Good evening Reddit,

I was born with 6 fingers on each hand with no opposable thumbs, the idea to do this AMA came from a post I saw on the front page about polydactylism. I am 21 years of age and a university student in the UK and this has always been something which arouses curiosity so I hope you all find this mildly interesting.

There are some difficulties regarding my condition but thanks to a great plastic surgeon specialist and countless vital hospital staff I have an (almost) perfect set of hands. My biggest issue was of course being born without opposable thumbs but the operations in my very early years rectified this situation by removing one extra digit on each hand and turning the other extra digit into an opposable thumb effectively.

Some things are a pain in the arse and will never cease to be such as buttoning up shirts. I am happy to report however unless it's mentioned in conversation I hardly ever notice my hands are different from everybody else's.

Here's a link to some pictures of my hands, an example of my writing and a picture for proof reasons.

Here's my twitter,

Please feel free to AMA!

Going to have a few hours kip now before I go into placement tomorrow, I will be available to answer all day tomorrow too so keep the questions coming and i'll respond as soon as I can, goodnight folks.

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jaibrooks1129 karma

How do you masturbate

Hamboy00258 karma

I masturbate often and furiously, like any other male.

manskies62 karma

You still have better handwriting than me.

Hamboy0045 karma

Practise my friend, but thats my neat handwriting - In lectures it resembles some sort of ancient hieroglyphics which is not legible to the normal human being.

TheSupremeLou25 karma

I wonder if a handwriting specialist like the kind employed by law enforcement would be able to tell what happened to your hand based on your handwriting. No questions; just loud thoughts.

Hamboy0018 karma

Thats an awesome idea, I'd love to try that out and see what they could establish from handwriting alone. Regardless of the fact it isn't a question thats one of the best ideas I've heard in a long time.

givamitchslap62 karma

"Hey guys, how many fingers am holding up?" Just went to a whole new level

Hamboy0068 karma

Tried and tested aplenty.

dbarefoot46 karma

I've got to hand it to you, this is a great AMA.

Hamboy0038 karma

Pun intended I presume, I'd shake your hand if I could.

HomemadeBonerSoup30 karma

Do you play guitar? If not you should. You would be a master of the "thumb over" technique!

Hamboy0045 karma

Funny story, I started playing classical guitar in primary school when I was roughly 8 years old for maybe 5 years, during which I transitioned to electric. I gave it up roughly aged 15 because I just didn't practise enough and lost touch. However for xmas I got a brand new Schecter so I'm basically starting from scratch all over again. There was still some muscle memory and I believe I could get the hang of it again quite quickly but I could use a few lessons I think to get me back into the swing of things. Ask me in 6 months and I'll hopefully report I'm a dynamite with the thumb over.

[deleted]2 karma


Hamboy0013 karma

No I've never really thought about asking for extra time I don't think my condition is a disability to such an extent that I can condone cheating the system whereas my friends cannot. It would be great to have some more time being a history student but I've always just carried on as normal, I never really think of myself as having a condition I'm just like everybody else really thanks to surgery.

PantiesMallone28 karma

Salad Fingers?

Hamboy0032 karma

As it happens I'm from Doncaster where the creator if salad fingers is from, could I be his inspiration!

lgsk3 karma

Wahey South Yorkshire! I'm at Uni of Sheffield

Hamboy003 karma

Northumbria here, up in the toon.

destinationskyline2 karma


Hamboy0012 karma

Well if you ever get lost I can point you in the right direction, I was there last week.

algorithmae22 karma

Do you sympathize with other animals that don't have opposable thumbs? For example, do you see a cat struggling to open a can of food and be like "I know that feel, bro."

Hamboy0069 karma

When my dog loses a biscuit underneath the sofa I think man how lucky am I that I have such good healthcare.

algorithmae11 karma

Beautiful, haha. Thanks for the AMA!

Hamboy0011 karma

No thank you for the questions.

revenge3321 karma

Just sayin you're pretty freakin handsome. I'd hit it and I bet you're good with your hands :)

Hamboy0053 karma

One doesn't tickle and tell.

MachThreve19 karma

I'll ask the question everyone wants the answer to: How does not having thumbs affect when know....go bowling?

Hamboy0038 karma

Bowling is a funny one, a few years ago me and my friends used to go religiously every week and play for a few hours. It's not an issue I can do just as good as the average person I suppose it's just my thumb is quite thin so finding the tight holes is key (do with that what you will). I think my high score was like 166 and I've bowled a turkey so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

smizmar12316 karma

can you use chopsticks?

