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How has using social media sites such as Reddit helped you in reaching your goals scientifically and/or professionally?

Would you recommend other scientists to follow in your footsteps and be active in social media websites?

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Thanks for your AMA!

How often do you perform inspections on a restaurant?

Is it difficult for a restaurant to hide health violations?

Have you ever failed a restaurant for violations? And if you did, what happens if they fall? Also, what options do they have to rectify the situation?

Have restaurants every attempted to bribe you?

What's the best way to report health violations of you're a patron? How can my report be taken seriously?

Thanks for your time!

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Hello Dr. Aikin!

How long does it take to perform this kind of experiment. How many collaborators were there on this project? Was this something that was difficult to coordinate? Why does the experiment have to be performed at the South Pole?


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Hello Mr. Lawsky,

Why does cryptocurrency require regulation? What risks are there in an unregulated market that would otherwise not exist in a regulated one?

Thanks for your time.

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