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Same, OP is acting sketchy as fuck and keeps saying the doc did it 'against his will'. Wondering what consent forms he signed prior to having this work done, honestly. Not saying there haven't been shitty doctors ever in the history of ever, but usually if someone has a legit case for malpractice they don't go posting it all over the internet while it's still in progress, before any board has judged the doctor be negligent. In fact, seems like a great way to fuck up your case if it IS legit.

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/r/dentistry doesn't ask for $4 a pop and will probably tell you to visit a dentist in person for a real eval, which is more than this shitty app does.

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Are you crazy? Doing a prophylactic treatment in a case diagnosed as periodontal disease is against standard of care.

Also how are the dentists on this app diagnosing anything? You can’t diagnose without both X-rays and clinical examination. Yet you’re going to challenge people’s dentists based on only half the equation?

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Because implants can break, like real teeth, can get periodontal disease, like real teeth, can get infected, have no proprioception, are expensive, have to be cleaned, and can fail in a multitude of ways. They are the best replacement for missing teeth. They are not something you pull out perfectly fine teeth for.

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And yes! You can have your entire mouth pulled and replaced with perfect implants. It's what I want to do eventually :)

What the fuck? No you can't, that's malpractice. I know you're a predent, but don't give people advice like that. Don't tell people they can get their teeth filed either. That's a decision a doctor can make, not a patient. Patients don't dictate their treatment, they accept or deny a treatment plan their doctor makes after properly working up and diagnosing them. We don't file teeth willy nilly.