Hamboy0025 karma

I like to think I can but in reality I'm probably fucking hopeless.

CrisisOfConsonant39 karma

Don't worry. My girlfriend has mostly normal hands and she's about as good at using chopsticks as a retarded parakeet is as juggling 4 basketballs.

Hamboy0022 karma

Cheers its nice to know people share my pain, a problem shared is a problem halved.

internet_commenter14 karma

Can you post pre-surgery pictures?

Hamboy0028 karma

I'm at uni at the moment and all my pictures and x-rays are at my parents home but I'll give them a ring and I might be able to get a few photo's sent...OP will do his best to deliver.

Abbigale22111 karma

Pretty hot...wouldn't notice your hands at all.

Hamboy0016 karma

Thank you nice to know they aren't in your face.

SKMatoBB10 karma


Hamboy0015 karma

In general it can take people a long time to notice that there is even anything remotely different however when they do it's always the same "Woah, what happened to your hands...". Then comes the story of Liam the 6 fingered man, but generally I've never had a bad reaction but it's never been an issue for me because it seems to be a hereditary thing as my dad and grandfather had similar conditions but not exactly the same.

SKMatoBB2 karma


Hamboy005 karma

Cheers man, appreciate it thanks for the question.

Cody_Fox239 karma

1) I fucking love your handwriting. I want it as a font /creepy 2) do you ever miss that extra digit?

Hamboy007 karma

I used to be abysmal at writing but my mum and dad always used to push me quite hard to practise but I ignored them really but now I've come of age it's nice that they did. Regarding the extra digits I lost them when I was 1 year old so I cannot remember the feeling, but unlike most it was a fully functioning digit but obviously without opposable thumbs I was screwed.

Cody_Fox232 karma

Thanks for the answer!

Hamboy004 karma

No worries.

runalovegood9 karma

Hi. I also have 12 fingers, and I'm really shocked/kinda jealous that people have been generally nice to you. I was bullied on pretty much a daily basis in school growing up, and was (and still kind of am) a social pariah because of that. I'm really curious about the kind of environment you grew up in, I guess? Did you go to a small or a large school system growing up?

I've never met anyone else with 12 fingers (other than immediate family), have you?

Hamboy008 karma

Well now I only have 10 fingers, the other two being amputated but it's awesome hearing about someone else. I once saw someone else with Polydactylism in Manchester when I was about 17 and couldn't believe it, never spoke to him though.

As far as the bullying thing goes thats rough man, my heart goes out to you and honestly there was the occasional incident etc and most people I'm sure dealt with bullies at school but I honestly couldn't give a shit. If someone wanted to take the piss they could feel free, I was never in any way down about my hands so why should I give the arsehole making a jibe the time of day? I understand not everyone gets the luxury of not dealing with bullying the same as me however. People should be content with others regardless of factors influencing their lives which is why I feel for you. Regarding your statement about being a social pariah I wouldn't class that as an entirely bad thing I really enjoy my own company and could go a long time with no interaction without consequences. However I would say there are people out there who aren't narrow minded fools and they are abundant but lets face it in school your essential forced to endure years of contact with people you otherwise would choose not to associate with. Thus if it really got to you and the bullying affected you indefinitely best wishes for the future bud, but the big wide world has a shitload more to offer than self loathing and insecure twats than school.

My school was a large one but everyone seemed to get on with each other in our year group, others were governed by cliques but ours was great to be honest, especially after the age of 16 and the few shitheads left.

Best wishes man and thanks for the questions.

LewisDodgsonHere8 karma

What's your favorite dinosaur?

Hamboy0026 karma

My favourite marine reptile is Liopleurodon, and on land probably Triceratops, as Billy was my favourite on power rangers and this was his dinosaur.

Edit: Spelling, my apologies these fingers of mine...

Rossegut17 karma

My favourite marine reptile is Liopleurodon

"Holy shit he actually knows it's a marine reptile and not a dinosaur."

and on land probably

"Holy shit he's actually differentiating between marine reptiles and dinosaurs."


"Holy shit he misspelled it but I don't even give a shit, this guy is no filthy casual when it comes to dinosaurs."

Hamboy009 karma

Used to want to be a palaeontologist when I was a kid, books galore at home about dinosaurs plus power rangers was my favourite TV program so it seemed like the logical choice as a child.

Hamboy007 karma

Thanks to you all I have crossed that big milestone in life, my twitter account just got 100 followers. I've been waiting 21 years for them to become useful but finally the 'fingers' did it!

Ryan_Bingham6 karma

Can you play consoles and which is your favorite one?

