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Omg I laughed way too hard to that. I've always yell at the the GF for not making her own heat. She thinks is funny when you're all warm and cozy in bed in the middle of winter and she comes and searches for those pockets of heat with her cold feet or hands.  They're mine! I made that heat, not her! Go away.

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Why, in this day and age, are we filing taxes at all??

The government knows how much we make, they know what kind of dividends we've gotten, they know how much we've paid in taxes and how much was withheld.

Why are we still going through the motions of filing, getting anxious and aggravated when this all should be automated?

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Have you ever read the old school Byte magazine?

That's the magazine that originally sparked my interest in computers and technology. Would love a modern day alternative.

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EVERYONE in prison is "innocent". They will all swear up and down that they didn't do anything.

How do you distinguish the "innocent" from the innocent?

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Are you part of the corporate news media that is going to hand Trump a second term by splitting the moderate and progressive vote?