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I am a former cosmonaut; I've survived many catastrophic events when I was on the Mir space station, and until recently, I was the Director at the Memorial Museum of Astronautics in Moscow. I'm currently the Creative Director of a team that includes astronauts, scientists, cosmonauts, artists, coders and architects. We are making a video game that is called "Space Pioneer" and you can check out our Kickstarter here:

Please feel free to ask me anything -- I would be happy to detail my experiences in space (I have many of them to share) and also my opinions on the current state of astronautics in general. I would also love to answer questions about Space Pioneer, as I am currently focusing all of my time towards the development of Space Pioneer.

Edit: This has been great! Thanks for the AMA's and support on our Kickstarter! I'll have to sign 718 photos once our Kickstarter ends...

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NotSayingJustSaying255 karma

Sex in space. Talk.

SpacePioneer337 karma

It's always a learning experience...

cathedrameregulaemea166 karma

привет саша! Wow, it's not often that the English speaking world gets to talk to cosmonauts directly, so let me make the most of this..

  1. Have you read Dragonfly? What's your take on it?

  2. Did you meet with Bryan Burroughs when he was researching the book?

  3. Do you still have a lot of friends at Энергия/роскосмос/Федералспаце/лавочкин? Has the culture with respect to manned spaceflight mission planning changed? With the ISS? In terms of the over-working the cosmonauts etc.?

  4. I know at NASA, they like to trump the spirit of international co-operation, but frankly, it seems flimsy- what with the Russian Segment more or less functionally isolated from the US segment, and with the clarion call for "launchers from US soil". What's been your experience post your retirement as a cosmonaut? (EDIT: compared to your experience as a cosmonaut)

  5. Where do you think the Russian space industry is headed? One decade from now - post ISS? Do you think it'd be in a partnership with the other global space agencies for a concerted effort? Continued experiments on the long term effects of sustained exposure to microgravity, still in LEO? What's the inside scoop on the new, much delayed multipurpose module?

SpacePioneer18 karma

Sorry for the late reply!

Bryan was the first foreign journalist to interview me for a long period of time. He was given the task of writing about Russian and U.S. cooperation in space. Under these pretenses -- he was given the green-light by NASA and Roscosmos to interview people like us with anything that related to that topic. He could pretty much interview anyone in our agencies! But despite that status; he only collected information about our mission in Space.

We discussed things for around a month, and he's been to my apartment numerous times. For me -- I would say that he is a prime example of how journalists should work. Specifically with him, I experienced what it was truly like to have a battle of wits! I understood what episodes in our mission that he was interested in, and I also understood that he didn't understand everything that went on while we were in space.

This person ultimately gave me the boost that I needed to start writing my book and also to start developing Space Pioneer. And I also now understand how important it is that I wrote my experiences down every day when I was in Space. I'm incredibly grateful to him for that.

I'm planning to release my journals that I wrote while in space this year and I'm hoping to fund Space Pioneer so that it comes out too! This way you'll get to compare what he wrote about us and how I personally experienced those events.

molstad119 karma

What kind of catastrophes are you referring to? Also, how are cosmonauts viewed in Russia? Do they receive the same "superman" status as astronauts in the US/West?

SpacePioneer193 karma

Yes, I'd say that we are treated well by the general public! Well, a fire for starters, depressurization and a variety of life support problems. I'd say that my time in space was particularly problematic, when compared to other missions to the Mir.

inhuman446 karma

How did you depressurize the modules? Did you have some spare air on-hand or did you have to wait for resupply?

SpacePioneer93 karma

We sealed off the module that was punctured. We stabilized the module we were in by releasing oxygen from the tanks that we use for spacewalks.

inhuman441 karma

Was there a plan in place to get you out if Mir couldn't be saved? How long would you have had to wait?

SpacePioneer78 karma

In the event that it couldn't be saved, we would have tried to evacuate via a soyuz craft. It's always docked to the space station for cargo and evacuation purposes.

why_compromise77 karma

Where's the vodka stash Clooney keeps talking about. you know.. just in case..