Hamboy0012 karma

Yeah have done since I was little, started with my dad's sega megadrive and went through the N64, all the play stations, xbox 360, wii, and now on the PS4. Couldn't pick a favourite really more based upon the games released for each console, a few favourite's are super smash bro's, the Tony Hawk's series, Elder scrolls from Morrowind onwards, The Last of Us etc. I could name plenty more.

Zugbug2 karma

What about different controllers? Are there any that feel comfortable/uncomfortable?

Hamboy007 karma

New PS4 controller is really good because it's heavier and wider however the thumb sticks are a bit of a pain. Xbox controllers are much harder however the best of all was the N64 pad.

ICameInLikeATrain5 karma

That's awesome, High Five..... Oh sorry.

Hamboy0013 karma

Hive five back man.

Astraloid4 karma

What was the surgical procedure done on your hands?

Hamboy003 karma

In short basically they removed one extra digit on each hand and much of the surrounding muscle tissue. This was in order to ensure I had as best rotation as possible from my remaining digit which was rotated 90 degrees to make them opposable. Over the years I've had many skin grafts etc. to ensure they work as close to normal as possible and I routinely went in to have the removed digits bone shaved down so it didn't disrupt my other 'thumb'.

Hamboy004 karma

Just to clarify my favourite band is not Five-finger Death Punch, not horrendous however.

1hltx24 karma

i only see 5 fingers

Hamboy0045 karma

Two piggy's went to market.

staticsaid6 karma

Guessing those piggy's didn't come home?

Hamboy009 karma

You guessed right.

ibeltit3 karma


Hamboy002 karma

Yes at my parents home I'll endeavour to get them to send me some for tomorrow so I can post them, might only be a picture/x-ray but hopefully both.

Hamboy003 karma

Just to say folks thanks for the questions, really interesting and I've never really spoke about my condition at any great length so a massive thank you!

Jbrttn3 karma

What can you do with your hands that I cannot? Creative examples please.

Hamboy004 karma

I can bend my thumbs back to my wrist and twist them in ways no normal human should, it's like an organic bop it game - which way can we manipulate it next.

RaggedRascal3 karma

Are you any better than the average Joe at opening jars of pickles etc?

Hamboy003 karma

I'm just as good as the average Joe I suspect but again without ever having normal functioning I couldn't be the judge. I do have quite weak hands but can get a rather firm grip on things so it balances out.

checkmeow3 karma

My sister had surgery on her thumbs when she was younger but the surgeon made them look very natural and has 10 fingers instead of 12.

Do you ever have girls who stop talking to do you because you have 12 fingers or do you skip to the bangarang?

Hamboy005 karma

No one has ever said anything unwelcome about my hands that I can remember, but I seem to be lucky enough that I'm surrounded will decent people.

checkmeow1 karma

That's awesome! My sister's thumbs are becoming more and more natural over the years and she seems to not have any issues adjusting to them anymore.

I'm glad you're able to adjust your lifestyle! What is your biggest hurdle (physical, emotional, or mental) with this situation?

Hamboy002 karma

Honestly I've been very fortunate that the hurdles haven't really phased me much, it's just something I live with and have adapted as I've grown up so it's natural.

Glad to hear about your sister, hopefully all remains well.

checkmeow2 karma

That's really awesome! When a person has a deformity, they have some mental or emotional hurdle deep inside that they are afraid of sharing and often have a hard time dealing with the fact that they are different.

I admire her strength and only think of happy things for people like you and my sister! Cheers my friend!

Hamboy005 karma

Yeah I don't really class mine as much of a deformity really, it doesn't limit me accomplishing anything that I know of and thanks for the best wishes.

Cadu15073 karma

Don't feel bad. I almost can't button up my shirts either.

Hamboy003 karma

Those bastard shirts it would be so much easier with a zip...

JEMerc3 karma

Does it ever come in handy? (Sorry couldn't resist)

Hamboy003 karma

I gotta hand it to you that was a good one.

JEMerc5 karma

It was a serious question though I actually wanna know if you take advantage of it!

If someone asks something you should answer! It's a general rule of thumb.

Hamboy003 karma

Yeah it does in handy sometimes, if nothing else but a conversation stimulator it definitely has its perks bud...I also see what you did there, very clever haha.

Thereswaldo1013 karma

Two Questions: How do you write? and Would you rather fight a hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

Hamboy003 karma

I have a weird claw grip that I just began to use when I was little and it just developed from there, which was the most comfortable way for me to write. I'm also very scared of horses, petrified even, I understand it's quite a weird phobia but I don't have any others really so on that note definitely the horse sized duck.

chunkatuff1 karma

Does the pervasiveness of My Little Pony particularly bother you then?

