Hey reddit.

Michael Bell the original voice of Duke and Major Bludd from the animated series GI Joe, Prowl and Swoop from The Transformers, Handy, Lazy, and Grouchy Smurf etc.

I am turning to you to help support my daughter, actress Ashley Bell ( The Last Exorcism, Love and Air Sex, and the just released Sparks), get her documentary Love and Bananas off and running. She went to Cambodia last year to film a short on the rescue of 2 abused captive elephants from a logging camp, and their subsequent release to the Cambodian Wildlife Sanctuary. Once there, she realized a full documentary was needed to present the plight of captive wild elephants as well as the disappearing rain forest, and wildlife in that region. Hence her campaign to raise funds to complete her documentary. I am prepared to answer all of your questions honestly and with I hope some wit.

Here is Ashleys indigogo website, please help us!


Proof: http://twitter.com/maddking/status/447073419339653120/photo/1

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95688it46 karma

Holy crap, looking at your IMDB you're being a bit modest.

being a 32 year old guy it looks like you had a voice in pretty much every cartoon I've ever watched growing up.

MiketherealvoiceofGi40 karma

Well 95688it ( not your prison number I hope ), thanks for the hug...but I aint stopped yet. Rescue Bots yesterday and Community meets GI JOE last week. Keep watching.

OffensiveTackle8 karma

You're going to be on the show Community?

MiketherealvoiceofGi20 karma

Seems like they get morphed into the world of GI JOE. It's great satire. More fun then I imagined. All my old vo buds are on it.

Tokryva7 karma

Harmon is getting the best cameo appearances this season... Looking forward to hearing you in GI JEFF :)

MiketherealvoiceofGi9 karma

Ok, who the hell is Harmon? Have I wandered off into Never Never Land or am I going dotty?

micflan6 karma

Dan Harmon. Creator of Community.


MiketherealvoiceofGi10 karma

Ahhhh, now I get it. NO. But the director of the show was so specific about what he wanted that I knew I was in good hands. Harmon must have trusted him. Rightly so.

95688it8 karma

I just did a bit of digging it looks like you small rolls on all sorts of cool shows back in the day.


threes company,chips,mary tyler moore,mission impossible,get smart, the monkees,gomer pyle, mash, 2 different roles on star trek.

MiketherealvoiceofGi30 karma

Small roles???? Why I oughta!!

95688it8 karma

Sorry, I should have referred to them as 'Guest Appearance' lol.

did you get to meet Rod Serling when you worked on 'Night Gallery'?? I'm a HUGE Twilight zone fan

MiketherealvoiceofGi14 karma

Didn't get to meet him but what a thrill to do that show.

robotteeth3 karma

Wait who are you playing on Rescue Bots?

I'm a huge transformers fan (That's what the robot part of my name is from), I'll admit I'm currently a bit behind on RB but I'm finally on break and plan on catching up.

I can only hope Prowl shows up in the 2015 transformers show, felt like he got sidelined in favor of Smokescreen in Transformers Prime.

MiketherealvoiceofGi4 karma

New character on Rescue Bots. Confidential, but way too much fun. I ate the scenery until I got sick. Prowl was on Transformer's Prime I think...and someone else played him. Not sure about 2015. However, if they ask me to audition for it, I aint proud. Just gotta wait and see.

robotteeth3 karma

Prowl had a design for Transformers Prime and got a toy but never showed up in the actual show. Instead Smokescreen, who had the same design but different colors (like G1, heh) was a main character.

Can't wait to hear you on Rescue Bots, I'll keep an eye (or ear?) out for you!

MiketherealvoiceofGi3 karma

Thanks. Don't hurt yourself.

BeTheGuy229 karma

I don't have a question, I just wanted to say Legacy of Kain is one of my favorite things ever and I love your work in it.

MiketherealvoiceofGi33 karma

Bless you my child. That was one of my proudest moments.

dogsdontfly8 karma

Oh, Mr. Bell. You have no idea how much joy just rushed through my body seeing this AMA. I LOVE LoK, and your role as Raziel is imprinted in my fondest memories.

With the release of the new Nosgoth game, if they ever bring Raziel back, would you be interested in continuing the role?

