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What's weirder (IMO) is that many strippers work full months (even with out meds to stop the period).

Apparently many of them just clip the strings and then have to go fishing for them later. It was also weird that when I found this out I did so by asking why one stripper was having another stripper stare into her vag so intensely (to check for visibility).

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That just sounds like a regular club to me.

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That's a stupid abuse of a technically.

It must be a certain ratio of pinatas and/or cake to party hats. You can't have 10,000 party hats and just 1 pinata, not everybody would get candy.

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Let me ruin it more... just think about when they're giving you lapdances.

But really I've gotten lots of lapdances from lots of strippers, odds are one of them was on their periods and I've never had an issue.

Here's a funny story. I can't remember which stripper was telling me this, but I think it was a girl called Winter. Anyway, she was giving some guy a lapdance and she was on her period (but had the hidden tampon going). Anyway when she is finished she gets up and his pants are covered in blood. She's super embarrassed and doesn't charge the guy. But finds out later (not sure how) that it wasn't that she bled on him, his penis got damaged during the lapdance (probably the thing that connects the foreskin to the tip of the penis, I hear when it rips it bleeds a ton, probably double if you're erect) and he bled through his pants.