Hey! We're Jordan Morris and Jesse Thorn, the hosts of Jordan, Jesse, Go!. We started podcasting in 2006, and have won a lot of awards and stuff. When we're not podcasting, Jordan's a TV host, writer and actor, and Jesse is the host of an NPR show, Bullseye, and has hosted some TV shows and stuff.

My Proof: Here's proof that we are us in the form of a picture on Jesse's Tumblr.

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GO_riboflavin39 karma

2 questions:

(1) Did Chip Dipson/Dip Dopson ever make it into Children's Hospital?

(2) Why is Rob Cordrry such a huge fucking liar?

JesseThorn25 karma

Perhaps he'll address this at our SF Sketchfest show...

Quajek33 karma

What happened to my two favorite segments?:

  • Hang it Up, Keep it Up
  • Jordan Was Wrong

Jordan_Morris30 karma

We still do hang it up at the live shows.

Jordan was wrong got a little annoying, honestly. I'm not nuts about the internet's need to correct people. I know people were doing it in good fun, but it's a little exhausting to get bombarded on twitter every time you get the name of a comic book character wrong.

itsthenewdan15 karma

Here's a bit of trivia for you, friend. The phrase "hang it up" came from some old disheveled Oakland A's fan that Jesse's friend used to see at the games in the right field bleachers. When a player (the Athletics' Matt Stairs for example) might make a bumbling play or strike out, the fan would mutter, "hang it up, Stairs".

JesseThorn15 karma


JesseThorn13 karma

I think we often abandon running gags too early because we're afraid that they're getting sweaty when people might like us to do them more. Also, everything that Jordan said.

thecynthesizer33 karma

Jesse, I would love to know more about your work/life balance. It seems like you have so much going on work-wise, with Bullseye, Put This On, JJGo, and running MaxFun in general. Then you've got the wife, kids, and dogs, and sometimes you play baseball video games. Do you not sleep? Any productivity/time management tips? Do you delegate MaxFun duties to employees?

Jordan, feel free to comment about this stuff in your own life as well. Also, what's your current favorite Trader Joe's product?

Edit: I forgot to mention that I'm the lady that called in July 2012 right after I woke up from brain surgery.

JesseThorn22 karma

Honestly, it's brutally difficult.

I delegate a lot, and have gotten better about that. It doesn't come naturally to me. I'm an independent, self-reliant, non-trusting type of guy. Also we have the resources now to hire some people, which we didn't have in the past.

I'm not a great time manager, either. I mostly just work constantly, way more than I should.

Varkanon32 karma

Hey guys, JJGo was one of my gateway podcasts along with WTF. I don't really have a question, I'm just waiting around until 2:00 for the Pornhub guys to start their AMA

Jordan_Morris66 karma

Ask them about the Bang Bus. Is it the same bus every time? Is it a series of busses? Is everyone banging inside wearing a seat belt?

lawjr330 karma

Oh! I have a question I've been dying to ask!! One of the funniest things you do, Jordan, is shout into the mic when someone in the studio "pisses you off."

The shouting is the perfect amount of muffled, where we can hear 100% of what you're saying without any feedback. How do you do that??

My favorite example of it was when Marc Maron kept name-dropping. Finally when his nickname was "Jon Hamm will be my guest next week."

You went off screaming. I didn't stop laughing for 5 minutes.

Jordan_Morris61 karma

I lean far away from the mic when I want to shout.

Thank you for noticing. I consider it my signature move.

JesseThorn22 karma

I agree, and this is something Jordan sometimes does in real life. If you could see him, it's even funnier.

procrastinarian30 karma

Jordan hasn't mentioned Bug on the podcast in a while and my fiancee is getting worried. How's she doing?

Jordan_Morris52 karma

She's doing great.

Fun story: A listener made some adorable felt coasters for me. Bug likes to carry them around in her mouth like they were her babies.

JesseThorn28 karma

Jesse here - I'll be answering some once I finish DOING YOGA, but Jordan is here and getting started.

wildgunman18 karma

Wait is "DOING YOGA" a new euphemism that I'm not aware of?

Jordan_Morris63 karma

He's flashing his dick to stray cats in an alley. He jerks off when they run away. You know, "yoga."

jono2107 karma

Hot or standard temp yoga?

JesseThorn14 karma


flyingbrothers28 karma

Jordan, Jesse, I put an ad on the Jumbotron almost a year ago looking for a roommate. Because of that ad, I found not only a roommate, but a broker. It's safe to say that you guys got me my apartment. Thanks.

