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Mr Thorn, I have been a fan of you since 2009 and I have a profound respect for you.

Once or twice a year, you spend a weekend with fans of your network at very fun conventions.

Is this an event you look forward to? Or do you dread it as a very stressful time?

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How are you? So many of my friends have come back and gotten divorced, lost their licenses and really suffered as a result of their PTSD.

How are you coping?

When did you get home from your last tour? How long was it?

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Hey! 5 rounds of radiation left! I'm counting the down!

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Thanks for responding! You really are great.

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Oh! I have a question I've been dying to ask!! One of the funniest things you do, Jordan, is shout into the mic when someone in the studio "pisses you off."

The shouting is the perfect amount of muffled, where we can hear 100% of what you're saying without any feedback. How do you do that??

My favorite example of it was when Marc Maron kept name-dropping. Finally when his nickname was "Jon Hamm will be my guest next week."

You went off screaming. I didn't stop laughing for 5 minutes.