Thank you so much for taking part in something that shaped my youth. You did a wonderful job. :)

MiketherealvoiceofGi10 karma

Thank you for the kudos. I doubt it will come back, but if it does, I would vote for Matt Yang King to young Raz, and I could be the future Raz warning him about the mistakes he will make and how to avoid them. Of course he will ignore me, as all them whippersnapper hero's do at first, but I will be firm. Whadda think?

RainaAudron2 karma

I just want to say a huge thank you, Mr. Bell - without you, Legacy of Kain wouldn´t be the same (and many other franchises as well).

MiketherealvoiceofGi4 karma

Thanks to you Reddit guys for your super response to my request.

Hash-ak-gik7 karma

I had the good fortune to meet you at New York ComiCon in 2010 and you signed the cape of my Lieutenant Raziel figure. I also had a custom printed t-shirt on that included Kain's clan symbol, which you immediately recognized. That meeting made my day. You probably hear this a lot, but LoK is just such a huge part of so many people's lives. You and Simon are heroes to us.

MiketherealvoiceofGi7 karma

Same back at ya. I also remember that my wallet was missing after you left. I will find you.

OKseriouslytho19 karma

Not a question, but I just thought you should know:

Duke was always my favorite GI Joe. I used to carry that little figure with me everywhere when I was small. One of my favorite places to play was under our cabin in Prince Edward Island, Canada. My friend and I used to spend hours under there, digging in the dirt with GI Joes, covered in the spiders that lived under the floorboards. Sometimes I would spend all day under there. My mom would bring me hot dogs and pass them through the fence that surrounded the underside of the house. Little kid stuff.

One summer, I lost my Duke figure somewhere in that red dirt. This was heartbreaking. I pined for that figure for YEARS. For maybe four or five summers, I dug up every inch of that soil again and again trying to find him. Some time after puberty hit, I gave up. My mother tried to find another Duke. Maybe they stopped producing the exact model, because we could never find the right one. It seemed that here was no replacing him (you?).

Fast forward to my 21st birthday. As I have gotten older, my attitude towards birthday gifts has gone from "YEEEEEEEEE" to "Meh, just get me socks and underwear". I unwrap some choice boxers from Calvin Klein and a few of those hay-bail sized Costco rolls of athletic socks. I am very happy.

Then my mother tells me she has one more surprise for me.

Ten-plus years later, my mother has hunted down the exact same Duke figurine, still in the box.

I swear, I cried right then and there. Hell, I choked up just remembering this.

So, thanks for returning to me, Duke. This is as close as I think I may ever get to being able to say that to a real person. My mom says 'Hi'.

TL; DR: I love my mom, her and Duke teamed up to resolve my long-standing childhood trauma, and Duke is here in real life... so I'm thanking him on behalf of us both.

MiketherealvoiceofGi13 karma

Ok, you shmuck. You made me cry. Happy now?

MiketherealvoiceofGi15 karma

Seriously. Teared up. Nice to know I played such an important part of your life.

LucidLarry2 karma

I carried around a figurine of Chaz Finster when I was younger. Does that cause any emotions?

MiketherealvoiceofGi3 karma

Not if you gave up the practice by the time you reached 21. After that, hello sinus.

ncm3t4l17 karma

I was born in '73 and Duke's voice is forever in my head.

Thanks for e everything sir.

Do you ever talk to Larry Hama?

MiketherealvoiceofGi18 karma

I met Larry Hama at a convention. He was swamped with fans. We talked briefly and he was generous with his time. Truly a talented gentleman.

Uberreiniger16 karma

Out of all the death scenes in "Transformers: The Movie" Prowl's was arguably the most horrific. How did you feel the first time you saw it?

MiketherealvoiceofGi17 karma

Dying was easy..since I knew that somehow I would return. Dying is most fun for actors...gurgle gurgle.

Uberreiniger4 karma

Didn't they kill off Duke about the same time? (I think they changed it at the last minute so he was just knocked out or something.) Did you ever feel like the writers were "out to get you?"

MiketherealvoiceofGi10 karma

The writers did all they could to keep me in the show...at least that's what they told me at gunpoint. I did get knocked out and although I asked for Scarlet or Lady J to give me the breath of life, they chose Serpentor. That almost killed me. Ok, I am getting looney here. Not used to being in front of the computer this long. Cuts into my nap.

Aurvidlem10 karma

Michael Bell, you have an amazing work ethic! A career spanning decades, a devotion to the craft, and quite varied with your excellent deliveries! Now, the question...