My question is about momentous occasions. How many do you usually get a week and what's the process used to sift through them?

JesseThorn15 karma

Brian sifts through them. It really depends on the week - it varies from just barely enough to have interesting ones (like seven or something) to a few dozen.

crookednate26 karma

Jordan, does your work on JJGO ever come up when you are trying to find jobs in LA? Is your podcast life far enough under the radar of your professional one that you don't worry about it?

I would imagine that, to the right person or employer, a podcast presence might look good (although I will concede that I might be over-estimating how much people care about podcasts). But, on the other hand, dick jokes.

Jordan_Morris35 karma

Podcasts are still pretty niche. People have heard of Maron and Comedy Bang Bang, but that's really it. People kind of know what a podcast is, but rarely do people listen.

I will say that the people from IFC show Jesse and I worked on (The Grid RIP) were fans, but that's about it.

lawjr39 karma

It's not for lack of my word of mouth advertising. I preach you guys like gospel!

JesseThorn14 karma


stonewissle23 karma

What's the slogan for 2014? Has this been discussed?

Jordan_Morris23 karma

We haven't! I imagine we'll get to that soon. Taking suggestions.

DanteShepherd23 karma

This whole thing smells like a penguin in the pants to me, proof or no proof.

Jordan_Morris20 karma

Ask me something only the real me would know.

lawjr37 karma

I'm actually quite curious about your height. Since Jess is a little bit of Jolly Green, it hurts the perspective.

Jordan_Morris14 karma

Five eight-ish.

DrChuckyLarms20 karma

Jordan, what are you most afraid of when it comes to doing an AMA? Why so reluctant?

Jordan_Morris61 karma

Mostly that no one would show up.

Also I don't really understand Reddit, so I'm naturally fearful. I guess I just don't want to be tricked into seeing any Pokémon porn.

concretetales18 karma

Jordan: If you got a call this afternoon, offering you your dream job, what would it be?

Jordan_Morris59 karma

Real answer: Writer for the Daily Show (or Conan or Archer or Children's Hospital).

Joke Answer: Butt salesman.

nquinn9118 karma

Are you aware that when Sunny D laughs really hard at you guys, we can hear it too?

And also that it is the funniest thing? I have no idea why I get such a kick out of him being engaged and having as much fun as we are.

BTW I loved that he was on your 300th episode, he should be on more! Maybe he can have a segment or something?

JesseThorn17 karma

Brian is a genuinely immensely happy, fun guy which makes what we do so much easier and more fun. He is a pleasure to have around.

Jordan_Morris20 karma

FUN FACT: Brian writes and performs with a great sketch comedy group called Brute Squad. If you're in LA, check them out sometime. Very funny.

JesseThorn9 karma


seabass017 karma

I don't want JJGo to ever end, so I'm living in constant fear that Jordan will get some crazy awesome writing/acting job in NY and JJGo will come to an end.

Jordan, is it wrong that I'm rooting against your success outside of my favorite podcast?

Jordan_Morris22 karma

Ha! I love doing JJGO and want to do it as long as I can. If I had to move for work I'm sure we'd find some way to do it using Skype or gchat or whatever.

JesseThorn16 karma

If Jordan got a job in NY we would most likely continue the show.

peprmnstr81515 karma

Do you guys get to hang out much outside of recording? I love how fresh and zesty your relationship (at least, on air) has stayed over the years. Like a...salad or something. An immortal comedy salad.

Jordan_Morris26 karma

It's a little tough. The podcast is kind of our weekly hang out. Our lifestyle's are SO different. Jesse has two kids and a wife and I... don't. I'm really glad we have the podcast.

JesseThorn37 karma

This is Jordan's way of coming out, by the way.

woodybattaglia15 karma

Which guest do you believe perfectly exemplifies the Jordan, Jesse, Go aesthetic?

Jordan_Morris35 karma

Dave Holmes comes to mind (he's standing right behind me).

Obviously Chris Farbanks and Nick Adams are favorites. Those guys are fun because we're friends with them off mic.

Recently I think we both loved Liz Feldman (writer on 2 Broke Girls) and Guy Branum (writer on the late Totally Biased).

It's to say what makes a great guest. Someone who's not afraid to jump in with their own stories is great. People listen to us run our fat mouths enough. I like a guest who gets in there.

