing House starting up.

Forrest MacNeil seems to be going down a dark path now after the last episode. Are you just drawn to these dark characters for any particular reason?

Thanks again so much for the hilarity, Andy!

Andy_Daly13 karma

I do love the dark stuff. It always feels true and surprising to me to go into darkness and tragedy and like a fun challenge to mix it with comedy. The suicide thing is mostly not my creation. I'm usually edged into it by Scott or Jason. No word on season 2 yet but fingers crossed! And I'd work with St. Clair anytime.

Strug-ga-ling5 karma

Hi Andy, I love your work on TV and CCB! Review is hilarious, I'm loving every episode.

I would like to know how the adaption process went. Were you in close contact with the creators of Review with Myles Barlow? Were they cool dudes? Was it hard working with upside people?

Andy_Daly8 karma

We talked to them a bunch. They are very cool, sweet guys.

Beanie72915 karma

I love you. Now that that's out of the way here are my questions

Andi Callahan RN was one of my favorite characters of yours and the least discussed. Is he EVER going to return?

ALSO is there going to be any reconciliation between Forrest and Suzanne in Review? Its pretty distressing seeing them apart

also I love you

Andy_Daly10 karma

Nurse Callihan will be heard from again. And I don't want to spoil anything but Forrest and Suzanne are far from finished with each other.

lemler4 karma

Any chance you'd ever do any shows in the UK? It seems like whenever I see a discussion about your comedy on the internet around half the participants are brits, so I assume you have a bunch of fans over here.

Andy_Daly7 karma

I would love to! I tried to do a run in Edinburgh last year but couldn't make it work schedule-wise. I think I ought to get out there soon. I'd like to have a word with that layabout Prince Harry too. Yep, that settles it. I'm going!

Aubee4 karma

Review has become one of my favorite shows. What goes into making an episode? Do you have input? Is it scripted? You're great!

Andy_Daly6 karma

It is scripted and I was there writing on it everyday. A lot goes into it. Jeff Blitz, Andy Blitz and I did a Nerdist Writers Panel episode. Check it out. We talk a lot about the process and the challenges.

yddap3 karma

How was The Swarm formed?

Andy_Daly8 karma

Andy Seconda and Michael Delaney made up lists of their favorite improvisers and then asked Amy Poehler if she'd direct that group. She said yes and I was lucky enough to be on Andy's list.

dukedevil08123 karma

Is there any way we could sugest something for Forrest to review?

If yes I propose crippling debt.

Andy_Daly8 karma

Stay tuned...

maningrey3 karma

How long did it take to get Review to air, from your first inkling of it to premiere?

Andy_Daly9 karma

I first saw the Australian Review in the summer of 2009 and was free to do it two years later. Then it's taken till now to get it on the air. Jeez!

reasonablebloke3 karma

LOVED your interview on Nerdist! Maybe the most polite, down-to-earth celeb I've heard on there! Looking forward to following more of your work- keep it up! -Also An Andy

Andy_Daly9 karma

Thank you. I thought I was too braggy so that's nice to hear.

CashewBeats3 karma

Hi Andy! Huge fan of your CBB work and I've just started watching Review! The show looks amazing and seems to fit your comedy style quite well.

How long have you known Scott Aukerman? The chemistry you have between each other on each podcast seems so effortless.


Andy_Daly7 karma

I guess I met Scott in about 2003 at the M Bar in Los Angeles. He was nice enough to put me up and very encouraging of my odd character comedy nonsense.

TheFullerTron3 karma

How much jewelry should I buy my wife?

Andy_Daly13 karma

Twice as much as you buy your horse and three times as much as you buy you dog, I'd say.

yddap3 karma

Why does every review of Review talk about how nonthreatening/plain you look. Seems a little fucked up!

Andy_Daly9 karma

Thank you. Some pointed letters to the editor might help. Please write some! Actually I take it as a weird compliment. Forrest is meant to look awkward and I like to think he maybe looks more awkward than I do in real life? Hm. I don't know.

ohgreatitsryan3 karma

  1. Can we hope that Forrest MacNeil will be revisiting his immunity to cocaine addiction in the future?
  2. Is it safe to assume you and Natasha Leggero are mortal enemies after she beat you and Rob Corddry on @midnight?

edit: formatting/added questions.

Andy_Daly5 karma

We can't rule out a relapse I'm afraid. And, truth be told, I haven't spoken to either of those guys since we taped that. I did steal some of their jokes too. They might be mad.

JohnnyGilbert3 karma

Hey Andy, really enjoying Review, really funny!

In a recent interview, maybe with Elvis Mitchell, you were talking about the distinction between your more straight acting work, and the out there character stuff you've created -- Review being sort of a meeting point. The character stuff works really well on podcasts, with more time to develop with improvisation and "openess" of just audio... do you think those characters and their realities could survive in their own movies or tv shows? or would that just be a huge mistake? Dalton Wilcox: Vampire Hunter video game?

Andy_Daly7 karma

I don't know for sure but I'd love to try.

WeeBabySeamus3 karma

What's your personal favorite episode of your podcast pilot project?

What about for Review?

Andy_Daly12 karma

I think my favorite podcast eps are: Dalton, Chip, August, Hot Dog & Patrick. I'm proud of all of them, they're all full of great moments and great performances but those ones seemed to click in a different way maybe. But if I re-listen, I could change my mind.