Hamboy001 karma

No just the live ones.

stinkielid3 karma

Do you think it'll be easier for you to slip out of handcuffs?

Hamboy004 karma

My hands are pretty thin but I hope never to be put in a situation where I am wearing handcuffs, I most certainly will not do anything to end up in them.

Nine_Cats3 karma

Just don't be caught red handed

Hamboy006 karma

Trying the old five finger discount literally.

ScariestofChewwies3 karma

Hold on a sec OP, I wouldn't say never. What if you met a nice lady/gent (not sure which way you rock) and business gets to business and they want to get a little kinky with some pig bracelets?

Hamboy005 karma

Gladly I'm already tied down and happy, but that's something which has not come up in conversation haha.

jint3i3 karma

Welcome, my lord. Your obvious genetic superiority is infallable. What is your bidding?

Hamboy007 karma

Pay homage to John Cusack our revered leader, read as many books as possible and listen to HIM. Thats what I do so you should do the same.

...and if it's not too much trouble mind fetching me a bottle of Dr. Pepper?

jint3i3 karma

Yes, your excellency. Regrettably we are out of the name brand product but I am certain that you will find the equivalent to be to your liking.

Hamboy003 karma

Then off with your head!

ThisIsMyFloor2 karma

I can see that you only have five fingers right now and a lot of scars, what was the complications of having six?

Hamboy002 karma

Well they were all front on to the palm of my hand if you can understand that, basically a hand with 6 forward facing fingers so obviously the key was turning one of the digits around.

RaggedRascal2 karma

Thanks for answering my last one, so are they at the stage where they're as good as they are going to get or do you have plans for more work to improve dexterity? And are you still working with the same surgeon who did the initial operation? Thanks for doing this, fascinating.

Hamboy003 karma

My lifelong specialist is a man named Dr. Page and he will still be my consulting physician for the rest of my life if any problems arise but I believe they are as good as they will ever be, which is a stupidly high standard. I used to have to do little exercises when I was younger to improve dexterity but through years of use now I've reach a plateau and thanks for asking interesting questions, I appreciate it.

BaconStripsBacon2 karma

I also hand no opposable thumbs!! Awkward fist bump bro!

Hamboy002 karma


KidROFL2 karma

How do you jerk off?

Hamboy002 karma

See answer at the top, sorry it took a while typing this - was using one hand...

CecilDykeDonnelly2 karma

Would you consider your high-5s louder or quieter then others? Also is fingering women more pleasurable for them or just plain awkward?

Hamboy005 karma

Probably just as loud as everyone else's and as for the other more devious question I've never known it to be an issue however I've been with my current girlfriend for 4 years almost and we're both very happy.

Grillburg2 karma

Cool, thank you for sharing! I'm always fascinated by the ways surgeons and doctors find to help correct disabilities. Your "thumbs", other than being a bit thinner than usual, look pretty close to normal and pretty functional as well! Am I correct in thinking that the biggest problem with your new thumbs is a lack of rotational movement?

Hamboy003 karma

Nail on the head, that and the fact I have little pressure in any of my fingers/thumbs which is the issue but 9/10 everything works perfect. They did one hell of a job.

Keksus_2 karma

Do you feel close to cats who share the same pain?

Hamboy002 karma

I understand their plight but I do not give them sympathy for they are my best friends mortal enemy.

55dominik1 karma

Can you use your "thumbs" to type easier/faster? Or have they ever been more useful than normal thumbs?

Edit: grammar

Hamboy002 karma

I don't use my thumbs for typing I used my other 'normal' fingers however i type pretty fast on average I'd guess anyway, the thumbs are good for hitting the spacebar in games though.

55dominik1 karma

Cool! Thanks for answering!

Hamboy001 karma

No problem!

SevenIsTheShit1 karma

Do you use both your hands for ....... you know? ;)

Hamboy003 karma

In that department I'm more reliable with my right, but sometimes lefty gets involved for a change.

worstdeafpersonever1 karma

Is it hard for you to grip your dick and masturbate with those fingers?

Also can you throw? I know you're from the uk so I'm trying to think of an equivalent of an american football or and cricket?

Hamboy001 karma

when discussing masturbation it's hard to be serious but yes I can, as far as throwing goes I've never had any issues with sport etc.

RaggedRascal1 karma

With the rotational movement thing, do you text with your finger-thumbs or is it easier with your finger-fingers?

Hamboy001 karma

Easier with my right hand thumb-finger, left is more of an issue.