JesseThorn11 karma

Yeah, I agree with all of this. Karen Kilgariff is also great, as is Tammy Sagher.

stonewissle15 karma

Because I listen to your voices so much, I really feel like I know you. I literally dreamed that I met Jesse last night, and it was not the first time. Do you find the aspect of having fans that overshare or misunderstand their relationship to you uncomfortable?

JesseThorn22 karma

Rarely. People are almost always very respectful about that. The fact that people know things about me generally just makes it easier to chat. Once in a while, honestly, people being uncomfortable about knowing so much makes me a tiny bit uncomfortable.

I mean, there are things about my life that I'd be uncomfortable with people talking to me about, but those aren't things I'd talk about on my comedy podcast.

matt_bp14 karma

I'm curious about the business side of JJGO, to the extent you're willing to share. How has the broader financial success of Max Fun affected JJGO? Jordan, you mentioned turning down a job on the last episode—has JJGO allowed you to pursue other creative pursuits? Do you two co-own the show, or is Jordan an employee/contractor?

JesseThorn10 karma

MaxFun owns the show but Jordan and I essentially split the money 50/50. The money's basically enough to live on, but not enough to live high on the hog.

lawjr310 karma

The money from JJGO is enough to live on? Or the money from Max Fun?

JesseThorn7 karma

From JJGo.

procrastinarian14 karma

How do you choose new podcasts to bring into MaxFun? Do you find them yourself, or do you have an intern who goes looking for them, suggestions from friends, or what?

JesseThorn10 karma

A lot of them lately we've been developing ourselves. Partly as a way to address some concerns I have with diversity in our network and podcasting in general. Besides that... people send them to us, people suggest them to us, we look for them. Usually if it's unsolicited I'll hand it to one of our staff people to check out and if they really like it, I'll listen.

fakename31114 karma

How do you decide who will be a guest on JJGo and/or What was it like after you recorded the Merrill Markoe episode?

Jordan_Morris27 karma

We basically just ask people we like. A lot of guests recently have been just people I've seen at comedy shows around town. I'll come up to them and ask them if they'd like to be on a podcast. It's nice if a guest has a big internet following, but the main concern is that they'll be fun/funny/DTF.

Merrill Markoe seemed uncomfortable when we were taping. I think we both just assumed that was part of her schtick. We found out later that she didn't like us. It's understandable. We're gross boobs. Podcast etiquette tip: If you're invited on a show to promote your book, maybe don't shit talk the hosts after the fact, even if you didn't necessarily have a good time.

JesseThorn11 karma

I think part of why Merrill was so annoyed was because she drove a really long way to get to our studio, and she seemed pissed about that before we even hit record.

Chip_Dipsson14 karma

Hey guys! I sent you some Icelandic candy a few years ago and Jordan absolutely hated it.. If I send you another batch with different brands would you give it another shot ? Long live Opal!

Jordan_Morris37 karma

Yes. Send us your gross bullshit. Do it.

GO_riboflavin14 karma

guys. tell us what we really want to know. penis sizes? as girthy as we've all imagined?

Jordan_Morris30 karma


JesseThorn26 karma


mmbates13 karma

Holy crap. YAY. I wish I'd known this was happening. I'd have cooler questions. Oh well. Here goes:

  1. How did you choose your flawless intro music? "Love You" is literally auditory sunshine. I must know.

  2. I know your path to Public Radio awesomeness has been relatively unconventional, Jesse, but what's your advice to a kid starting out? I have internship experience out the butthole and a big-girl day job doing something totally unrelated, but finding Public Radio work is predictably impossible. If you have any sagely wisdom, I'd love to know it!

P.S. you both rock so hard, keep doing it.

JesseThorn13 karma

  1. Just seemed perfect, and I knew a guy at the label.
  2. Don't go into public radio. (Or, more seriously, just work for free until they let you freelance, then freelance until you can get a job. Focus on making some pieces that are really great. And join AIR, maybe go to Third Coast.)

undrunk1313 karma

Hey Jordan! You share a name with my girlfriend. I talk about podcasts to her a lot, I can't believe she's still with me.

I thought Game Shop was really funny. Anything on the books for a second season or sequel? Can shows like that potentially end up on other outlets like CollegeHumor?

Speaking of CollegeHumor, I'm on to your plot to discredit e-vape in the name of Big Tobacco.

Love the show!

