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And THERE. People in Antarctica eat ice-cream. I'm going to cite this every time someone looks at me funny for buying ice-cream in the winter.

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привет саша! Wow, it's not often that the English speaking world gets to talk to cosmonauts directly, so let me make the most of this..

  1. Have you read Dragonfly? What's your take on it?

  2. Did you meet with Bryan Burroughs when he was researching the book?

  3. Do you still have a lot of friends at Энергия/роскосмос/Федералспаце/лавочкин? Has the culture with respect to manned spaceflight mission planning changed? With the ISS? In terms of the over-working the cosmonauts etc.?

  4. I know at NASA, they like to trump the spirit of international co-operation, but frankly, it seems flimsy- what with the Russian Segment more or less functionally isolated from the US segment, and with the clarion call for "launchers from US soil". What's been your experience post your retirement as a cosmonaut? (EDIT: compared to your experience as a cosmonaut)

  5. Where do you think the Russian space industry is headed? One decade from now - post ISS? Do you think it'd be in a partnership with the other global space agencies for a concerted effort? Continued experiments on the long term effects of sustained exposure to microgravity, still in LEO? What's the inside scoop on the new, much delayed multipurpose module?

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Hmm.. heard this numerous times, but always thought of it only in an American context. Googled to check how many occasions cosmonauts would've had - assuming of course, that all were heterosexual (which doesn't hold - cf. Sally Ride), and no that one would get into bed "with the enemy" (i.e. they'd stick with partners from their own country).

Turns out, only 2 Soviet women and 1 Russian woman have ever been in space. In addition to 4 cosmonaut candidates. Wonder why that is...

So, TL;DR - I don't think the Russians have ever had sex in space. Well, not if you define sex as with another person atleast.

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I've always heard the description of the blackness of space, as well as the beauty of the Earth - aren't you able to see stars/ the Milky way? Even when in the Earth's umbra? Is it a human-eye brightness adaption issue?