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I saw the change in my mom's demeanor after she had a radical mastectomy. She even mentioned that she no longer felt like a woman. I think a lot of people feel the plastic surgery is for the vain, but it can clearly be about more than that. How great it must have felt to have seen that wedding photo.

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I'm 45. Can I stay in hostels? What am I going to run into that might take a little more empathy and consideration if I stay at one?

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It's never too late

It was; she died a few months after. Don't worry, it was a long time ago and you had no way of knowing. I like your sentiment though; hopefully someone else will read it and take your advice.

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FYI, there are tattoo artists that specialize and do some amazing looking nipples. That might be an option to look into as a part of your plan.

Edit: Dr. Killeen made that same point further down.

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Sounds like a good job for someone who likes to read books.