Aleksandr Lazutkin

is a Russian cosmonaut. His first spaceflight was Soyuz TM-25, on which he was the flight engineer. He is married and has two children.

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It's always a learning experience...

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Yes, I'd say that we are treated well by the general public! Well, a fire for starters, depressurization and a variety of life support problems. I'd say that my time in space was particularly problematic, when compared to other missions to the Mir.

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During soviet times; there was of course rivalry that was fueled by cold war politics. But there is no resentment now -- we're all friends and we all want to explore space together. We share the same obstacles (financing) and all want for Humanity to reach out to the stars.

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It's more than possible! We can send people to mars RIGHT NOW if we had the funding to do it.

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Looking back at the planet that you've been living on for your whole life. It's an incredible thing to experience!

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We had Cognac...

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Always actually; to think that we are just a tiny spec within the universe is a very sobering thought.

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I was actively searching for them and fantasized about seeing them, but did not see any with my own eyes. I believe that other life exists somewhere, and I want to show people my interpretation of it (as well as my team's), through Space Pioneer.

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I think it's a little bit of both. Though the budget for Sochi was absurd in it's own right... People need to be inspired to venture out into space and politicians need to see that people are interested in space exploration. That's happened before with the Soviet/U.S. space race and it can happen again if there is enough interest. I'd also like to say that star trek was something that inspired a lot future of NASA and Roscosmos employees. We want to accomplish the same thing with Space Pioneer!

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I can definitely elaborate -- every cosmonaut that's listed on our team has been making professional grade space sims for most of their career (that includes me) -- it's much easier for us to make something that's fun and incorporates RTS game-play then it is to make accurate space simulators. I can also add that one of our team members (he's not listed on our Kickstarter yet) worked a long time with twisted pixel, and a lot of our team is very experienced in crafting games.

We are in pre-production and so we are focusing on story first and coding second. So we can show you early builds, but they wouldn't accurately represent what we want our game to be. Thanks for taking the time to write on this thread! But we need your help to reach our goal so that we can actually make this game. Our team is unique to the video game industry and we are completely confident that we can make this game all that we want it to be.