Your performance of Raziel (opposite Simon Templeman) is my absolute favorite. Sure it helps that the writing and story were top-notch. When doing Legacy of Kain, how much interaction did you have with Simon? Those performances by the two of you were terrifically stellar.

Best of luck to Ashley and her team. She's got my support.

MiketherealvoiceofGi10 karma

First of all, bless you for supporting Ash and her team. Hope you popped for the fabulous T shirt. Secondly, the writing on Legacy was top notch. Amy can be thanked for that. She is soooo smart...and nice. Simon, as I said earlier, is a winner. Gracious and generous. A major acting force. Boy was I lucky to be in that one.

Aurvidlem2 karma

Actually I opted for the 'no perk' option as to not incur cost upon the team. But they've got my dollar and spirit and I wish all the fruits of labor and success that they may find.

Michael Bell, thank you.

MiketherealvoiceofGi6 karma

Ok, you da bomb...and I mean that. Surreal, years later, a fan helping my kid film her documentary. What a strange and lovely thing.

colonel_ives9 karma

Having been a latch-key kid, I grew up with your voice work. You will always be the voice of Duke, all others are imposters.

MiketherealvoiceofGi23 karma

I told Channing that and he decked me.

the_ghost998 karma

What is your fondest memory from working on The Transformers?

MiketherealvoiceofGi18 karma

Twelve guys and two girls locked in a room for eight hours performing.

RedsforMeds8 karma


MiketherealvoiceofGi12 karma

That hurt...but they are funny.

RedsforMeds5 karma


MiketherealvoiceofGi12 karma

Playing with you. No disrespect taken.

Nonchalant258 karma

I listened to your voice more then my parents growing up

MiketherealvoiceofGi5 karma

I know, they just called me and are suing. Thanks a lot.

Ardok8 karma

So, I looked up you IMDB profile. I am somewhat in shock at the fact that you're in an unprecedented percentage of my childhood. I not sure if I'm impressed, intimidated, or incredulous at the extent of it.

My question to you: Did you/do you ever watch any of the shows you've performed in? If so, which are your favorites to watch?

MiketherealvoiceofGi6 karma

I have watched a couple of the on camera stuff like Mash and 3's Company and can't for the life of me figure out how I never became a star. I guess it's because my ears were the biggest thing on my body....and I left myself open with that one. I did enjoy watching the Smurfs and Rugrats. Chaz was a complex character. The best kind for an actor to play. Thanks for asking. Stay incredulous. Shocked will make you incontinent.

matrim6117 karma

Sir, You are my Hero.

I've always wanted to get into voice acting because of you and a few other extremely talented individuals. I love videogames and grew up on them (and rugrats and many other things you had a part of). Listening to you as Raziel in the Legacy of Kain series was the first time that I seriously started playing a game just for the story.

I have such a respect and admiration for voice actors, I astound my friends by naming voice actors in games and shows all the time, and all of that is because of you.

So, Enough gushing, time for a question!

How did you get into voice acting, and what would you recommend for someone trying to get into that line of work?

MiketherealvoiceofGi9 karma

Matreim611, get into an improv group. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viola_Spolin Her book has to be the one to get. Also watch as many good period movies as possible. English films really worked for me. Get into an acting group. Learn who you are begin to build characters. I am editing a video I did on one of my animation classes and hope to have it out there at the end of the year. Should be helpful for beginners.I hope that answers your question. My hand is falling off from typing so frigging fast. AHHHHH.

MiketherealvoiceofGi7 karma

To all of you super Reddit peeps, I am off line for the next couple of hours. Gotta see a doc about seeing. BUT back this evening to answer all questions, and smack a few of you upside the head. YO JOE!

MiketherealvoiceofGi13 karma

In the meantime, puleese go to http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/love-bananas--2/x/5355369 and help support Love and Bananas. Got some great perks.

improbablewobble7 karma

What do you think of the GI Joe and Transformers movie franchises? Be honest.

MiketherealvoiceofGi16 karma

KAKA...but that's just jealousy on my part since I wasn't considered for any of the voices.

PugsBugs7 karma

Fans had to fight to get Peter Cullen in those flicks if I recall. The original (86) Transformers movie is the ONLY movie as far as I'm concerned.