SpacePioneer134 karma

We had Cognac...

Oddzilla72 karma

Hello Alexandr,

With all due respect, while I'm a big fan of space in general and the ideas behind the "Space Pioneer" project, in the past I've cautioned anyone who is willing to fund it to hold their funds. I did this because there is little to no proof that the team is actually able to create a game (aside from there being some pretty paintings in the kickstarter). So apologies for skipping any sort of space questions and focusing my question around Space Pioneer, then.

Looking at the project's page, the scope of the game described seems to be way out of the budget that's being requested ($150,000), as well as none of the game designers showing proof that they've ever managed or created any sort of game ever. Not even a web/flash game. In fact, the only mention of experience comes from the studio director who merely says that he "is professionally and personally interested in Astro-Physics and video games."

Is there anything that you or the Space Enigma team can show or say that would help ease my fears that this project will actually come to fruition and be half the things the Space Enigma team is promising?


SpacePioneer101 karma

I can definitely elaborate -- every cosmonaut that's listed on our team has been making professional grade space sims for most of their career (that includes me) -- it's much easier for us to make something that's fun and incorporates RTS game-play then it is to make accurate space simulators. I can also add that one of our team members (he's not listed on our Kickstarter yet) worked a long time with twisted pixel, and a lot of our team is very experienced in crafting games.

We are in pre-production and so we are focusing on story first and coding second. So we can show you early builds, but they wouldn't accurately represent what we want our game to be. Thanks for taking the time to write on this thread! But we need your help to reach our goal so that we can actually make this game. Our team is unique to the video game industry and we are completely confident that we can make this game all that we want it to be.

SpacePioneer55 karma

The Russian designer who gave us the footage claimed it as his own and we took his word for it. When someone informed us that it was from somewhere else -- we took it down because we have no intention of being fraudsters! And we are now talking to him about it...

BigFatBeardo20 karma

I currently work in simulation, making training simulators for heavy construction equipment. I'm also pursuing a degree in Physics. If I wanted to seek a career in space simulation, do you think that would be possible? Or do they usually want people who have experience in space (cosmonauts such as yourself)?

SpacePioneer31 karma

If you have a true passion for things like space and physics, then of course it's possible for you to make a living by making space sims. By no means do you have to fly to space to be able to make space sims (though it doesn't hurt). Good luck with your degree and future endeavors!

Flight71412 karma

And we are now talking to him about it...

That's not nearly enough. You need to fire him from the team, and implement hiring procedures that ensure you never end up with anyone like him working with you ever again.

He's seriously damaged the credibility of your whole project, and if you can't confidently assure potential Kickstarters that they'll be backing a 100% legitimate team of developers, you shouldn't expect any more funding.

Make sure this guy is gone. Your complicity in his continued employment reflects very badly on your own legitimacy.

SpacePioneer36 karma

Don't worry -- he's not on our team anymore... I just didn't want to be too negative here. We are talking to him about it is supposed to be a term for being fired.

Gay4Moleman68 karma

The Russian and U.S. Space programs were at one time great rivals. Are there still any of these leftover resentments between the Russian and U.S. programs, or is it all a thing of the past now?

SpacePioneer157 karma

During soviet times; there was of course rivalry that was fueled by cold war politics. But there is no resentment now -- we're all friends and we all want to explore space together. We share the same obstacles (financing) and all want for Humanity to reach out to the stars.

gaslightgirl65 karma

Did you ever just feel completely overwhelmed by the vastness out there?

SpacePioneer130 karma

Always actually; to think that we are just a tiny spec within the universe is a very sobering thought.

lonelynightingale65 karma

I saw somewhere that while the Sochi games cost $51 billion, going to Mars would only cost $2.5 billion. Do you think the funding problem lies with public misperception of the value of the space program or in the ignorance of politicians?