Jordan_Morris14 karma

Thanks! Game Shop was SO FUN to work on. A real dream team/project. After we finished the first season, the people who green-lit it were fired. I guess another place could potentially order more, but it wasn't a HUGE hit, so I don't think that will happen. I'm not sure how that would work legally.

groverjefferson13 karma

What were your first impressions of one another way back at UC Santa Cruz? Did you know you'd be pals right from the start, or did it take a while?

JesseThorn21 karma

Jordan a resident on my hall when I was an RA - I'm a year older than he is. I remember being surprised at how annoying how many of my residents were (though Jordan and Jim Real, the Master of Would You Rather, were among them and remain among my closest friends). I think because I went to arts school I thought it would be like that, but I realized quickly that a lot of 18-year-old theater dorks are really truly theater dorks. I liked Jordan right away but was a little confused by his Southern Californian-ness and a little annoyed he was funnier than me. I was confused by everyone's Southern Californian-ness, though.

shaveupnotdown12 karma

Jordan, do you ever debate upping your style game to compete with Jesse's? I presume the only way to do so would be to wear period-accurate Civil War attire, or perhaps become immersed in the Harijuku culture.

Jordan_Morris16 karma

I've mentioned this on the podcast before but I don't think I'm the surfer/skater/geek/schlub I once was. Day to day I dress pretty normal. I like wearing ties and jackets when I go to a nice bar or restaurant or when I do comedy shows. During job interviews I always dress nicer than the person who is interviewing me (I learned that from Lennon & Garant's GREAT screenwriting book).

I don't think I'll ever be a full on Men's fashion guy, but here's what I like about Jesse and the PTO crowd: You can look nice, but it doesn't have to veer into cartoon/look-at-me territory. Look sharp, but you don't have to be an Urban Amish or anything.

yourprettylense12 karma

I've loved hearing you guys pore over boxes of food sent in by foreign JJGo listeners. What were the best and worst things you tried, and do you need a care package from an Australian listener?

JesseThorn14 karma

That salted licorice was totally foul. Like way more foul than I thought it would be. And we're always glad to get a care package.

MikeRoe12 karma

Jordan - Any advice on getting better at comedy writing other than just doing it a lot? Also, any advice on getting your work out there?

Jordan_Morris22 karma

Well... "do it a lot" sounds about right. You really do get better.

I'd say always be producing something. Sketch show, podcast, blog, whatever. I think creative tend to sit around brainstorming and graphing and show-bible-making too much. Just write the fucking thing. Move on to the next thing. Sketch comedy is great because it's meant to be quick and disposable. It encourages lots of writing.

smartbunny12 karma

What's happening with Freelance Beatdown?

Jordan_Morris30 karma

Thanks for this! Great question. FB was a pilot I wrote. You can watch a staged reading on youtube.

It was going forward at a cable network known for high quality programming, then the executive I was dealing with got fired. Sucks, but it happens a lot in showbiz. He and I are working on another show for a broadcast network. Fingers crossed.

As far a FB, I'm meeting about it next week at a cable network you could say is the "Central" place for "jokes."

concretetales12 karma

Jordan: Have you ever thought about starting another podcast (as well as JJGo)?

Jordan_Morris27 karma

I have, but right now I kind of want to keep grinding at being a comedy writer. I like that the Indoor Kids keep asking me to come on. I feel like that's my podcast home away from home.

katej13112 karma

No question at the moment. Just wanted to say thanks for the podcast. It puts a smile on my face. Jordan, glad you decided to give reddit a try.

Jordan_Morris18 karma

It's been really fun so far.

JesseThorn12 karma

Thank you Kate!

slickricks12 karma

Hey guys! As a fan of JJGO, I have to say that one of my favorite episodes in recent memory was the one where you guys didn't have a guest. Just J, J and Go. It just seemed like you both were on the same page, and the regular audience was right there with you on all of the tone and in-jokes that a non-listener guest might need catching up on.

So, though I almost always enjoy the guest and wouldn't say they take anything away, have you guys ever considered doing a few guest-less episodes on a more regular basis?

Jordan_Morris13 karma

Thanks! I like doing guest-less show, but it's a little tougher than shows with a guest. It's just easier to fill the time with 3 people. Also, we're always looking to bring in new people and I know guests help with that. We'll always do them once in awhile though.