MiketherealvoiceofGi10 karma

PugBugs you got that right. Wally Burr the Director would love to hear them words.

lostcardboardbox5 karma

The new Transformers doesn't have the guts to kill off 75% of my favorite characters in the first 30 minutes.

MiketherealvoiceofGi4 karma

You mean the animated series WITHOUT ME..or the live action WITHOUT ME?

lostcardboardbox6 karma

I mean all of them WITHOUT you :(

MiketherealvoiceofGi6 karma

Ok, you should be producing. Like your style.

leodown06 karma

how much fun was it working as a voice actor for rugrats

MiketherealvoiceofGi13 karma

I haven't stopped laughing

Decilllion6 karma

Prowl was the real brains behind the Autobots. He put in the hours and made Optimus look like a million bucks. Thanks for bringing him to life on the small and big screens.

MiketherealvoiceofGi13 karma

Thank you for watching. Yeh, I told Peter he'd be nowhere without me. He cried. I felt terrible.

CoffeeNTrees6 karma

I grew up in the 80's and appreciate your work. Do you think your daughter had an easier time breaking into the business having you as a father?

Also, do you have any tips for someone wanting to break into the voice over business?

And since there arent a ton of questions here, did you get to work with or meet Mel Blanc? and do you have any stories to share if so?

MiketherealvoiceofGi9 karma

Ash was on her own since I didn't really know anyone by the time she decided to become an actress( which I didn't really want for her. Too hard ). Yes, Mel played an important part in my life. We did Speed Buggy together. There is a story about it on Youtube. Study study study acting and get into improv class...best tip I can give you.

CoffeeNTrees3 karma

Thanks for taking the time to answer, Im a Banana w/ gear now. ;)

MiketherealvoiceofGi6 karma

YOU DA BOMB! Thanks so much.

Vic-Rattle-Head6 karma

I was a kid when i watched g.i joe and transformers I thank you for the fun memories you given me with putting your voice to toys and playing G I Joe with the toy guns they brought out shortly.

Its awesome to finally put a face to the voices....

Thank you for being awesome!

MiketherealvoiceofGi10 karma

You're welcome. My pleasure always.

Kknowsbest6 karma

If you weren't in the entertainment industry, what would you do for a career?

MiketherealvoiceofGi7 karma

Having spent my entire life working towards my career as an actor, never gave it much thought. OUCH! Stumped. Odd feeling for me. Gonna give that some thought.

dogsdontfly5 karma

Mr. Bell!!! I'm so excited to see you doing an AMA!!! Raziel from LoK is my idol, and those games shaped my teenage years. :) Thank you!

MiketherealvoiceofGi7 karma

Loved doing it... however,I hope you didn't run around wacking dead folk.

dogsdontfly3 karma

I can assure you that I did not. :)

MiketherealvoiceofGi5 karma


MrRobotPants5 karma

I watched the entire pilot of Star Trek: TNG thinking, "where do I know this guy from?", not realizing you were Duke!

Do you get to meet a lot of people who know you from your voice work, but can't place where they know you from?


MiketherealvoiceofGi7 karma

I do get that and I never understand how people recognize me from my voice alone when I am so devilishly handsome.

treyboogymonster5 karma

Huge Fan of GI Joe! I was wondering what are some cartoons that you would like to be on? Do you have any cool shows coming out soon?

MiketherealvoiceofGi9 karma

Would love to be on the Simpsons but not gonna happen. I just recorded a Rescue Bots and also revived Duke on "Community", coming soon. I am presently directing the 3rd season of the webisode, The LeBrons .Other then that, I nap a lot.

FFUUUUU5 karma

Rugrats is my childhood man, Chaz had the funniest voice.

What do you think about the absurd fan theory about the Rugrats?

MiketherealvoiceofGi13 karma


FFUUUUU3 karma

It's on the Internet man, it's there for everyone forever!

Also, another question after looking at your impressive IMDB page: What was it like doing voices for MGS3? Did you get to meet Kojima? How did the recording process work?

MiketherealvoiceofGi10 karma

We recorded first and they created the character around us. Never met Kojima dammit. Love working the game however.Lotta yelling. Left blood on the window. Fun!

nomad_mali5 karma

Did you know chaz was based on mark mothersbaug of devo? Did effect how you did the voice? Is it a very tight nit community in tge voice actors world with everyone applying for the same job? Do you like Mark hamill. Love your work!!