SpacePioneer114 karma

I think it's a little bit of both. Though the budget for Sochi was absurd in it's own right... People need to be inspired to venture out into space and politicians need to see that people are interested in space exploration. That's happened before with the Soviet/U.S. space race and it can happen again if there is enough interest. I'd also like to say that star trek was something that inspired a lot future of NASA and Roscosmos employees. We want to accomplish the same thing with Space Pioneer!

SpacePioneer54 karma

Hey everyone -- I'm going to start answering early since I'm already getting some great as well as intriguing questions. Thanks for commenting!


No, Thank you!

SpacePioneer48 karma

Большое спасибо and vielen dank!

KushTheKitten50 karma

Have you ever seen a UFO during your time up in space? Also what do you know about aliens and what have you heard from other cosmonauts?

SpacePioneer115 karma

I was actively searching for them and fantasized about seeing them, but did not see any with my own eyes. I believe that other life exists somewhere, and I want to show people my interpretation of it (as well as my team's), through Space Pioneer.

kynacologist42 karma

What was the most incredible thing about space?

SpacePioneer138 karma

Looking back at the planet that you've been living on for your whole life. It's an incredible thing to experience!

suclearnub42 karma

You should play Kerbal Space Program.

SpacePioneer54 karma

I should!

mrsrieder33 karma

aliens, and other life, any of it? and what did you eat as snacks and stuff

SpacePioneer84 karma

Our country makes delicious space food! My favorite snack was the cognac... I'm sure that there are aliens somewhere out there!

SpacePioneer54 karma

In fact; I'm going to drink some cognac when the first redditor pledges to our Kickstarter.

SpacePioneer65 karma

First pledge from Reddit -- I'm drinking up -- thank you James! You'll get a signed photo from me. Anyone who pledges from Reddit today will get that as a reward too (no matter how much you pledge), so what are you waiting for?

frostsoar10 karma

I hope you were sincere :) I pledged for the respect of the russian astronauts and for the honor the have something signed by you :o!

SpacePioneer14 karma

Yes definitely was sincere. :) You'll be getting it as a Kickstarter reward -- we keep track of all the names and what site they come from. Thank you!

SpacePioneer5 karma

Thanks! " All contributors for today will get a signed photo from Lazutkin as a Kickstarter reward in the future. We're also happy to announce that previous backers will be getting a signed photo from Lazutkin too! He will have a lot of signing to do... Thanks again!" --from our Kickstarter. My hand will fall off I think. :)

Smunny29 karma

Think it's possible to get people to Mars in 15 years?

SpacePioneer143 karma

It's more than possible! We can send people to mars RIGHT NOW if we had the funding to do it.

HaydenPlanettierium23 karma

You have said, after the collision on Mir, that when the station passed through the night side and you lost power that you didn't think it was so bad. Where did you find peace in such a situation? Because I would be terrified.

Thanks for doing this and for putting yourself in danger in space for the rest of us!

FuckShitCuntBitch14 karma

You just got that from his Wikipedia article, didn't you?

SpacePioneer51 karma

I was still beyond terrified! But I found some peace in the fact that I was still alive.

s4g4n21 karma

What's your opinion on the film Gravity?

SpacePioneer68 karma

I've only seen trailers for it, but it looks like it could be a good film. It's not accurate to how space is in real life, but it looks to be entertaining. And anything that inspires people to think about space is a good thing!

FuckShitCuntBitch21 karma

Living in such close quarters, how often do disputes arise and what do you do to mediate them? Have you ever seen or been in a fight while in the space station?

SpacePioneer45 karma

We had so many problems on our space station that we didn't have any time to argue. It's definitely hard, but we are professionals who try not to do those types of things.

SpacePioneer20 karma

Thanks Sergei for being the 2nd redditor to pledge on our Kickstarter! Everyone on reddit who pledges today will get a signed photo from me (no matter how much they contribute -- even if it's one dollar) as a Kickstarter reward. :)

SpacePioneer12 karma

Thanks to Scott too for contributing!