JesseThorn10 karma

We usually don't have a guest if someone doesn't show or something. It's really fun for us to have a guest, because we've talked to each other so much for so long that we know everything about each other. Nice to have another energy in the room. And we're too lazy to generate content through preparation.

wildgunman11 karma

Hey Jordan. I love the show.

I was wondering if you could tell me how you ended up in entertainment in general. I've been able to piece together part of your backstory from the shows, but I don't know much about the gap between UC-Santa Cruz and lets say 2009.

Jordan_Morris14 karma

I moved to LA after college and started doing PA jobs. It's the lowest rung on the showbiz ladder. Making copies, getting coffee, etc. I also started writing and performing at UCB, IO, and any other comedy theater that would let me do something. From there I got my job at Fuel. Now that that's over I have a variety of freelance writing/acting/producing jobs. It's fun, but I'd love to get a staff job on a talk show or sitcom.

wildgunman6 karma

I remember you talking about working as a PA on Ellen once. What was your very first gig in LA?

Jordan_Morris16 karma

My first gig was a PA on "Living with Fran." Fran Drescher's comeback sitcom.

elib20611 karma

I LOVE YOU. What are your gaming pasts/history. Favorite video games past and present?

Jordan_Morris17 karma

I love you too.

I've always had games around the house. My consoles: Atari 2600-NES-Genesis-SNES-32X + Sega CD (really)- Playstation- PS2-Wii-XBOX 360-PS3- PS Vita

I'm a Street Fighter guy and a fan of 2D fighting games in general, but I love it all.

My favorite games this year were DMC (Devil May Cry Reboot) and Last of Us.

JesseThorn13 karma

On the PC as a kid... Eureka's Castle, I had a Dungeons & Dragons game called Secret of the Silver Blades that I remember loving. Hardball II. I didn't get a video game system of my own until I was about 13, but the games I played as a kid and loved most at friends' houses were... Baseball Stars, Tecmo Bowl and Marble Madness. Then on my Genesis, I loved Bulls vs. Blazers, NHL 95, and Flashback, which I was terrible at. In college, I obsessed over Baseball Mogul, mostly. Then I had a roommate who was really into games, and I would play a lot of Madden with him, because he didn't know the rules of football, and that made us roughly even in ability. We also played Seaman and Animal Crossing together a lot. Loved that.

LunchboxKnitter11 karma

Can you have Dana Gould on more often? He's just amazing.

Jordan_Morris17 karma

Agreed. He's one of my favorite funny people. He can come on LITERALLY anytime he wants.

JesseThorn21 karma

Dana Gould could call us up late at night and be like, "Come over. We're podcasting." and we'd be all, "Yes sir, Mr. Gould, sir."

jono21011 karma

Jordan, Softball: Whats the funniest movie you have ever seen?

Jordan_Morris18 karma

Some favorites: The Jerk, MacGruber (seriously, watch it. Hilarious). Wet Hot American Summer, The Naked Gun, Life of Brian.

Veryfancydoily11 karma

I am a huge fan of the podcast and won the hat contest you guys did back around episode 100 or so. Thanks so much for doing this. I have a few questions for you guys

1) what is it like prepping for the show. Do you guys just meet at the studio and start talking or do you guys think up conversations ahead of time so that you won't run out of things to say?

2) Q for Jordan, for someone who talks so much about their personal life almost weekly for so many years, there never seems to be talk about your love life or girlfriends or anything like that. Is there any reason for this? Maybe you have just been single this whole time and don't like talking about it, in which case I will feel like a dick, but is there information like that that you just don't enjoy talking about?

3) where on my body should I get my full chort tattoo? thanks for riding to work with my every day for the past five or so years

JesseThorn36 karma

3) bottom of your foot. That way no one sees it unless you show it to them and also it's as painful as possible to help you remember what a mistake you're making.

Jordan_Morris27 karma

1) We don't do a ton of prep. I have a notes app on my phone where I'll write down little things I might like to talk about. Before we hit record we say stuff like "let's talk about the stray dog I saw" or "I want to talk about the reboot of HBO's Real Sex." That's about it. For live shows we have written bits that we get together and hash out before hand.

2) I talked a little bit about dating early on in the show, but it always bit me in the ass. Now, I kind of like to keep that stuff to myself. I'm fine talking about old relationships and dating in general, but I think it's a little disrespectful to people you're seeing to make them part of your comedy bit.