MiketherealvoiceofGi9 karma

And yes, it is a very tight knit community. However, none of us slept together. Most of us are very unattractive. FEH!

MiketherealvoiceofGi9 karma

I like Mark Hamil. Smart and talented. I wish I had been in Star Wars instead of just dubbing voices on it. Mark Mothersbaugh wrote a song that Chaz had to sing. I can barely hum on key...but I worked like a mother on it and when we recorded it, I was right on. WRONG. They wanted me to sing off key and never told me. Embarrassed and pissed doesn't cover how I felt. Mark thought it was funny. Good thing I left my truncheon at home.

MiketherealvoiceofGi5 karma

Thinking about your question Did it effect my voice. Nope. I just heard what Christina sounded like and figured like father, like son. Nasel and stuffed up. Worked nicely.

nomad_mali2 karma

Thanks for the replys! Love your work

MiketherealvoiceofGi3 karma

Appreciate that. I aint nuttin without fans and friends.

Scarletfapper5 karma

Goddammit! One of my all-time favourite voice actors shows up and I miss it.

So many questions to ask! Like who you think would make a worthy replacement for Tony Jay in the shoes (tentacles?) of the Elder God. To be honest I did a double take when I heard Cumberpatch as Smaug, so there's my vote.

And of course, thank you for brightening up my and others' childhoods with your work. I discovered you through Raziel, but by then you'd already done so much more.

Even some ~15 years later, every time I see or hear "Oh please" I hear it in Raziel's voice. I even tilt my head a little.

MiketherealvoiceofGi4 karma

Never fear, Raz is here. Tony was a kick. Directed him in the animated series Peter Pan.You couldn't get him to stop talking. Miss him. Cumberbatch is great casting.Did you see his National Theatre Film of Frankenstein? Brillaint. However, ya couldn't get him. Thinking Kevin Michael Richardson. What a dynamite actor and voice.

Scarletfapper2 karma

I'm afraid I'm in the wrong country for the National Theatre, but those photos show some remarkable production values on stage.

Waitaminute, did you say Tony was in the Peter Pan series? I only saw the film a few years ago, but I grew up with the series. Who did he play? Speaking of his inability to stop talking, I remember seeing you recording some lines for Soul Reaver 2 with Tony and Rene. It all looked great fun.

For KMR I had to go all the way back to Halo 2 to recognise his work (stuff that I'd actually heard), but he does have a nice, deep voice.

Still though, I'm in awe at how much this resembles Tony at times: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdMFd8JetCg

We can always dream, can't we?

MiketherealvoiceofGi2 karma

Dreaming is my daily activity....and yes Cumberbach is my number 1 choice. You can see the filmed National Theatre production at some local theatre in your area. It plays everywhere. That's how I saw it.

Szos4 karma

Why isn't this AMA an audio AMA?!

I'd love to hear some of these characters come back to life!

Which voice was the biggest stretch to do in terms of vocally?? Which one is the closest to your natural voice?

MiketherealvoiceofGi4 karma

Duke is close to me...as is Rugrats Drew. The hardest ever was this monster in INHUMANOIDS that was a walking mucus. I had to hock up oysters with every line. I cleared the studio. Sue Silo refused to come back to the mic next to me. Really? What's a little spit between friends?

zenaggression3 karma


:D I'm a huge fan sir. Thanks for being an icon of my youth, honestly.

MiketherealvoiceofGi3 karma

and hopefully in your dotage.

Sirusavath3 karma

A couple years back there had been a rumor of a Soul Reaver reboot. If this ever happened would you be willing to return as Raziel? Also how was it working with Amy Henning and Simon Templeton?

MiketherealvoiceofGi4 karma

Don't think that will happen. Love Henning ( in a politically correct way). Same for Simon. Super talented actor. Should be a star and may be yet.

blazar_guy3 karma

I ran into you at NYCC a few years back and you did Grouchy Smurf for my wife and son; it was the highlight of comic-con for us. Thanks!

MiketherealvoiceofGi3 karma

I hope that didn't mark your kid for life. If he became a bed wetter it wasn't my fault.

will_gild_ladytitpms3 karma

read that as michael bay at first, i was all fired up n ready to come in here and laugh at the michael bay directing jokes.

was pleasantly surprised to see you instead.

also you look like my ex-girlfriend's father

MiketherealvoiceofGi7 karma

Michael Bay isn't funny. Not casting my voice or putting Prowl in his film is not funny. So your ex girlfriend's father is handsome huh?

