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I have a few questions.

1 where there any really silly/good pranks played behind the scenes of 4 rooms. As watching the movie and absolutely loving it and super hilarious there must of been some over the top funny stuff that happend if so can you tell us a story?

2 How was it working with the crew of Frasier I've read in a few interviews hes quite the perfectionist is this true ?

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I was a kid when i watched g.i joe and transformers I thank you for the fun memories you given me with putting your voice to toys and playing G I Joe with the toy guns they brought out shortly.

Its awesome to finally put a face to the voices....

Thank you for being awesome!

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Nice thank you for being honest and answering my question.

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Few guitar questions.

1 What do you think of the current state of Fender from being bought by CBS then bought by SONY do you think the quality and worksmanship has lost face ?

2 What guitars/bass do you prefer for overall tone and functionality

3 what is your current amp setup effects included.

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Thank you for answering :D