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I saw somewhere that while the Sochi games cost $51 billion, going to Mars would only cost $2.5 billion. Do you think the funding problem lies with public misperception of the value of the space program or in the ignorance of politicians?

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What is it that makes Australia such an awesome country?

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What do you think we should be doing to get both politicians and the general public to take the threat of near earth objects seriously? Get Bruce Willis to make another movie? ;) Or will it take another meteor exploding over a populated area to get people motivated?

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If I can ever afford to fly from the US, I would love to. I've always admired a lot about Oz and Aussies. You guys have accomplished so much and just seem to have a cool mind set. Although, no much skiing down there, is there? ;)

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Maybe it's like the "logic" used when deciding on whether to install a traffic light on busy secondary streets; many cities have a formula where they won't spend the money until x-number of accidents/fatalities have occurred.