SpacePioneer14 karma

And thank you to Daniel.

SpacePioneer9 karma

And thank you to a lot more people! You guys are awesome -- I'm continuing the signed photo thing as a Kickstarter reward for today too. :)

adudenamedrf19 karma

Much free time in space? If so, how did you spend it?

SpacePioneer41 karma

Not as much as you would think. We had a strict regime and free time was mostly reserved for sleep to be honest.

MedicMalfunction18 karma

What are your feelings on the lost cosmonaut theory? Crazy conspiracy theory or probable fact?

SpacePioneer40 karma

I don't think that a cover up like this happened in real life. But Space Pioneer will actually incorporate the lost cosmonaut theory within its lore as a legend of sorts!

rakuo12315 karma

Did you do any experiments on your own accord just to see how stuff works? And if so what did you do?

SpacePioneer28 karma

Well between all the fires, collisions and lack of oxygen -- I'd say that we had a lot of unplanned experiments! So we had a lot of fun there...

frothy-when-agitated11 karma

Was there ever a time when you seriously feared for your life and didn't think you'd make it home?

SpacePioneer22 karma

Yes -- through all of those times I always feared for my life. But after a certain time, I felt relief because I was still alive after all (and still am)!

godard1715 karma

Will Russia ever send a man on the moon? If so, would you like to be a part of that team?

SpacePioneer30 karma

I'm ready to fly right now! Hopefully they do, and I hope that we eventually go further beyond that.

HairyMongoose15 karma

Important one here: If Russia and America both made a giant robot, who would win in an epic showdown over Tokyo?

SpacePioneer57 karma

None -- they would team up with Japan to go up against China.

tbag60514 karma

Have you experienced many health problems from your time in space?

SpacePioneer34 karma

I can't say that I've experienced health problems that have been caused directly from being in space. I can say that I had a heart problem afterwards, specifically during a health check up in Houston. That's why I haven't been to space since.

wtfdidijustdoshit14 karma

A cosmonaut doing AMA only gets 1.3k upvotes and barely 250 comments while the idiot liljohn crap gets thousands of upvotes/comments. How sad.

SpacePioneer23 karma

More people know a rapper than a cosmonaut. It's just the way that things are. I'm still grateful for all the comments I'm getting!

goatcoat14 karma

How did you feel when the US retired its last space shuttle? Did it at least feel a little good that America would have to come to Russia, hat in hand, if it wanted to send any people into space?

SpacePioneer75 karma

No; it felt awful to hear that the shuttle program was dismantled. Politicians would be the only people who would be happy about that. I'm glad that the U.S. is developing a new launch system; anything that advances humanity's reach in our galaxy is a good thing.

mugglesj14 karma

What one thing do you wish you had/could have brought?

SpacePioneer40 karma

If I could fly again today -- I'd bring my family with me.

Smunny13 karma

What are your views on the tumult in Ukraine?

SpacePioneer47 karma

 I think that people want to have a better life, and that's why all this is going on.

jace5313 karma

What is your professional assessment of the Chinese space program.

SpacePioneer50 karma

I think that their space program is expanding rapidly and that they are taking a very serious approach towards the exploration of space. The further along they get in their space program, the more competition you wile see from other space agencies -- this is always a good thing.

UniversalOrbit13 karma

Lots of people talking about commercial space travel, some companies even offering tickets as prizes for promotions..realistically do you see that as a probability within the next 50-100 years?

SpacePioneer24 karma

Within the next 50-100 years? I think that it is a given that there will be a thriving commercial space industry by then. I hate to self promote so much, but our game will cover that in great detail!

zorrie12 karma

Hello Mr. Lazutkin. I am very thankful that you have agreed to answer our questions here at reddit, and I have a couple for you myself.

  1. What was the hardest part of the training in order to become a cosmonaut? Was there like a personal threshold you had to overcome in order to continue your training, something you never thought you would be able to do?