MegaAlex1 karma

So what happened to the other piggy? Also it seems like you're a cool guy, high 6... lol i'm just being a dork

Hamboy002 karma

I like to think the other little piggy is a guardian angel for the others.

MegaAlex1 karma

It must be strange having a didgit removed... well 2 technically. I'm not you mention this already. But when did you have your operation (removal of extra fingers)

Hamboy001 karma

I was 5 when I had my last major correction surgery and minor surgery with skin grafts and some minor shaving of the bones was when I was roughly 16/17.

Nolley41 karma

Is there anything that you're unable to do without opposable thumbs?

Hamboy002 karma

Now I have makeshift opposable thumbs I don't think anything is really impossible however some things are more difficult than others like buttons etc. I have no real power in my hands.

Nolley41 karma

Thanks for the reply. Do you have any hobbies/play any sports that require the use of your hands? If so, do you find it difficult or have you adapted to it?

Hamboy001 karma

Play guitar, console games, like playing basketball, rugby etc I'm learning to play the harmonica so thats fun, writing is probably my principle hobby and I have no issues now I've adapted.

Nolley41 karma

Glad to hear you can do/play a lot of different things! Thanks for answering the questions.

Hamboy001 karma

No worries, thanks for asking!

[deleted]1 karma


Hamboy002 karma

I find that playing consoles can be hit and miss depending upon the controls, I can use analogue sticks well but the goddamn blisters are a nightmare sometimes. Having thin hands can be quite useful too as I can reach into our uni mailbox without the key which is handy, and I find quite difficult to hold books which is a pain because I love to read.

Blargums0021 karma

Do you prefer to wear mittens?

Hamboy002 karma

gloves or mittens are fine really, leather gloves can be a pain though.

DinoChickenNugget1 karma

Did you keep your extra fingers in a jar? Perhaps to show future girlfriends?

Hamboy005 karma

Nope they're gone I don't remember having them to be honest so I'm not attached.

JimmyNeutronsDad1 karma

Have you ever thrown a mean 6 fingered-fist punch?

Hamboy001 karma

Not that I am aware of, not much of a fighter.

Olboi1 karma

I am not sure if this is a curse, or a super power. Would you mind weighing up the pros and cons for Reddit?

Hamboy002 karma

Im brilliant at 'thumb' wars. I'm shit at buttons.

It is a 50/50 thing, there are pro's and cons to it but honestly the best thing is that it's a conversation starter, I love the fact my hands are a little quirky. I have no qualms whatsoever with them if I had a superpower or defining characteristic my tingers would be the one.

Azurillkirby1 karma

As you said, one digit from each hand was turned into a make-shift thumb, and the other was removed. What happened with the removed finger afterwords?

Hamboy002 karma

I believe they were destroyed, my mum and dad din't elect to keep them which I have no issue with. I'm on the donor register though so you never know someone might get a finger or two in the long run.

io_la1 karma

Is there any reason behind the polydactyly or was it just bad luck?

Hamboy002 karma

Hereditary, my dad and granddad both have similar but not exactly the same condition as myself.

AdmirAckbar1 karma

How exactly does this impact your daily interactions with people/objects? Are there any scenarios where it helps you do something better than anyone else?

Hamboy002 karma

I've said a few times really it's hit and miss but having thin hands can be quite an advantage for rummaging through the mailbox without a key etc. Im struggling to think of more examples however my apologies.

PaulSimonsFro1 karma

Nixon watches are the best ! Good choice

Hamboy002 karma

I admire your taste, I love them and this one especially because it was a xmas gift from my SO.

PaulSimonsFro1 karma

noice, I got the gold timeteller for xmas from my brother.

Hamboy002 karma

I have the corporal and the banks.

Chavran1 karma


Hamboy001 karma

Not that I know of, probably a more subconscious eugh feeling. Just like when you shake hands with a person with sweaty palms.

Chavran1 karma


Hamboy002 karma

Honestly no one has ever given me the indication that they've noticed something wrong with my hands, people are nice in general and to be quite honest oblivious.

Kesticle1 karma

Do you have full range of motion with your "thumb"?

Hamboy002 karma

Almost full range but my left is somewhat limited however my right hand has more excess tissue.

richmillions951 karma

how do you even type to answer this AMA??

Hamboy002 karma

With my fingers not my 'thumbs', much like everybody else haha.

[deleted]1 karma


Hamboy002 karma

I may have when I was younger if I recall, not in any real capacity any longer though thankfully.

tbarb001 karma


Hamboy007 karma

Honestly that one has never come up in conversation, but it's nice to know I'm on the same level as them once again.