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Hey Jesse!

I've been loving the Turnaround this summer, but I have so many episodes that are still in my queue. Why the choice to release 2x per week rather than stretching them out over a longer stretch of time?

(Great job on these by the way...they're fantastic, and you've proven yourself to be among the ranks of every interviewer you've interviewed)

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Let me at them!

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Nice to see threeps in here. Hope all is well with you, bud.

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Judge John Hodgman is the best!

(Hey /u/JesseThorn check this out)

seabass017 karma

I don't want JJGo to ever end, so I'm living in constant fear that Jordan will get some crazy awesome writing/acting job in NY and JJGo will come to an end.

Jordan, is it wrong that I'm rooting against your success outside of my favorite podcast?