  2. How did you and your family handle the separation from each other?

And last but not least, How did you decide of all the things you could have possibly done after you discontinued your career, that you wish to develop a game? That sounds awesome!

SpacePioneer18 karma

Thanks for the well thought out questions! When I was young, I went to a school that specializes in sports. To this day I professionally practice gymnastics and parachuting. So training for me was not that big of an issue.

It was definitely a hard thing to do; but I was young and ambitious, and I had the opportunity to go to space -- my family was very understanding of that. I did miss them very much though.

I always wanted to show people how interesting space is, and that there is much more to our world. Space Pioneer enables me to inspire people to look to the stars and I hope that our game will garner more public awareness towards space exploration. But we need your help to make our game come to life -- take a look at our Kickstarter and please pledge whatever amount that you can.

zorrie3 karma

Thank you for your answers, I will be sure to help out as I can&spread the word. Good luck!

SpacePioneer9 karma

Thank you very much Zorrie!

Skagbaronkris12 karma

What's the one thing that you realized you forgot at home once you boarded the MIR?

SpacePioneer42 karma

I forgot to bring my wife!

JeanClaudeVanDayuuum11 karma

8 cosmonauts have shared hallucination of winged creature while in space . Explain .

edit: Here is the link for anybody wondering.

SpacePioneer25 karma

I've heard of these hallucinations but haven't experienced it myself. You see things in space that you can't see on earth -- it greatly expands your view of the world. You also have to take into account that people did not evolve to be in space, and we still don't know the full extent of what happens to you in space, both in a physical and psychological sense. Everyone has there own problems whilst in space, and some people experience hallucinations.


What does space food taste like?

SpacePioneer28 karma

Surprisingly good actually - I think that they just developed pizza too! One of the reward tiers on our Kickstarter features Russian space food as a reward.

VeryIrrelevant9 karma

Hello sir, First of all I would like to thank you for doing this. And second I would like to apologize for my question which I would assume you have heard a million times. But I have wondered, What is like up there? Like really? I can't imagine looking over the entirety of the human race and being able to look into the void of space at the same time. What is it like to look into our universe and realize how small we truly are?

SpacePioneer19 karma

When you get the opportunity to contrast the vastness that is our universe and the spec of dust that our earth is in comparison; you can't help but think that there is something more out there. Something that we aren't seeing. It's what drove me to Space Pioneer. It's a medium through which I can show people what our cosmos might have in store for us.

RangerLt8 karma

Hello, sir and thank you for your service to expanding our knowledge of the cosmos.

I'm actually curious if you've seen the movie Gravity, and if you have, what are your thoughts on the science behind it and the procedures followed by the astronauts in the film?

SpacePioneer16 karma

I've only seen trailers. The science is not accurate, but it doesn't need to be. What's important is that the movie provokes more interest in things that relate to space. From what I've seen, it looks like an interesting and dramatic movie!

frothy-when-agitated7 karma

Hi! Thanks for doing this AMA. Space has always fascinated me so I love hearing from those that have been there.

My question is kind of a hypothetical one: Would you prefer going into space in a space shuttle (all now retired) or the Soyuz Rocket that Russia uses? What do you think is safer?

I don't know much about the safety of the Soyuz. But it seems like a rugged rocket that gets the job done. Whereas the space shuttle was a little more "fragile."


SpacePioneer16 karma

I think that the Soyuz rocket is something that is conceptually the same thing that we have seen for a long time. It's a thoroughly tested technology that is reasonably dependable. With that said, it's a shame that the shuttle program was discontinued and I hope that we go on to develop new forms of space travel. I can't favor one over the other -- I'm, just happy that I got the chance to go to space!

CassandraVindicated7 karma

What are you allowed to do in space or bring with you into space that American astronauts are not.