PugsBugs3 karma

OH GOD IT'S THE GUY THAT PLAYED RAZIEL!!! I um...don't know what to ask.

MiketherealvoiceofGi8 karma

As long as it's not for money, ask away.

PugsBugs6 karma

O.K. What was your favorite live action role you ever did?

MiketherealvoiceofGi6 karma

Probably 3"s Company. Not much action but I got to dance, wear a tight leotard and flash my tattoo...and piss off Janet.

PugsBugs2 karma

I sincerely hope 3's company is on netflix

MiketherealvoiceofGi6 karma

It may be. Not sure. Strange how some shows live on and others just bite the big weenie.Glad I was on the hot ones.

Pyramids_of_Gold3 karma


MiketherealvoiceofGi3 karma

Melanie Chartoff. She also played grandma Minka grandpa Boris' ( me being Boris ) long suffering wife. Talented lady.

n_mcrae_19823 karma

I'm curious what working on the various Star Trek eps (including the first ever TNG episode) was like.

Looking at your entry on the Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki, the last one involved much heavier make-up than the other two. The middle one was shot on location (which is rare for Star Trek), and the first involved being tortured by what was basically a giant space jellyfish.

MiketherealvoiceofGi8 karma

Jellyfish my A-S. That thing was hugh. I hung like a cheap christmas ball on wire, writhing and crying and whadda ya know, the damn thing broke and I plummeted to the ground flat on my back. Thankfully, my stunt double wasn't eating at the catering truck and made sure I had a mattress under me. Everything stopped when I fell. Silence. All the execs standing around me...and director, the late great Cory Allen. I didn't move. I heard a whisper " is he ok?". Then I said " I see a series in my future". Broke everyone up. Got 3 DSnines after that. End of story.

Newcomer_Chris3 karma

Will we ever get another Legacy of kain game!!!!! We know you raziel!!!!!!

MiketherealvoiceofGi2 karma

As I said to the other Reddit peeps, I doubt it. Amy is a friend and she is no longer with that company, so she is not up on that show. However, I think Matt Yang King, who looks like Raz and has a great voice would be ideal. I could play older Raz in his future who guides him...even though he tells him to F off. Sounds like that could be fun. I would suggest they bring Simon back as well.

brokenarrow3 karma

What was your reaction to the intended death of Duke during GI JOE THE MOVIE, and the subsequent rewrite to only gravely injure your character after the negative reaction to Optimus Prime's death in TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE? (Obviously, I'm sure it was nice to keep working.)

MiketherealvoiceofGi4 karma

Working is good. Dying is good. All good. Back again on "Community" along with Cobra and Scarlet etc, coming soon.

steveo7573 karma

Has your daughter told you any funny or crazy stories from her time in Cambodia?

MiketherealvoiceofGi7 karma

My daughter is petit. The elephants and mosquitos are hugh. I was so worried and will be again about her being there, I had a hard time listening to anything that was funny...but I think there was something. Gotta give me time to recall.

NorbitGorbit3 karma

Are you any relation to Lake Bell of "In a World..."? If you've seen that movie, how accurate is it as a portrayal of the VO community?

MiketherealvoiceofGi11 karma

Oh do I wish. SOOOOOOOO talented. Such a super movie. If you know her, tell her about me.

NorbitGorbit1 karma

That movie made it look as though everyone doing voiceovers knew each other. That's not the case?

MiketherealvoiceofGi5 karma

We all knew each other well, but not in the biblical sense, although Peter did have cute buns.

Davethe3rd3 karma

Say something briefly about each of the characters you played in Transformers "Generation 1" (as they call it)?




First Aid (I think that was you)


(Umm... did you play one of the Insecticons?)


MiketherealvoiceofGi4 karma

Prowl was smart and steady. Cool head. Sideswipe was guick to burn.Swoop a bit brainless but ready to take on everything...kind of like Berger's Grimlock. First Aid didn't have much to do, so he spent his evenings at drag bars applying bandaids to blistered high heels. I don't recall Hook, which must tell you that he was a bit of an annoying nerd. I think I was an Insecticon... but can't remember which. It was a hectic time with characters thrown at us weekly. YO JO!