As for Review, I love them all really but 8 and 9 are very special to me. And of course 3.

stubbornfat3 karma

Holy crap its Andy Daly! This is a wonderful surprise because I didn't know this was happening today!

Okay I have loved the Comedy Bang Bang appearances and the Podcast Pilot Project so much. I simply cannot stop listening to those episodes.

1) I have got to know; does your wife listen to your appearances? You mentioned on the latest episode that she listened to the Don Dimelo PPP, but what about the other ones?

2) Will you ever let your kid listen to how hilarious you are on those episodes?

Andy_Daly8 karma

Funny questions! My wife has actually only recently started listening to what I've been up to in the podcast world and she's enjoying it. She's not a big computers person really. It'll take her a while but she'll probably listen to all the ADPPP eps. Her insights are always fascinating. As for my kids, yeah I'd love for them to discover everything I've done someday. Like when they're 30. It'll be weird!

SteveEKnicks3 karma

Not a question, but at a Swarm show a few months ago, Secunda and you walked out to do a scene, and Secunda initiated with, "What kind of bottles of beer do you have?"

And your perfect response was, "What kind of bottles...? Glass bottles?" coated in such disdain for him for asking that question. Billy then quickly did a sweep edit to loud applause. It was perfect.

I just wanted you to know my friend and I quote that pretty much every day. Thanks for all the laughs.

Andy_Daly10 karma

Thanks for that memory. These things tend to go right out of my head as soon as I walk off stage.

readcommentbackwards2 karma

Hey Andy,

What was your favorite part about filming Eastbound & Down in North Carolina? Did you ever make it to SHABOOM SHABOOMS? What about the Redneck Riviera (Myrtle Beach)?

Andy_Daly5 karma

Oh I loved it all. I brought my wife and kid, we rented a house by the beach, I only worked 21 days in 6 weeks and when I did, it was a dream job. Oh and Sweet and Savor. That place is delicious!

advancedman2 karma

When improvising as a character is there a moment in your head where you're actively thinking "what would this guy say to that?" before you say something, or can you just flip the switch to be Hot Dog and you're good?

Andy_Daly5 karma

I think that process is ongoing all the time when in character. I guess through practice, you just learn to answer that question very quickly.

hammelman2 karma

What's its like to have been on a show based on one of the greatest magazine's of all time? Did you feel like there was a heavy heavy weight on you, like you need to get this right? Thanks!

Andy_Daly6 karma

You mean Mad-TV? I don't recall anyone ever trying to get that right.

Andy_Daly5 karma

See now, I instantly regret that snarky answer. Some people tried to get it right but "right" was never really defined there, in my opinion.

WeeBabySeamus2 karma

Holy shit Andy, I loved your PPPPPPPP and I'm a massive fan of all your characters on CBB. Your appearance on the Dead Authors Podcast as the Marquis de Sade was also incredible. I've probably listened to each episode at least 4 times and the Dalton Wilcox / August Lindt ones 10 times.

My biggest question is how do you prepare yourself to get into character? You went directly into character during an interview (Put on that soldier suit), but is there a process to get you into a specific mindset? As an example, Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black says she uses music cues to help her change her personality from character to character.

Second question, who is the most difficult character to get into?

Lastly, congrats on Review! I was heartbroken with the Pancakes / Divorce / Pancakes episode. It was simultanously one of the funniest and saddest things I have ever seen on television. I can't wait to see how the season ends.

Andy_Daly6 karma

Thanks! I usually try to listen to the last time I did a character just to remind myself of their voice and various quirks. Then I do a little of the character out loud, in the car or whatever. But no other special process.

herrdunphy2 karma

Hi TV's Andy Daly! Are there any Andy Dalys in other businesses? I'm assuming you're the one on the TV.

Andy_Daly16 karma

The Mayor of Vail CO is named Andy Daly. I keep up with him when googling myself.

caseyh2621 karma

What advice would you give to aspiring performers for creating such great characters?

Andy_Daly3 karma

Eavesdrop, read obituaries, talk to yourself whenever you're alone, try out voices, get onstage and let an audience tell you what's funny.

b3hanson1 karma

Adventure Time is an amazing show. What was it like working with them, and are they as cool as their TV show?

Andy_Daly3 karma

Absolutely. Total sweethearts. I love that show.

EED4161 karma

What's the strangest thing you review that we've yet too see?

Andy_Daly3 karma

The strangest review is in episode 7 but I don't want to give it away. Orgy gets pretty nuts.

milkshakeiu1 karma

I watched you on Conan the other night. Did Jeff Garlin annoy you with holding up the time cards and interrupting or were you ok with it?

Andy_Daly4 karma

Both. I knew that was going to happen. I've worked with him before. But it was as annoying as it was meant to be.

laughuntilithurts1 karma

Hi Andy! Love Review! You remind me a lot of comedy great Martin Short. I was wondering who are some of your comedy heroes and influences and is there anyone in particular you'd like to have guest on Review? Thanks for doing this!

Andy_Daly3 karma

Funny you should say that. I was totally obsessed with Martin Short as a 14 year old comedy aspirant. There are so many people I'd love to have on Review. Can't even start with that!