SpacePioneer33 karma

I'm not sure what is and isn't allowed now, but we were supplied with alcohol back then (un-offically), whilst NASA didn't allow it.

leadnpotatoes7 karma

What is it like to ride in the Soyuz?

SpacePioneer16 karma

It's very jarring, and when you first feel weightless, it becomes especially jarring! I personally felt sick for the first week or so from the feeling -- but after that it became fun to be weightless...

MessiahX6 karma

Hi Sir! Welcome to reddit and thanks for this AMA. For my question, how do you see space exploration 5, 10, 15 years from now?

SpacePioneer8 karma

That's a wonderful question! My vision of what I want to see in space exploration is best expressed in the video game that I'm making. You can check it out at this link:

ClearlySituational6 karma

Have you ever played kerbal space program?

SpacePioneer33 karma

I've heard about it but never played it. It sounds like a cool game! They kind of look like an alien from a U.S. cartoon show that I saw before. Think it's called invader zim or something like that.

raddestginge5 karma

How's the food in space? and since you believe in other life, what's one of your favorite sci-fi movies or novels?

SpacePioneer10 karma

2001: a space odyssey is one of my personal favorites. The food is great and most importantly, it's edible!

joelschlosberg4 karma

What do you think of "Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space"?

SpacePioneer8 karma

Oh yes, BARIS... We have a different philosophy towards making games -- we want to make something that has innovative and fun game play, and something that isn't extremely difficult. It's better to inspire people to look into the stars then to force them to do it.

Comradio4 karma

What did you see outside the moment you you broke the atmosphere and entered true space?

SpacePioneer12 karma

Imagine flying on a plane -- that's kind of how it looks like, but you're also weightless. But you can see for yourself on how it looks like:

frothy-when-agitated4 karma

How long does it take to get used to zero gravity? What was the biggest challenge you faced working and living in zero gravity?

SpacePioneer18 karma

It depends on each person. Some people get used to it immediately, while others never get used to it. There is this thing called the vestibular system that's the main determiner of how well you adjust to micro gravity conditions, and each person is different.

DogBoneSalesman4 karma

Thanks for doing this! Have you ever encountered any type of UFO's in space that you can't explain?

SpacePioneer9 karma

I wish that I had seen something! I was actively looking for them in any case, but couldn't find anything. Though I'm sure that they are out there somewhere in our universe.

knowmsayin4 karma

What's it feel like being strapped to a rocket going straight up? How long does it usually take before leaving atmosphere?

SpacePioneer11 karma

It's a surreal experience to say the least! Usually around 4-5 minutes for Soyuz, but I don't know the exact time. I know the shuttle took a little longer.

masterpooter4 karma

what was the most exciting part of your time as a cosmonaut?

also, the game sounds like it has a lot of potential. i look forward to seeing the finished product. it definitely sounds like a game i would enjoy.

SpacePioneer4 karma

This is a cop out, as I can't really think of just one part of it that was exciting to me -- all of it was exciting! Just having the chance to go to space was incredibly exciting for me! Thank you for the kind words, and we need help from people like you to make that finished product. Please contribute whatever you can on our Kickstarter.

that-lol-chick4 karma

My brother wanted to ask if there was anything he could do to get ahead in order to become an astronaut. I know that you're a cosmonaut and came from a somewhat different era but you can probably give insight to him. He's about to graduate from high school

SpacePioneer8 karma

It's very hard to answer this question. If it's something that he really wants to do, then he has to be in perfect health, he has to be active in sports, and he has to do very well in high school/university. I majored in Mechanical Engineering, but the space flyers of today come from backgrounds that range from Biology to Physics.

_Sweater_Puppies_4 karma

Did you do THIS? If not, go back to failed your mission.

SpacePioneer9 karma

That's horrible -- do you know how hard cleanup is in space! Keep it clumped together and eat it all at once like a real cosmonaut... :)

SpacePioneer4 karma

Thanks Reddit for supporting our Kickstarter! You are helping us come one step closer to realizing Space Pioneer. Everyone who pledges today will receive a signed photo from me as a Kickstarter reward in the future. It doesn't matter how much you contribute. And all previous backers are getting this too. It's going to take me a while to sign them all...