Davethe3rd2 karma

As someone else pointed out, you were Scrapper, not Hook.

But thanks for answering anyway! Now I know!

MiketherealvoiceofGi2 karma

Trying to make me crazy. Probably Peter or Frank.

teh_digi3 karma

I love your voice. You're a legend

MiketherealvoiceofGi3 karma

I told my wife that and she told the legend to pick up his socks.

derlich2 karma

Loved Legacy of Kain. You were fantastic! It would have been very different without you. I wouldn't want anyone else voicing Raziel but you. Always wanted to thank someone who helped make the series and now I can. Thank you so much!

MiketherealvoiceofGi4 karma

Boy are you welcome. However, if it does come back, I suspect they will go younger. Always happens after a long interval between shows. I do know there's a plan to film another SMURFS, animated... but this time without the star stunt casting and hopefully with some of the original voices. If that's true, say a prayer for old Raz. I told some of the folks involved that although our asses have dropped, our voices are the same. Only time and good choices will tell.

mungfun2 karma

dude. I think I love you.

MiketherealvoiceofGi2 karma

Great mungfun, but make sure you've had your shots first.

FreakyMrCaleb2 karma

Hi Duke! Amazing work in general. How was it working on the GI.JOE cartoon's? Was it hard work or all fun and games?

MiketherealvoiceofGi5 karma

If you ever hear an actor tell you that acting is hard, you have my permission to challenge him/her to a dual. Especially voice animation. Yeah, all that breathing and stuff. I'm exhausted. NOT!

MiketherealvoiceofGi4 karma

And Freaky, it was all fun and games!

cheekycherry2 karma

Holy cannoli!! You were Lance in Voltron!! What was that like?! That show was my childhood. Thank you, good sir, for all of your hard work!

MiketherealvoiceofGi7 karma

Lance was a lot cooler then me. Loved playing him. I also voiced lots of children since Peter and Jack and Lennie had much deeper voices. I

cheekycherry2 karma

Lance was seriously too cool for school. That bomber jacket? Fuggedaboutit! HE should've formed the head of Voltron! (Apologies to Neil Ross...)

MiketherealvoiceofGi5 karma

Ok, I'm sending this to Neal and he will find you. Seeing him and some of my other VO buds in June for a get together. Should be fun comparing walkers.

jimmyg1232 karma

How did you ge into voice acting? And what was it like working on the cast of Rugrats? I absolutely loved that show as a kid, you're awesome man.

MiketherealvoiceofGi3 karma

Always wanted to be an actor from the time I could make milk come through my nose. Did stage, improv, studied, got into TV and some films. Went under contract to Universal. Ok, I'm boring the crap out of myself with my life story. In any event, loved playing characters I never got to play on screen, so I switched. Never looked back. The cast of RR was sensational. Talented to a fault. Super direction and what a supportive group of producers. When I balked at a change in my character, they allowed me the room to do what I felt the character would do. Doesn't happen a lot. Network..the bankers... often get in the way. Not on RugRats. Miss it like crazy.

lady_jaye2 karma

I loved GI Joe as a kid. Thanks is all!

MiketherealvoiceofGi2 karma

VELCOME! ( from vipers )

xpected2 karma

As a kid, I watched g.I joe the movie hundreds of times. You took a serpentor snake to the heart like a pro.

Anyway, as a latch-key kid I wanna say thanks for having a presence in our early lives. You brought a talent and art to a lot of our entertainment that kept quite a few of us out of trouble.

MiketherealvoiceofGi3 karma

Not all. I get letters from prisoners saying the same thing. So creepy.

DaveMcElfatrick2 karma

How did you feel when you came out of that coma?

MiketherealvoiceofGi2 karma

I would have felt better if Scarlet was standing over me wearing a low cut hoodie. However, glad I was back for another attempt at slicing Cobra's ugly head off.

lostcardboardbox2 karma

I never thought I'd care about an AMA until I saw yours! When you were recording for Transformers, did you think it was goingto turn into something that would have such a huge pop culture impact, or was it just another lame tv show to you? Also I've loved Transformers since I was a wee young child, honestly, thank you so much for your work! That terribly animated cartoon is my most favorite thing.

