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If I can ask you anything, what was all that ruckus about what Leo Laporte said last night on Twitter about Kevin Pereira/G4/Adam Sessler?

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You still have better handwriting than me.

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Hey Claudio, I'm a huge fan. I saw Coheed and got to meet you guys at the memorial day show in Jacksonville. That was one of my favorite sets by you guys. Three questions:

  1. Is anything that's going to be exclusive to comic con like any of your comics, going to be available on coheedandcambria.com at a later date?

  2. Any new Prize Fighter Inferno material sometime soon?

  3. Do you stay in touch with Mic at all since he left the band?

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How will you be writing about tech and leaving the internet for a year? Explain please. I'm confused.

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My cousin had a private investigator on him because his wife suspected him of cheating on her. I highly doubt he would do something like that. The P.I. told his wife he was seeing his secretary. Could it be possible the P.I. was lying to his wife so he could get paid?