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How much involvement does the band have in what you choose to record?

Do they sometimes say “let’s do something like Pixies,” or is it always you saying “I want to do something in the style of Pixies can you guys work on that”?

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I think “Pet Sematary” is one of the best Ramones songs from the later era. Joey seems to really be using the concept of your book as a metaphor to explore some of what he was feeling at the time. It breaks my heart. I know you're a huge Ramones fan. What did you think of it, and what involvement did you have in the choice to get them involved? Love when you write about pop culture. even when I disagree I’m entertained. edit:spelling and grammar

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When you did stand-up on Letterman Paul Shaffer played you in with “Born In The USA” did you think that was a weird choice?

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A huge media conglomerate gives you a nearly blank check to make some kind of art. (Book, movie, tv show, painting, poem, no limits) what do you make?

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How do you decide who will be a guest on JJGo and/or What was it like after you recorded the Merrill Markoe episode?