MiketherealvoiceofGi4 karma

None of us thought it would have this kind of evergreen life. After all, it was another great gig and would soon be over...like so many we did. It was a gift for us, and obviously for our fans. The best part was, we didn't have to fight celebs for the roles. They trusted that we were pros, albeit not famous and would deliver. We did, you liked it, and everyone was happy. So wee child once, thanks for the good words. Now go to my daughter's indiegogo site and send a few $. Also, see Sparks her new film...I think you will like it. Sorry to be so transparently proud, but I know you understand.

No_Worries_Bro2 karma

Transformers: The Movie, is my favourite movie ever. Thanks for being a part of that and helping to make it what it is.

"Me Swoop no see nothing!"

MiketherealvoiceofGi4 karma

Hah. Trying to steal my work from me huh? Why I oughta! Thanks Bro, I know all the folks involved would love to hear your fav was a result of their hard work.

gavincandance2 karma

How has Chucky been all these years, Kimi too? I assume they graduated college by now?

MiketherealvoiceofGi7 karma

In Jail.

rice-bomb2 karma

Was it a coincidence that all the things you voiced are awesome?

MiketherealvoiceofGi5 karma

Naww. I take full responsibility...unless the show didn't come back for a second season, then it was their fault.

theironbear2 karma

Literally just watched the last exorcism again then came on here and saw this!!! Your daughter does an amazing job in that role. She manages to look beautiful and be hell scary at the same time. Man I used to love GI Joe haha had so many toys.

MiketherealvoiceofGi2 karma

Ya got good taste theironbear. Better then fans that taste good. Hope I get to meet all of my Reddit peeps in one of the few Comicons, I hit this year. Ash will be on this site on Monday when she gets home from her PA tour for " Sparks".

theironbear2 karma

Unfortunately I am from Australia so I won't be able to attend :/ I'll make sure to check when she is on :) thanks a lot for the reply.

MiketherealvoiceofGi2 karma

When and if I ever get invited to Comicon in Australia, come say hello.

jneu20122 karma

what state did you live in when you got into voice acting? I live in Wisconsin and have no idea how to get my foot in the door, living here.

MiketherealvoiceofGi2 karma

NY, then California...but I bet if you look hard you will find a dramatic club or class in Wisconsin. Pick up some good books on acting and who knows, when i finally finish editing my voice animation master class video, that might be another source of help. In the meantime, start listening to family. friends, talk radio etc and plagiarize their phrasing and sounds. It's how we all begun.

Mankers1 karma

Did you voice Dukes death in the unseen footage of GI Joe the movie? If so, what were the lines?

MiketherealvoiceofGi3 karma

I don't recall but it must have been, " cough, cough, tell Scarlett...cough...tell...Scar....oohh.. plop!

legendhillary1 karma

Which "additional voices" did you do for Tangled?

MiketherealvoiceofGi6 karma

a guy selling small children, a beggar with the clap and a dancing fool. Ok, I don't remember. Are you happy now that you made me look foolish?

gracechristie1 karma


MiketherealvoiceofGi3 karma

Don't eat sugar, but if I did, something with chocolate. However, moms keep their girl scouts away from my house. Heh heh heh!

FletchDoesNotLive1 karma

How'd you end up working with David Cronenberg on Fast Company?

MiketherealvoiceofGi3 karma

Ok, I have no recollection of working with David Cronenberg. That must be my doppleganger. I know I would remember that.

Cadbane131 karma

Was there any plans for G.I. Joe season three

MiketherealvoiceofGi3 karma

If so, they have kept it secret from me. Wait, that sounds like I am paranoid. I meant, if so, they HAVE KEPT IT SECRET FROM ME!

SoberHungry1 karma

Duke is in a bitter feud in my GI Joe wrestling federation.

Can I get an autograph or a short heel promo video?

MiketherealvoiceofGi4 karma

I would love to give you an autograph but can't divulge my address or the Army will recruit me again. Yep, I was a real soldier and caused my commander major problems. AND PROUD OF IT.

bobaf1 karma

Who is a character you'd love to voice and why?

MiketherealvoiceofGi8 karma

I would be thrilled to voice an old bag lady with no teeth on Family Guy. Talk about fun.

bunnybasher-2 karma

are your nipples the size of quarters, nickles, pennies, or dimes. if you want to shake it up Dollar coins??

MiketherealvoiceofGi3 karma

freckles...you sick puppy.