3) "Full" on one ass cheek. "Chort" on the other.

masked11 karma

JesseThorn6 karma

Well what would you vote for? The one in Iowa or whatever? Of course El Farolito won. It is great, though.

dancognito10 karma

I work with a guy named Dick Dyson. Do you think he could be a distant relative to Chip Dipson or Dip Dopson?

JesseThorn20 karma

Probably. That's how it works, right? Names that sound similar to fictional characters mean you're probably related to them?

metropolisprime10 karma

Favorite McElroy brother. Go.

dubbfoolio12 karma

Alternatively - marry, fuck, kill?

Jordan_Morris15 karma

Marry: Travis Fuck: Griffin Kill: Peepums.

hansjens4710 karma

If you could make an episode of someone else's show together, what would it be and what would you do?

JesseThorn19 karma

I'd love to do My Brother, My Brother & Me. Being an advice-giving know-it-all who's mostly goofing around but sometimes surprisingly sincere is right in my wheelhouse. When I got to fill in for Hodgman on Judge John Hodgman it was a dream.

Jordan_Morris18 karma

I LOVE The Flop House. Dan McCoy, Stuart Wellington, and Elliot Kalan watch a box office bomb or a famous bad movie and take it apart in a really funny/smart way. Such a fun premise.

Also, might be fun to do Pop Culture Happy Hour where we'd take apart recent cultural phenomenons.

murckem10 karma


What was your favorite case to bailiff for Judge John Hodgman?

Also, have you ever touched his moustache?

JesseThorn9 karma

Favorite case to bailiff was easily the Bat Brothers of Kansas.

And I've probably brushed his mustache while giving him a hug because he is one of my best friends and I am always glad to see him when I get to see him.

inturnaround10 karma

Now that you have, by my count, 17 MaxFun podcasts, have you ever considered doing a MaximumFun Podcasting Festival?

JesseThorn20 karma

I understand what you're asking. I've thought vaguely about a sort of marathon podcast event in a theater maybe in Chicago or something. Like we fly everyone in and charge $40 or something. Complicated and not especially profitable, though :).

Quajek10 karma

This is important.

Which of these two bunnies is cuter?

1 or 2

Jordan_Morris17 karma

First bunny.

hansjens479 karma

Who're your inspirations/role models?

Jordan_Morris23 karma

Real answer: Robert Smigel. Brian Stack. Joke Answer: Butt Salesman.

JesseThorn13 karma

In podcasting, I really admire Jimmy Pardo. My overall broadcasting/entertainment hero is definitely David Letterman. No question in my mind he's the GOAT.

jono2109 karma

When the max fun outro says "Artist owned, Listener supported", what exactly does artist owned mean in this context?

JesseThorn14 karma

Our shows are owned by their creators. 100%, in every way. Some shows are co-created by me (eg Wham Bam Pow) which are generally majority-owned by the talent (in that case, Cameron).

nyssafrey9 karma

Jordan, Jesse: Do you remember your first meeting at college/first impressions? What did you bond over initially?

Jordan_Morris15 karma

I don't remember the first meeting, but I think the thing that brought us together was being comedy nerds. I remember Jesse had a Kids in the Hall and a Tenacious D poster, which I thought were really cool. He was also on the college improv team which, as we all know, is the height of cool.

JesseThorn12 karma

When Jordan auditioned for the improv team he totally blew us away and was the funniest guy on the team the entire time we were in college.

JoeyJoeJoeJrShabidou8 karma

Hi Jesse and Jordan,

A question to sooth my hurt feelings: I submitted a drawing for the More Powerful than ever:Going Ape Contest in 2012. It was the black and white Ape with the stone '2012' above his head. Found it. I put a lot of goddamn time into that thing and thought I would at least get an honorable mention or something. What did I do wrong? Will you have more art-based competitions in the future?

Jordan_Morris9 karma

It's great! We get a ton of submissions for stuff like this and we can't mention everyone. The show would just be a list of internet handles and no one wants to hear that. I'm sure we'll do more fan art in the future. We recently had a call for people to draw us like anime characters and that went great!

elib2068 karma

any advice for a teen who is an aspiring writer/comedian

Jordan_Morris11 karma

Write a lot. Always be putting something out there, a sketch show, podcast, whatever. Eventually, move to a city where people are doing it professionally... which is like NYC and LA. It's easier to make money in LA. Find a community that is doing what you want to be doing and pal around with them. A comedy/improv theater is a good place to start. Having friends who are doing the same thing as you is a great motivator/inspiration-giver.