GrinningPariah3 karma

So here's a tough question: Do you think it's been harder for space exploration to get funding since the end of the Cold War?

Obviously it was tense, dangerous period, but it seems to me that the space programs of both Russia and the USA lost their ambition once the competition was over.

SpacePioneer3 karma

On the contrary; I think that it's a great question that's relatively straightforward to answer. Funding for space exploration is standing still and it will stay that way until the public becomes interested in space. If China keeps expanding its space program then Russia and the U.S. will too. It's sadly very political.

redleader3 karma

What do you think is the problem with Russian Olympic hockey team?

SpacePioneer27 karma

I wouldn't know -- I was rooting for the Canadians...

legolegol2 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA and thanks for your service and enthusiasm for space & science.

Great idea for the game. We really need this. I've been thinking about this ever since I download the starry night software. I want to explore the universe on my playstation or my phone. Hope you can make it happen or at least get us closer.

Are you on twitter? Post your twitter so I can follow you.

SpacePioneer8 karma

Our game's twitter is @pioneerspace and our facebook is as follows:

Thanks for commenting!

ConnorTLaw2 karma

Aleksandr, thank you for doing this AMA! I am a current physics student who is inspired by space and astronauts/cosmonauts. What could I be doing now that would prepare me to serve on space missions in the future? Я учусь России !

SpacePioneer8 karma

As long as you're truly passionate about what you are studying, then you always have a crack at going to space. And the possibility of you going to space can only increase in the future with the inevitable advancement of astronautics/cosmonautics. Learning Russian is a good idea too -- though it is a very tough language.

josie9142 karma

Mr. Lazutkin, thank you very much for doing this. Your ability to stay positive in such dangerous and previously uncharted circumstances is inspiring.

What a wonderful idea, to use a video game to spark interest amongst younger people. I'm a game designer myself (on the art side of things) and was wondering- If you could visit anywhere in the galaxy, what would you want to see with your own eyes?

SpacePioneer6 karma

Thanks for the kind words! That's a tough question; there are so many places to visit in our universe, so it's impossible for me to think of just one place to go. I'd visit as many places as I could if I could go anywhere in our galaxy right now.

onlyghostpig2 karma

Thanks for the AMA.

I realized we have the same birthday! I thought it was awesome and wanted to say that your game look fascinating.

My question is, did plan on being a cosmonaut since you were a child or did it become something you wanted to as a young adult.

SpacePioneer5 karma

Lets celebrate together this year then. :) But you'll have to become a part of our team first... Of course I've dreamed of it, albeit I seriously wanted it to be my profession when I was learning at the Moscow Aviation Institute.

Lagalag9671 karma

Здравствуйте, г-н Лазуткин.

What is your opinion on private businesses taking over space exploration ("privatisation" of space)?

SpacePioneer2 karma

Hello to you too Lag! I think it's a good thing as it leads to more competition and more innovation in the field of astronautics.

Hanny02091 karma

First, thank you for doing this :) Second, which country do you personally believe was first to land a man on the moon??

SpacePioneer2 karma

I'm pretty sure that it was Niel Armstrong.

joefeery1 karma

What would you say is the biggest difference in life when in space/a spaceship to real life?

SpacePioneer2 karma

Physically -- the feeling of being weightless.

Bigender1 karma

Do you agree with the idea that our universe came from nothing? Also, may you please take my out of this planet? :)

SpacePioneer1 karma

I don't know what went on before our Universe existed -- I can only speculate. If you don't want to live on earth anymore, then become a Space Pioneer and we'll fly together to another world!

Onlysilverworks0 karma

Need any help making your game?

SpacePioneer1 karma

Definitely -- we need people to pledge to our Kick-starter in order to make Space Pioneer happen!