JesseThorn11 karma

Write and do comedy. If you want to do standup, start doing it now multiple times per week. If you want to do improv/sketch/be a writer, move to LA or NY and start taking UCB classes and going to lots of shows and doing everything you can do. And make friends, don't alienate people. Be helpful and supportive. Do these things in college, too, if you go to college.

Also, learn to make films. If you are a talented editor, people will always need you. Sort of like being a drummer.

woodybattaglia8 karma

This is a matter of pure speculation on all of our parts, but which of the characters in the original Super Smash Bros. gives the worst hand jobs? (you asked for gross on fb)

Jordan_Morris9 karma

Jiggily Puff.

RadioTFB8 karma

Fellow KZSC alum here! Formerly of "The Jason Ellis Show", where Jordan was once a guest. Huge MaxFun fan...what was your favorite memory of KZSC? Just seeing photos of the stacks makes me nostalgic...

Jordan_Morris11 karma

RAW DOG!!!!!!!!!!

I loved filling in for people, hosting punk or hip hop or whatever shows. Also, doing the all night shift on Halloween was really fun.

beanstein8 karma

How do you manage your freelance/entrepreneurial workdays? Jordan, I remember this was a challenge for you when you left Fuel. I'm a writer and teacher and sometimes struggle with apathy/laziness during the "work"-day - I'd love to hear how working from home or as your own boss goes for you guys.

Jordan_Morris14 karma

I'm able to keep pretty busy. It's only recently I've been able to relax and start enjoying freelancing. It's really a good deal if you can swing it.

I just always try and have a creative project that I can work on when nothing else is happening. I always have a work day even when I'm not going into an office.

Working from home is mega fun when you have a cat.

hjillsok8 karma

I've listened to the podcast since the beginning and all these years have blended together in a wonderful way. I'm wondering if there are any segments or memes from the past that either of you miss, and, if so, why they went away.

Jordan_Morris9 karma

I like having recurring segments and in-jokes, but I'm really sensitive to feeling like I'm in a rut. I like to let things drop after awhile. "Find the next meme" is my philosophy... which I just made up now.

dukeofsklarbro7 karma

PB Smooth or Chunky?

Jordan_Morris15 karma


buhloone7 karma

Jesse: who has a bigger wardrobe, you or Theresa?

JesseThorn8 karma

Me, easy. Theresa has a decent-sized wardrobe, too.

mullacc7 karma

What are your thoughts on the wrong pronunciation game? I really like the premise but the players all seem so bad at it.

Jordan_Morris12 karma

Being bad at it is the whole point.

jorbathehutt7 karma

what's your power jam of choice these days?

also, are the brothers mcelroy as charming in real life as they appear on tape?

Jordan_Morris14 karma

Power Jam: Juice by Chance the Rapper Mcelroys: Insufferable pricks.

jmeilne17 karma

Love you guys!! Your podcast is amazing and has introduced me to so many cool people. Any chance of hearing either of you on Comedy Bang Bang? I think it would be fun hearing you do some characters.

Jordan_Morris15 karma

I'd love to go on CBB. Bug Scott Aukerman on twitter. I do a "coked up Michael Bay" character at UCB that I think would go over well.

JesseThorn2 karma

We've never been invited.

I'm going to try a couple new characters on Sklarbro Country soon. Probably going to bring back Jesse Thorne, British Sports Reporter, and I've been working on an idea for a baseball scout character.

Metcarfre6 karma

Jordan! I love the show, and I especially enjoy the ones you host yourself (not least for the descriptions of horrible national beer brand summer time beverages).

In some past shows, you expressed annoyance at still being known as the goofy one who is sloppy, has no furniture, and plays video games in his underpants. How do you see yourself now? Since JJGO is clearly dependent on a "slobs vs. snobs"-based comedy aesthetic, how will this newfound interpretation of self play out on the show?

Also, I saw your recent balsa-wood-chair-based commercial work linked in the MaxFun subreddit recently - solid work! What sort of work are you doing aside from that commercial stuff (and the podcast) right now?

Jordan_Morris9 karma

Thanks! Though if I hosted too many episodes solo, I suspect it would start to get REAL annoying. Fun on occasion though.

"How I see myself" is a tough one. I think I have a pretty normal apartment (with some nice art and furniture if I do say so myself) and dress like a normal man in his 30s.

I think I kept up with the snob/slob thing because I realized it was an element of the show that people liked, but it started to feel dishonest keeping it up.

I suppose we'll just have to find something else to joke about. In general I'm a big fan of "joking about something" and then "moving on."

Jordan_Morris10 karma

Oh, on the topic of acting/chair breaking: I recently shot a part in a horror movie where I'm brutally murdered on screen. Really. It's coming out later this year.

groverjefferson6 karma

Who is your most elusive guest, i.e. the one you've been trying to hang with for years and it never works out?

Conversely, who's the one guest that you still can't believe sat and talked about dildonics and the like for 90 minutes?

JesseThorn7 karma

We have really low goals for JJGo guests. Basically anyone that's exciting enough to be our most elusive guest is also maybe too famous to act like a pal, and we'd have to sort of interview them.

We've been trying to get Aisha Tyler on the show for a long time, and she really wants to do it but she has twelve jobs and is crazy busy. There are a few other people like that - who are our pals but genuinely have a hard time making the time. The Sklar Brothers both have formal family time when we're recording, for example. Hardwick has seventeen jobs. etc.

dr_butt_dds6 karma

Jesse, last time you did an AMA I asked you to have Mike Schmidt on JJGO again. So, I guess I'm asking again.

JesseThorn8 karma

Oh yeah. I invited him but it didn't work out, but I'll invite him again. We always have such a great time when he's on.

concretetales6 karma

Jordan: Are you still (mostly) sugar-free?

Jordan_Morris9 karma

Yes, though I make exceptions. If someone has baked, if I'm on a date, if I'm at someplace that makes a famous dessert, etc.

iotatron6 karma

Jordan, it seems (not having run the numbers) that your guests when you host JJGO solo have a much better gender balance than the show as a whole. Is that a coincidence? If not, I really appreciate it. How else is hosting solo different for you?

JesseThorn8 karma

I don't think that's true, and I can assure you that we work very, very hard to improve our gender and cultural balance on the show. Very, very hard. And I think it shows.

Jordan_Morris6 karma

I'm not sure that math works. I think the show is pretty gender balanced as it is... considering that there's way more men doing comedy/podcasting. When Jesse isn't around it's more like a fuck-around garage/bedroom podcast which is fun once in awhile, but I imagine would get annoying week after week.

doinkman6 karma

Jordan - what is your hair routine? (on your head)

Jordan_Morris9 karma

Wash hair. Let hair dry. Trader Joes or Whole Foods 365 shampoo.

Bladerunner20016 karma

Hey...just listened to JJG here in San Jose Costa Rica. If you are still answering questions-what are your favourite (I am Canadian so deal with the "u") vacation destinations?

JesseThorn6 karma

I had a great time in Oaxaca and Chiapas (San Cristobal) a couple years ago. I also love London and New York.

Jordan_Morris6 karma

Portland is always a blast. It's like Vegas for people with Bachelor's degrees. London is always a delight. Locally, Palm Springs is a lovely weekend getaway.

nquinn915 karma

I miss Jim Real, the King of Would You Rather! How's he doing? Coming back anytime soon? Have you ever thought of spinning him off into his own podcast?

JesseThorn7 karma

He has a busy life outside the entertainment industry - he hasn't done anything entertainment related since our sketch group in our early 20s. Even that we sort of roped him into based on friendship. I think he'll be at our live show in SF in February.

mimm_dk5 karma

Which countries (besides USA) have the most JJGo subscribers?

Thanks for a great podcast!

Jordan_Morris7 karma

I don't really know. Canada I'd guess.

mullacc4 karma

Jesse: As a Maxfun member I've often wondered about the nature of the organization receiving my money. Do you consider Maxfun to be a for-profit enterprise? Do you think the donation-driven model is sustainable? Is your hope for Maxfun to evolve into something like PRI?

JesseThorn7 karma

Yes, yes and no, I hope not.

inturnaround3 karma

Jordan, if you were to host your own podcast what would it be about?

Do you have writers in the UK for International Waters or do you do your own UK research?

JesseThorn4 karma

Sarah Morgan writes all the scripts with Jordan. She is an amazing writer in the UK, who writes with Mitchell & Webb among others.

drsallywaxler2 karma

Jesse, I don't have a question, I just want to thank you for showing me the light in regards to the superiority of pinto beans vs black beans as a burrito ingredient. That revelation has been life-changing.

JesseThorn4 karma

You're welcome!